Everyone connected in food storage has actually wondered at one time or another, “How many pounds room in a 5 gallon bucket?” How plenty of pounds that wheat? of oats? the sugar? Beans?


If girlfriend haven’t asked you yourself how many pounds space in a 5 gallon bucket–or a #10 can for the matter–you will.

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As girlfriend start getting into food storage, you will certainly hear things choose #10 can, gallon can, and 5 gallon bucket. These are the most typical containers that world store food in.

But the problem we every run right into is that numerous food warehouse calculators phone call to save X variety of pounds wheat, beans, sugar, or any type of other selection of things. And each item weighs a various amount per gallon. But they don’t tell girlfriend how many 5 gallon buckets or number 10 cans that is. This can make it difficult to know just how much come buy.

If you have actually three 5 gallon buckets, how numerous pounds of wheat have the right to you to the right in that bucket?Or probably you get 50 pounds of sugar–how countless 5 gallon buckets do you need? How plenty of #10 cans?And past that, exactly how many–and what size–oxygen absorbers carry out you need?

Aaak! Oxygen absorbers!?! as if figuring the end how numerous pounds space in a 5 gallon bucket isn’t difficult enough.

I have actually a solution! A fast printable.

But prior to I obtain to the printable the helps you with the How many pounds? problem, you will likewise need come know how to usage oxygen absorbers. Girlfriend can uncover an article that will certainly teach girlfriend all around how to usage oxygen absorbers the right way here.

Alrighty, on come the printable. Click right here or top top the image below to publish a graph that will answer the “How numerous pounds space in a 5 gallon bucket?” concern for the most typical long term food warehouse items, as well as how numerous oxygen absorbers you need.

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What carry out you desire to know an ext about as soon as it come food storage? carry out you find anything confound or unclear? let me understand in the comments, and maybe ns can aid you out!


I have actually a sheet choose this too, but has a lot much more food types. Ns gathered the information from numerous places, consisting of my own calculations. I’ll see if ns can’t send it come you somehow due to the fact that I can’t affix it come a comment and also you can do part math to generalize the #10 and also 6 festival bucket weights through volume. Ns buy the 5 gallon buckets (they also have 3 gal) indigenous Wal Mart bakery because their buckets are square instead of round and only a dollar. Ns line them through a cheap garbage bag and also then the mylar bag with oxygen absorbers since they supplied to host frosting and also those are really greasy and no quantity of washing obtained them totally feeling prefer the exterior of the bucket.