The 2 most critical mandates in the scriptures are: “Love God over all else” and also “Love her neighbor together yourself.” The bible talks around love plenty of times. How plenty of times is love discussed in the Bible?

Depending on the holy bible version, the variety of times words love is discussed changes. 

In the King James variation (KJV), love is discussed 310 times, while in the Old Testament, love is stated 131 times. In the brand-new Testament, love is mentioned 179 times, and also in the new International Version, love is mentioned 551 times.

The new Revised variation of the holy bible mentions love 551 times, and the brand-new American Standard scriptures mentions love 348 times. 

Regardless the how many times love is stated in the Bible, the message is clear. The bible conveys to its readers that deep confidence in God method faith in the strength of love, as well, since God is love.

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Read on come learn much more about the number of times love is discussed in the Bible, the paper definition of the quotes, and also the an interpretation behind them.

How numerous Times Is Love mentioned in the Bible?


The point out of ‘love’ in the scriptures varies based upon the Bible’s version. It additionally depends top top the translation. The new Testament mentions love 179 times, when in the Old Testament, love is discussed 131 times.

The new International variation (NIV) mentions love 551 times, and also in the King James variation (KJV), love is created 310 times. In the brand-new American standard Bible, love is pointed out 348 times, when in the new Revised Version, love is stated 551 times.

But what is the Bible? Christians speak to the bible the book of Life since it has all the answer to her questions about life.

What Is the Bible?

The scriptures is a arsenal of numerous spiritual texts or bibles that are sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari, and others. Follow to believers, its illustration is in the kind of one anthology or a compilation the texts, every revelations of God.

The bible is a divine scripture of the Christian religion. The book tells around the Earth’s background from the creation and also all the world‘s living beings.

The publication details the spread of Christianity all roughly the world in the very first century A.D. The composing took location over 16 centuries, and, reportedly, an ext than 40 civilization wrote these holy scriptures.

Who created the Bible?

Theologians assumed the these publications were written virtually entirely through Moses himself. While some thought these story were passed on by mouth, generations ~ generations.

These texts later on turned right into the Bible. Regardless of the origin, the bible contains plenty of parables that civilization can find out from and also derive incentive from to live life fully. 

Types the Biblical Love

Love is an emotion that you feel towards the person you love. You can feel happiness, contentment, and also fulfillment when you room with the human you love.

Nonetheless, love is not just emotional and passionate. Over there are other kinds of love written in the Bible. The four types of love displayed in the scriptures are together follows:

1. Philia Love (Brotherly love)

The first type of love is Philia Love. Philia comes from the Greek indigenous Philos, a noun which way “beloved, dear, a friend.” Philia is well-known to refer experience-based love.

Philia is a love the is affectionate however not romantic. This love is typically seen and shared in between family and friends. We have the right to see philia love between Jesus and His disciples and its concept, i beg your pardon is brotherly love.

This love uniform Jesus’ believers and also is distinct to Christianity. Apostle man notes the this sort of love is what clearly defines a Christian.

“This is exactly how we recognize what love is: Jesus Christ laid under his life because that us. And we need to lay down our resides for our brothers and also sisters.” 1 john 3:16 (New worldwide Version). <1>

Another prime example of this is as soon as Jesus said that the identifier of his pendant is philia love.

“By this, every will understand that you are My disciples if you have a love for one another.” John 13:35, (New King James Version)

2. Eros Love (Romantic love)

How many times is the word love pointed out in the Bible? the word love is mentioned about 310 time in the King James version (KJV) and also 131 time in the Old Testament.

One type of love mentioned in the holy bible is Eros Love. The word “eros” is a Greek native that way love or desire. The name originated native the mythological Greek god of love, Eros, likewise known as Cupid (Roman counterpart.)

Love, in the type of Eros, is normally passionate and also overwhelming the the Greeks often discover this kind of love uncontrollable. People would lose control of your words and actions.

Nowadays, some people may call it lust. Nevertheless, love in the form of Eros have the right to be perilous if you do not know exactly how to regulate it.

In the Bible, it is clearly depicted that Eros love is just reserved for marriage. Thus, Apostle Paul forewarns the young believers about letting immorality reign within them.

I say as such to the unmarried and widows, and also it is great for castle if lock abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is much better to marry than to burn.” 1 Corinthians 7:8-9 (King James Version). <2>

The Old testament doesn’t point out the word ‘Eros,’ but Solomon’s song mentioned Eros love.

3. Storge Love (Familial love)


Storge is a Greek word because that familial love. Familial love is the affection the springs naturally, for example, parents’ love for their children. This love is likewise the kind that prospers in between siblings and also relatives.

Storge love is various from philia love since it is for family, if philia love is for friends.

In the Bible, storge love have the right to be likened to mom Mary’s love for her son, Jesus, and also vice versa.

4. Agape

Agape rectal the highest rank amongst these four varieties of love. This form is the love that God has actually for man. Agape love is universal, pure, omnipresent, absolute, and also unconditional. As soon as Jesus died on the cross for men’s sins, He offered the pure sacrifice to conserve us – His life.

“For God so love the world that he provided his one and also only Son, the whoever believes in the shall no perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 (New global Version) <3>

How numerous times is god’s love mentioned in the bible? Love is mentioned so numerous times in assorted words and examples. Christian’s truest test of belief is come love everyone – through no exceptions.

Also, this love the God shares must be mutual with people about you. Love is multiplied if that is shared.

