Basketball enthusiasts, both beginners and also experts, will regularly see a clock that signifies the term of the existing game. Beside the identification for the time remaining in the game, you will check out a number fastened to words ‘period.’ therefore how numerous periods space there in a basketball game?

There are four periods in an NBA video game that last 12 minute each. In FIBA basketball and also women’s NCAA basketball, there room four, 10 minute long periods. Rules regarding periods in basketball vary in between leagues and associations. 

Generally, durations are also called quarters, because it represents one-quarter that a game. But are there any kind of differences in between a quarter and also a duration in basketball in ~ all? In this post, let’s talk around the durations in the basketball games from various associations.

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How numerous Periods are in the NBA?

The NBA has four periods the plays out for 12 minutes each. Take keep in mind that the doesn’t average that the video game will finish after 12 minutes in real-time. Instead, NBA games, and most basketball matches, will pause the clock during specific events. For example, the video game will pause when a team calls because that a time out.

What does duration mean in basketball?

A period in basketball is a particular block of time. A basketball game consists of four 10 minute soldier each. For a high institution basketball game, over there are four 8 minute periods; there room a 10 come 15 minute halftime break and also a 1-minute break between the first and the second duration and another 1-minute break in between the third and the fourth period.

What is the difference in between a quarter and also a duration in basketball?

In the NBA, over there is no difference between a “quarter” and also a “period.” There are 4 periods (or four quarters) in a game, with the an initial two quarters comprising the very first half (after which over there is a decent-sized break), and also the last 2 quarters consisting of the second half, and also each duration is 12 minutes long.

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