I’m starting to think about re-shingling mine roof together it’s obtained some age and the shingles space looking a small rough. Because my roof is a pair of rectangles, it’s straightforward to calculation the surface ar area. I figured I could estimate how many shingles i needed and also the complete cost. But before I calculation the cost, i still needed to know – how many shingles in a bundle?

For timeless asphalt 3-tab roof shingles, there room 26 pieces in a bundle. Architectural shingles will certainly have about 21 shingles every bundle for comparable square footage, together they are bigger than traditional 3-tab shingles.

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Depending top top the shingle manufacturer, the variety of shingles in a bundle deserve to vary widely. Since shingle dimensions vary so much, the is often beneficial to have actually a shingle calculator to recognize the variety of pieces and bundles you’ll require for your project.

In this article, we’ll take a look in ~ a shingle calculator the helps girlfriend with an accurate estimates for your roofing material, and also various examples of roofs and also how to identify shingle bundles and also squares for a new, shingled roof.


Determining the number of bundles the shingles you’ll need depends ~ above the form of shingles you room installing, together bundle size counts on shingle type. However, the vast majority of shingles require only 3 bundles per 100 square feet.

For most shingle types, you’ll require 3 bundles to make a square of finished roof, which is 100 square feet. If you have actually a roof area of 3000 square feet, you’ll need 90 majority of shingles. Shingles with 4 bundles every square will need you to purchase 120 bundles because that a 300 square foot roof.

How To calculation Shingles

To calculate the variety of shingles you will do it need, you’ll need very first to measure up the square footage of your roof, which is extended above.

Once you have the square footage, division that number through 100. This will tell friend how plenty of roofing squares girlfriend have. If her roof is 4500 square feet, divide this number by 100 and you’ll obtain 45.

Since we recognize that many shingles require three bundles to make a square, you will do it multiply 45 times 3 to find out how countless bundles you will certainly need. In this case, you’ll need 135 majority of shingles.

If you desire to take it a action further and also calculate the amount of separation, personal, instance shingles you’ll require for her project, multiply 135 by the variety of shingles shown on the bundle.

Shingle Bundle Calculator

A much simpler method to calculate the number of shingle bundles you’ll require is to use a shingle bundle calculator.

At the very least, using a shingle calculator can help you inspect your calculations. If you have a roof that has more faces than just two rectangles, a shingle bundle calculator will certainly be more accurate and also could save you money and also time, ensuring friend buy only the quantity of shingles friend need.

How many Bundles that Shingles do I require For A 10X12 Shed?

To calculate the amount of shingle bundles required for a 10×12 shed, you an initial have to calculation the square footage of the roof.

Let’s say this shed has a gable roof running parallel to the long end of the shed. The shed likewise has a roof overhang the 1’ every around. Therefore the length of one side of the roof is 14.

The key of this roof is 4:12. A rough estimate that the broad of one next of the roof is simply a bit over 5’ – say 5’3”, i beg your pardon is 5.25 feet. Include a foot the overhang and you get 6.25’. Main point this by 14

Multiply the two and also you obtain 87.5 square feet. Multiply that number time two and you get 175 square feet – your total roof area.

Now you need to find out how plenty of bundles the shingles is compelled for 175 square feet that roofing. Division 175 by 100 to uncover out how many squares that roofing girlfriend have. This amounts to 1.75. We know that every square of roofing needs 3 bundles of shingles, for this reason 3 bundles of shingles times 1.75 roofing squares equals 5.25 majority of shingles.

You still have .25 that roof leftover. It would certainly be prudent to purchase one extra bundle the shingles to ensure friend cover your entire area and to replace any kind of damaged shingles in the future.

Thus, it takes 6 bundles of shingles to correctly cover the roof that a 10×12 burned with a gabled roof and also a 1’ overhang approximately all sides.

How plenty of Shingles execute I need for a 24×24 Garage?

For this example, we’ll use the same form of roof – a straightforward gabled roof. For our purposes, fine say the the roof extend 1.5’ roughly each side.

We’ll an initial calculate one confront of the roof. The length of the roof is 24+1.5+1.5, which equates to 27’. The roof pitch is 4:12, which means the width of the roof is about 12.5’. Include 1.5’ the overhang come this number and also you obtain 14’ the roof width on one roof face.

Multiply 27’ through 14’ and also you gain 378 square feet for one roof face. The complete roof area is 756 square feet. Division this number through 100 to identify the quantity of roof squares you will do it need, which amounts to 7.56 roofing squares.

Multiply 7.56 roofing squares by 3 bundles per square. Thus, 23 majority of shingles are required to sheathe a 24×24 garage through 1.5’ overhangs on every sides.

How plenty of Bundles the Shingles ~ above A Pallet?

The variety of bundles per pallet relies on the weight and also size of separation, personal, instance shingles. In many cases, there are in between 33 and 42 bundles every pallet. Architecture laminated shingles space bulkier and physically larger; therefore, this pallets will have actually fewer bundles 보다 3-tab shingles.

How much Does a Bundle of Shingles Weigh?

A bundle of shingles weighs all over from 60 come 80 pounds. Many bundles are in the 70-pound range. A bundle must be light sufficient to be handled by your average-sized adult. Therefore, you will certainly not uncover bundles that way anywhere past 80 pounds.

Very special laminated architecture shingle bundles might weigh less if it requires 4 majority to do a square that roofing. In the case, every bundle will certainly cover a smaller area and will therefore weigh less. However, the bulk of shingle bundles will have actually a comparable weight.

3 Tab Shingles

A traditional bundle the 3-tab shingles is just over 60 pounds. 3-tab shingles space the lightest of nearly all asphalt shingles together they are a single layer and of a smaller size than architecture shingles.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural shingle majority weigh approximately 70 pounds per bundle. They weigh much more than 3-tab shingles because they have a greater surface area and additionally are multi-layered, so each shingle is bulkier. Even though there are fewer shingles in every bundle, they quiet weigh more than a 3-tab bundle with more shingles in a bundle.

Synthetic Slate Shingles

A bundle of man-made slate shingles weighs roughly 40 pounds. Plenty of slate shingles the are artificial come in bundles of 25. Each tile weighs around 1.5 pounds, so calculating bundle weight is 1.5 times 25.

There are numerous different manufacturers of synthetic slate, for this reason bundle weights might vary widely.

Hip and also Ridge lid Roofing Shingles

A bundle of standard hip and ridge cap roofing shingles weighs about 60 pounds. As they room usually more thickness than conventional shingles, they additionally weigh more.


Calculating the number of shingles in a bundle is only one component of determining how many shingles you’ll need for your following roofing project. As soon as you know what a square the roofing is and that the takes – normally – 3 bundles of roofing shingles to cover a square will help you easily determine how many shingle bundles you’ll need in total.

Also, be sure to use a roofing calculator to double-check her calculations to recognize the square clip of your roof. One miscalculation could lead you to several leftovers, or not enough, shingles, i beg your pardon is a headache no issue which method you look in ~ it.

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When roofing, be certain to constantly take suitable safety precautions as soon as moving roughly on your roof. Many thanks for reading this article and also I hope it’s melted some much more light ~ above the specifics of roof shingles and bundles.