Again, how many times is love pointed out in the Bible? Love mentions in the bible are different for each scriptures version and translation. The King James version mentions love as much as 310 times, if the Old testimony mentions love just 131 times.

The new American Standard holy bible mentioned love 348 times, when the brand-new Testament love is discussed 179 times. In the new International version (NIV), love is discussed 551 times, while in the brand-new Revised Version, love is stated 551 times. 

Next, let’s walk over some bible verses around love.

Bible Verses around Love

Now the we know the different kinds of love, below are verses concerned love.

 1. “Greater Love has No One 보다 This, the Someone Lay under His Life for His Friends.” 

John 15:13 (English traditional Version)

This city speaks of so many things. This love talks about people who sacrificed their stays for their friends. It also reminds reader to love one more person, simply as castle love themselves.

You could likewise interpret that as “God dearly loves us so lot so that he gave his just begotten kid to conserve us and that whoever believes in him may have actually an everlasting life.” 

You can interpret the holy bible according come your very own experience. The publication offers countless lessons that you have the right to learn from. Friend could also learn native noble instances that would assist you come to be a far better person.

This city glorifies the action of sacrificing because that a stranger – one more person who you may never advantage from. 

Another possible definition of “laying under one’s life” is laying down your life for the love that Christ. Girlfriend let God take it the wheel of her life and also let Him guide you to perform good. Consequently, you have to follow the teachings and wisdom that you have actually learned indigenous the Bible.

 2.“If girlfriend Love Me, you Will save My Commandments.”

John 14:15 (English typical Version)

For together a basic verse, this is often ignored or overemphasized by many; as soon as Jesus stated “keep mine commandments,” the is introduce to His words and teachings. Christians are instructed to monitor God’s commandments and also stay true come God’s words.

This activity is one way of proving to God that you love Him and accept him in your life. There is no greater present you can offer God yet to expropriate Him and follow His teachings.

 3. “Love have to Be Sincere. Dislike What Is Evil; Cling come What Is Good.”

Romans 12:9 (New worldwide Version)

In this bible verse, St. Paul describes what that truly method to live a Christian life. He claimed that friend should number out the gifts that God has provided you and also use them to serve other people.

He additionally said to love each various other genuinely and that you should express god’s love because that you truthfully. Thus, your concern for other world must it is in sincere.


St. Paul also said: “Hate what is evil.” If you review the Bible, you can see that God does not hate the sinner but the sin itself. Dislike the sin yet not the sinner. 

St. Paul said the final phrase to be to “cling to what is good,” meaning the Christians should always think and also do what is good. Sometimes you might not be able to discern what “good” is.

To recognize what is “good,” you should discover to consciousness the world as God look at it, think that the points that God deems good, and focus your power on act what is truly good. 

One that the popular verses in the scriptures is the gold Rule, i beg your pardon states: “Do depend others what you desire others to execute unto you.” mean you don’t understand whether your action is great or bad. You can recall this golden Rule. Love rather so that they will love you together well.

4.“My Command Is This: Love Each other as I have Loved You.”

John 15:12 (New international Version) 

God truly loves humanity, together this to be proven once He gave His just begotten son to save world from their sins.

Christ willingly sacrificed His very own life because that you so that you may live, and He for this reason loves you the He walk this without any hesitation. Thus, if you truly love Him, you must do the same for others; sacrifice and also love them together God loves you.

5. “You have actually Heard that It to be Said, ‘Love her Neighbor and Hate your Enemy…’

But i Tell You, Love her Enemies and Pray for Those who Persecute You, that You may Be youngsters of her Father in Heaven. He reasons His sunlight to increase on the Evil and the Good, and Sends Rain on the Righteous and the Unrighteous.” Matthew 5:43-45 (New international Version.)

This verse around loving your adversaries is a powerful statement the would distinguish Christians indigenous pagans. Pagans love only their friends and also never their enemies. However, christians love your friends and their enemies. With God’s grace, Christians deserve to perform this holy act. 

It is tough to love a human being who has done girlfriend wrong and also who opposes you every opportunity he/she gets – your enemy. Nevertheless, the holy bible instructs readers to love them. Love your foe may it is in a Calvary in ~ first, yet with oh my gosh spirit, you have the right to do it. 

Eventually, you will discover the blessings derived from loving your enemy. Girlfriend will have actually peace the mind. The hatred that has actually been consuming her being and making girlfriend ill and depressed would certainly disappear instantly.

The scriptures teaches you come love since love would make your world more peaceful and also happier.

Conclusion – How numerous Times Is the word Love discussed in the Bible?

Love is pointed out in the holy bible numerous times. Different holy bible versions and also Bible translations administer varying numbers. King James Version discussed love 310 times, if the Old Testament stated love 131 times.

In the brand-new International version (NIV), love is mentioned 551 times, and in the brand-new Testament, love is stated 179 times. Top top the other hand, the Bible’s new Revised Version has actually mentioned love 551 times, if the brand-new American Standard holy bible mentioned love 348 times. 

If you calculate the selection of mentions, love is mentioned in the scriptures from 131 to 551 times. The variety of mentions is still over a hundred, indicating that love is a far-ranging topic in the Bible.

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Whether you a Christian or not, the bible teaches love because that God, for yourself, for your family, for her friends, for your neighbors, and everyone – also your enemies. If everyone follows this form of love the the scriptures teaches, the civilization would be a much better place to live in.