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The auto equipments mutually made decision to focus on their very own projects, backing far from an earlier strategic pact that caused a multibillion-dollar windfall because that Ford.
Corn Futures track Crude Oil lower -- daily Grain Highlights
Front Month Nymex herbal Gas climbed 5.72% This mainly to settle at $5.0650 -- Data Talk
Front Month Nymex RBOB Gasoline fell 4.30% This week to clear up at $2.2119 -- Data Talk
GDP, new Home Sales and an individual Income ~ above Deck -- Data main Ahead
SEC names Haoxiang Zhu as Director of division of Trading and also Markets
DAX ends the mainly 0.41% higher at 16159.97 -- Data Talk
FTSE 100 Index end the main 1.69% lower at 7223.57 -- Data Talk
STOXX Europe 600 Index ends the mainly 0.14% reduced at 486.08 -- Data Talk
EURO STOXX 50 Index end the mainly 0.32% lower at 4356.47 -- Data Talk
STOXX Europe 50 Index end the main 0.16% higher at 3772.78 -- Data Talk
CAC 40 Index end the week 0.29% higher at 7112.29 -- Data Talk
Exxon Mobil on pace for biggest Percent Decrease due to the fact that November 2020 -- Data Talk
Canada Authorizes use of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine on Children
FTSE 100 Closes down on Friday Capping a Dismal Weak because that Equities
Kansas City Fed Services task Index Stays confident in November
Mustier Isn"t Considering any kind of Job Offers, Spokeswoman states After UBS Shortlist Report
Airbus signs MoU through CMA CGM for 4 A350F Planes
EU says Merck"s Covid-19 Pill deserve to Be offered in some Cases, Is Reviewing Pfizer"s
Micron technology Up over 6%, on track for biggest Percent Increase since November 2020 -- Data Talk
Correction to German Producer price Headline
FDA OKs BioMarin"s Voxzogo for kids With most Common kind of Dwarfism
Intuit Inc. Up over 11%, On speed for All-Time document High -- Data Talk
Phunware Shares rise 10% ~ Initial Issuing of PhunCoin Cryptocurrency

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How many football fields does 100 square mile equal? In: football - American lumber Lockers, In share custom Heirloom quality We Sell and Install Throughout us www.FloridaLockers.com prior to calculating, that is less complicated to convert sizes to similar units, in this case, feet. 1 sq. Mile = 5280 feet x 5280 feet = 27,878,400 sq.ft. 100 sq. Miles = 27,878,400 sq. Ft. X 100 = 2,787,840,000 sq. Ft. 1 football ar (including finish zones) = 360 ft. Long by 160 ft. Large = 57,600 sq.ft. 100 sq. Miles divided by 1 football ar = x x = how countless football areas fit into 100 square mile 2,787,840,000 sq. Ft. Separated by 57,600 sq. Ft. = 48,400 football areas Therefore, 100 square mile = 48,400 football areas ********************************************************* around CNEX now, 650 hectares = 2.5 square miles, it was claimed in an earlier post. 100 sq miles split by 48,400 fields = 2.5 sq miles separated by X areas resolve for X = 1210 football fields that Cannon has! ********************************************************** Am ns correct here? !! BSNB

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