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Building a garage no as basic as it first might seem. In fact, the solitary biggest mistake made is in underestimating the amount of an are needed.

Whether you’re structure a tradition home and also looking because that garage architecture ideas, including on a garage, or to buy a house and also aren’t certain if your car will fit, this guide will provide you a firmer grasp of conventional garage size requirements for most vehicles.

Size Matters


This is a one-of-a-kind version that a multi-car garage whereby the two cars space stored in line and not side-by-side. The width and height because that tandem garages are the exact same as a regular garage, while the depth is generally 36 to 40 feet to permit for safer parking or for usage as tool area or shop.

Tandem garages might be one to three bays broad with one or an ext of those bays permitting for tandem parking.

Garage dimension Chart

The following chart provides a an overview of the most usual size ranges (in feet) for fast reference.

Vehicle BaysWidthDepthDoor WidthDoor Height
One12 come 16 ft20 come 24 ft8 come 10 ft7 to 8 ft
Two22 come 26 ft20 to 24 ft12 to 16 ft7 come 8 ft
Three31 come 34 ft20 to 24 ft8 come 16 ft7 come 8 ft
Four40 to 44 ft20 to 24 ft8 to 16 ft7 come 8 ft
Tandem12 come 34 ft36 to 40 ft8 come 16 ft7 to 8 ft


Carports are another matter entirely. This open-plan parking spaces do it easy, as you only need minimum dimensions and also don’t need to worry about storage or living space. Base the dimension of her carport on her vehicle’s clearance requirements using these basic questions.

How lengthy is a car in Feet?

Cars (and trucks) variety in average length from around 13 come 20 feet. See the Average automobile Dimensions section above to gain a an excellent idea the the size of your auto or merely measure it.

Give yourself a little of leeway, specifically if friend don’t setup on including some form of avoid to the behind of the port. As a general rule, carports often tend to be in between 21′ and also 26′ in length.

How vast is a automobile in Feet?

Vehicle widths range from about 6 come 7 feet with the doors closed. Check out the Average car Dimensions section above to get a great idea of the width of your auto or simply measure it. Girlfriend will desire to factor one more 5 feet to have actually both doors open and also give a small extra leeway off-center parking.

As carports often tend to be open up space, the width for one average car is about 12 feet. You might wish to go up to 16 feet for broader vehicles.

How High must the Roof be in Feet?

Picking the height for your carport is a lot much more lenient 보다 a garage, together there room no doors. Instead, the average carport is around 12 feet tall to permit plenty that clearance and also the alternative of lighting. Part extra big vehicles, such as RVs will require a higher roof.

Single vs twin Carports

As discussed above, single carport dimensions are relatively basic, but what about twin carport dimensions? while the length and height stay the same, the width for a two-car carport will range between 18 come 24 feet top top average.

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Take right into account the widest car you setup to store and base her width off of double that width plus door clearance because that the finest fit.