Wheel that Fortune has actually been a well-known game show due to the fact that its start in 1975. Over the years, contestants have won prizes varying from large to small. The mean prize is on the smaller side, however there room lucky contestants who have won some incredible piles of cash.

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Michelle Loewenstein ended up being the first million-dollar winner. She took house $1,026,080 in 2008. In 2013, loss Ernhard won the biggest prize ever before given far by Wheel the Fortune: $1,030,340.

Find the end the best prize won on ‘Wheel that Fortune’

WHEEL of FORTUNE, Vanna White, 1975- / Everett Collection

Autumn won secondary $30,000 in cash and also prizes previously in the show.

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She stop her regime as the greatest winner in Wheel that Fortune‘s history. Later on, buy it Manchester has additionally won end $1 million top top the show.