How countless Square Feet of Sod per Pallet that Grass?

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Call 281-431-7441 for much more information. In this video, Houston Grass southern Owner Michael Romine answers the constant question, “how plenty of square feet that sod per pallet the grass.” There’s no sector standard, yet for Houston Grass southern the price is 450 square feet.

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Here’s Michael Romine explaining this.

Here’s a review of the video.

How many square feet of grass is top top the pallet of sod? A pallet is identified as 450 square feet. It has actually 165 the the 16 by 24 blocks of grass ~ above it, and also that is what us say specifies one pallet the grass and also it does typically weigh around 2500 come 3000 lbs and that’s across all the the ranges of grass. That’s the means we market a pallet of grass.

This is true for all of the ranges of grass sod that we sell, even if it is St. Augustine sod, Bermuda grass sod, or Zoysia sod. We execute sell partial pallets of Raleigh St. Augustine grass sod and also for the Raleigh St. Augustine, you deserve to purchase a amount as little as one 16 customs by 24 inch item of grass. If girlfriend want half a pallet the Raleigh St. Augustine sod, us can help you over there too. Us sell enough of the Raleigh St. Augustine grass sod the we deserve to sell it by the piece and also partial pallet. Unfortunately, us can’t market pieces and also partial pallets of grass sod because that the various other varieties of St. Augustine sod — Palisades and also Floratam. We also can’t market partial pallets that Bermuda grass sod or Zoysia grass sod. Speak to us at 281-431-7441 for more information.

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Houston Grass south is Houston’s Grass Sod farm Outlet transporting fresh reduced grass sod indigenous our household farm in nearby Bay City, TX. We’ve remained in the grass sod business since 1981 and our focus throughout that time has been top top growing and delivering the best turf grass sod you have the right to buy and doing that ar a reasonable price. We supply to Pearland, sugar Land, Missouri City and also all over the Houston area. Contact us at 281-431-7441 come visit about your next project.