If you’ve visited your regional craft brewery lately, you’ve more than likely heard the terms “growler”, “crowler” or “howler” – yet what room they? Learn around what these are and what is the difference.

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By Clara Jaide top top Sep. 13, 2019


If you’ve been to a craft brewery, you’ve probably heard the terms “growler”, “crowler”, “bomber” or “bullet”. These space all surname of various versions that jugs or cans craft beer is served in.

Growlers, crowlers, and bombers space a little different in dimension than your average can or bottle of beer. In this post, we’ll explain the difference between all three and what their objective is.

What’s the difference between a growler and also a crowler?

Growlers and crowlers are both make to transport beer, but are various in many ways, because that example, one is a glass jug while the other is an aluminum can, Let’s dig a small deeper:

What is a Growler?

A Growler is a huge 64 oz (1.89L) jug the is often used as a “take-out box” for draft beer at breweries or brewpubs. Growlers are typically glass, however can additionally be plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel.

How many beers is in a growler?

An average craft beer growler hold 64 ounces the beer (just under 2 litres), i beg your pardon is approximately 4 pints. To get a far better idea if you’re getting an ext bang for your buck, you generally get about 72 oz of beer in a six-pack.

How lengthy is beer good in a growler?

Growlers aren’t generally for lengthy term warehouse of beer, however, beer can last number of days in a growler that is strict sealed, unopened and also chilled including carbon dioxide come the growler prior to sealing that can also extend the lifetime of the beer inside. If the growler has actually been opened, the beer deserve to last about 36 hours before it go flat.

Why perform they contact it a “growler”?

Back in the 1800s, people brought beer residence from pubs in a tiny pail. The name “growler” originates from the sound the beer made sloshing around and also the rumbling sound that made as soon as the carbon dioxide was released indigenous the pail.

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What is a Crowler?

A crowler (a.k.a. Can growler) is a 32-ounce (946ml) aluminum deserve to that is offered for delivering craft/draft beer. However, uneven a growler – crowlers are not refillable.

What size is a crowler?

Crowlers are 32 oz (slightly under a litre)– which is half the dimension of a growler. Crowlers space twice the size of a constant (355ml) can of beer– holding about two pints that beer.

How lengthy is beer great in a crowler?

Beer have the right to last as much as a month in a crowler as lengthy as that is refrigerated and unopened. However, it is recommended the you drink your beer within two weeks the it being packaged for optimal taste. Once you open your craft crowler, you’re walk to have actually to end up the beer in a solitary serving as the beer will not critical after gift opened.


What is a Bullet?

A beer cartridge (a.k.a. Howler) is a smaller growler. Howlers host 32 oz (946ml) of beer, half the size of a growler. You may have heard other names because that a bullet such a “baby growler”, “a fifty percent growler”, 32 oz growler or “growlette.” – These room all introduce to a 32 oz glass jug do to carry beer.

What is a beer bomber?

A beer bomber is a 22 oz (650ml) glass beer bottle marketed individually. Bombers contain more beer than the mean 12-ounce (355ml) bottle.

How much is in a bomber of beer?

A bomber stop 22 ounces of beer, i m sorry is indistinguishable to two continuous (355ml) bottles of beer.


What’s the point of a growler?

(or crowler or bomber?)

The purpose of a growlers, crowlers and also bombers are to move draft beer native a brewery earlier to your house! Growlers to be used ago in the day before six-packs that bottles and also cans, but are still a usual find in craft breweries today.

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Where come buy Growlers, Crowlers or Bombers

You can uncover growlers, crowlers and also bombers from countless local craft breweries, taprooms, and also brewpubs, through LCBO, and online at growler retailers.

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