Football game Structure

All football gamings have the same simple structure - two halves or 4 quarters of video game time. The game is 60 minute long, made up of 15 minute quarters and 30 minute halves. The video game clock monitors the moment left in the quarter.

Football Quarters

Each half is comprised of 2 quarters. So, the 4 quarters that a football game are called:

First 4 minutes 1 - 15 minutesSecond 4 minutes 1 - 15 minutesThird quarter - 15 minutesFourth quarter - 15 minutes

Football Halftime

In in between the first half and second half, play is suspended because that halftime.

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During halftime, players will get in the locker rooms and discuss strategy v their coaches because that the 2nd half.

Halftime is a big moment for media coverage and analysis of the game on television. During the Superbowl, over there is a massive halftime show.


There are small intermissions in between the an initial quarter and 2nd quarter, and the 3rd quarter and also fourth quarter.

Football Regulation

Together, these quarters and halves are recognized as regulation.


There can additionally be added quarters of game time dubbed overtime.

Football Overtime

If the score is tied in ~ the end of regulation, there can be added quarters of video game time referred to as overtime. Overtime is offered to determine the winning team. There is a seperate set of overtime rules.


The rule of overtime are different for high institution football, university football, and also the NFL.

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Start of a football Game

Every football video game will begin the same way. It starts with the national anthem, climate the coin toss, adhered to by the opened kickoff.

Football national Anthem

Football games start v a singing of the national anthem. The nationwide anthem the the United says is the Star-Spangled Banner. Football deserve to be play in any country, though the NFL is always played in the U.S.A. Unless it is a special international game.

Football Coin Toss

The coin toss determines the initial setup that a football game with a flip of a coin. The winner the the coin toss gets the very first choice of the coin toss options.

Football opening Kickoff

The opening kickoff place the ball right into play and the video game officially begins. The team that elected to or was required to kick off kicks come the other team. The receiving team beginning the game with possession.

Game Structure key Takeaways

Every football video game has the exact same structure regardless of the levelRegulation is composed of 2 halves or 4 quarters of game timeOvertime will decide the win team if the score is bound