One minute has actually 60 seconds, One hour has 60 minutes and also one day has actually 24 hours. Thus, 80 x 60 x 24 = 86,400 secs in a day.

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One typical calendar year has 365 days:Thus, 365 x 86,400 = 31,563,000 secs in a year.






There room 24 hrs in a day.So there space 2460 mins in a day. ( 1hr=60 mins)So there space 246060 secs in a day. (1 min = 60 seconds)Therefore 86,400 secs in a day.So 1year=365 days have actually 86400365 seconds.

Total 3,15,36,000 seconds in a year.

Jc,You room really paying attention! The 80 is a typo mistake. The number have to be 60. Ns either hit the wrong key as I duplicated the material I created or mine handwritten number was so poor that I check out it incorrectly.Anuway, it should be 60x 60x24.Thanks for your help,Gary

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MathematicsHow countless different digits have the right to replace * in the number 204*73 so that the result number is divisible through 3?

Solving worded difficulty with bearings

A reconnaissance troop are hiking in a forest. Starting from the base, lock walk 4.2 kilometres south followed by 7.1 kilometres west....

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problem: (x+y)^3

"Please, have the right to you show me how to resolve this mathematics problem: (x+y)^3? Can't understand how to execute it.(Thanks."

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In 20 mm thick actors iron key ,a hole of 60 mm diameter is to be drilled first of every we need to discover the volume that the tiny disk gotten rid of from the plate. Since, the density is given in gm/cc (gram/cubic centimeters) we have to calculate the volume in cc as well.However, the size of the hole is provided in mm(millimeter). So, first of every let's convert it to mm.Diameter = 60mm = 6cmSo, radius = 3cmThickness of key = 20mm = 2cmNow, to discover the volume the the disk we use the volume formula because that a cylinder. Because after every a disc is just a cylinder (thickness of the decaying is the height of the cylinder).So, volume = pi * r^2 * hWhere, r is the radius and h is the elevation (or the thickness)Using the information we have,Volume = 3.14 * (3cm)^2 * 6cm = 169. 56ccAnd, fixed = density * volume = 7.2 * 169.56 gm = 1220 gm = 1.22 kgSo, this would be ours answer if by weight the question meant the reading on a feather balance v gram or kg together its unit. However, in Physics, technically, load is the pressure with which planet pulls the body. To calculate load we usage the formula:Weight = massive * gWhere g is the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s^2)So, load = 1.22 kg * 9.8 m/s^2 = 12 NSo, if this was a concern from a physics textbook 12Newton would be the answer.