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Now I’m a vanilla snob… like a substantial vanilla snob. I will never ever before EVER use that imitation stuff and also honestly, though ns will execute my best to hide it, will make the-face if I’m in her kitchen and see it. And also most most likely I’ll litter it out and also get you genuine vanilla 🙂 with that being said, I have actually been wanting come share this v you every for the longest time. Yet time just got away native me and I had actually 9,000 various other things I want to share through you. Well this particular day was the work that ns at least wanted to placed this all under for you.

Today ns made my own vanilla p extract (and even a raspberry p extract – yeah i know, what?! deserve to you imagine just how amazing it’s going to taste when it’s ready???). Go the end this week and make this with me. By the time Christmas comes about you’ll have sufficient to provide out as gifts or hoard for you yourself 🙂 plus you’ll save SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lot money through making it yourself. Not only will that taste better BUT it’s soooooooooooo lot cheaper!

Did I point out just just how cheap that is? 🙂

But then again if you desire to invest $10 ~ above a one ounce bottle… much more power come you but then we should talk around you investing in a bistro for me 🙂

So I require to give you part nerd knowledge around vanilla beans.

Choosing Vanilla BeansVocabulary because that describing bean top quality seems to differ a bit in between vendors, which have the right to make that more an overwhelming to know precisely what you’re getting. Vanilla beans are graded A and B.

Grade ‘A’ beans (also referred to as gourmet or prime). This beans are oily and moist. Really fantastic beans may have vanillin crystals top top the outside, these will melt ago into the bean if heated. There are around 100 come 120 grade ‘A’ bean (6-7 inch) per pound (7.5 per oz). The beans space visually attractive so that they deserve to be a attribute ingredient in gourmet cuisine. 30% – 35% humidity content.Grade ‘B’ bean (also called extract beans). This beans are much less moist and likewise less attractive. However don’t worry, due to the fact that the smell isn’t in the water. Over there are about 140 to 160 great ‘B’ beans (6-7 inch) per pound (10 every oz). 15% – 25% humidity content.

For the objectives of make vanilla extract, we desire to usage Grade B bean whenever possible. “Why?”, you may ask. “Isn’t gourmet constantly better?” NO.

Grade B beans have less water weight. Friend get more bean because that the buck due to the fact that you’re not paying because that water. This also means that less water end up in her extract.With great A girlfriend pay for appearance, i beg your pardon doesn’t matter to us.We gain the very same beans as Grade A, yet at a portion of the cost.


It’s pretty simple…

Get some dark glass bottles with a hard air chop lid. I got these bottles here: Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ lid Beer Bottles, situation OF 12


Next split some vanilla beans and scrape the end the pulp. I bought this Beans: One 1 lb LB Madagascar Bourbon Planifolia Extract great B Vanilla beans 6~7″


Cover with vodka and also close the lid…

Give that a shiver every few days. Around 6-8 weeks later you deserve to use it however if you let it go longer, the odor will come to be so much more intense and also ‘full’. I choose letting it walk a an excellent 4-6 months personally. Yet if you begin this week, it’ll be awesome through Christmas.

Shopping list:

16 ounce bottles Cobalt Blue 16 oz. EZ cap Beer Bottles, case OF 12

1 lb the Vanilla beans: Madagascar Bourbon Planifolia Extract great B Vanilla beans 6~7″


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Clean her bottle and also dry that well.With a spicy tipped knife, split the p length-ways and scrape the end the pulp of the beans.Put the pulp and the p pods right into the bottle. Scraping out the pulp very first will aid it flavor the alcohol quicker.Repeat for all of the beans.Add the vodka (or really any neutral flavored alcohol) ensuring the the vodka consists the entire beans. If the doesn’t, fish the end the ones that aren’t covered and also cut in half and put back in. I provided a funnel for this to aid prevent a ‘party foul’ v spilling the vodka.Close the stopper on the bottle and also shake the vanilla and also vodka to distribution the seeds.Store in a dark, dried area.Every few days give the party a great shake to aid break up the pulp and also get the seed distributed.After a main or so the extract will begin to obtain darker and also develop some flavor.In around 2 mainly you deserve to use the extract however honestly the flavor will certainly be yes, really subtle.In around 6-8 mainly you have the right to use it as extract in her recipe. The much longer you leave the bean in (covered in alcohol, the an ext intense the flavor!)


I offered plain vodka in all the bottles but one. The other I offered raspberry vodka to check out what the outcome will certainly be.

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I leave the vanilla bean in the extract container as I usage it (or once I provide it as gifts). I publish up nice labels and advise the gift recipients to just top the container turn off with more vodka as soon as they usage the vanilla extract for baking. If lock or you pick not to carry out that, then the beans must be gotten rid of as they will certainly mold (not pretty). If girlfriend do top it off, after awhile the flavor will lessen, however you can constantly just fall in one more vanilla p or two and it will be earlier up come strength.

If you carry out decide to take the beans out of the extract mixture, carry out not discard them! Rough reduced them and also toss them in with a cup that sugar and also after a couple of weeks… Vanilla Sugar!