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I recognize it doesn"t right this forum, yet there was i do not have anything else to ask and I can not uncover it all over online.

wrafi. The 3333 number applies to the maximum number of downloaded songs on one an equipment - to hear to once you"re not connected.


sydneyschelvis! Did part digging for you, and the unofficial number I obtained was that it would be over 40 million songs. Maximum enabled in a solitary playlist is 9999, and maximum allowed to be conserved on one maker is 3333.I hope this is helpful, and I hope you have actually a exorbitant sunday filled through the music girlfriend love.

wrafi. That 3333 number applies to the maximum number of downloaded song on one an equipment - to hear to once you"re no connected.
Audiozobe, give thanks to you for your answer. Ns am still curious yet where you come up with the number 40 million?
sydneyschelvis. It"s no an official number. I asked approximately fellow rock Stars and moderators and this is the number that come up. I didn"t obtain an absolute number, though, and also I"m still trying to find a final number - I"d love to recognize to the song.
I don"t think you"ll ever get one apsolute number, together is constently including thousands of brand-new songs every week. In mine opinion, it"s just far better to obtain a yearly average, i beg your pardon is 40 million (which is the i agree estimate).

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Also interesting: through an average size of 4 mins, that would expense you 304 year of non stop 24/7 hear to have actually heard all of them. So better start now.
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