The brief answer is: Bees have actually 4 wings, 2 on each side the the body.  The wings space attached to the "thorax" - that"s the middle part of the bee"s body in between the head and the abdomen.  The wing of bees space not only provided for flying, they have actually a number of other uses.Now for much more detailed information, along with some interesting facts around bee wings.

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Exploring the wings Of Bees

Bees have actually 2 wings on each side of the upper component of the human body (thorax):

a forewing - the larger wing, anda hindwing - the smaller sized wing

This method there space 4 individual wings in total.

The forewing and hindwing latch together during flight using  a little row the hooks dubbed a "hamulus".


Each wing features a variety of veins and also something dubbed "resilin" which is a little like a at sight elastic rubber.  Resilin provides bee wings incredible flexibility and also strength, i beg your pardon is very important in movement and also flight.  when bees fly, they use muscles in the thorax come pivot (twist and rotate) their wings in flap i beg your pardon is a type of arc movement, and also they execute this an extremely fast.  This action, linked with the supervisor elastic flexibility in the wings thanks to resilin, help the bee to fly.

Watch this stunning short video of bees in flight:

Interesting Facts about Bee Wings and also Flight

Bees commonly flap your wings approximately 230 times every second.Different bee varieties have various vein patterns, and  this patterns deserve to be used by entomologists to assist them v bee identification.Bees usage their wing to communicate (see below).It is approximated that it would certainly take one oz of love husband to fuel a honey bee’s flight around the world.

How fast Can Bees Fly? 

It is believed that a honey bee worker have the right to fly about 15 - 20 miles per hour.  Bumble bees can fly about 11 miles per hour.  Bees might fly a tiny slower when laden through pollen and nectar. 

How High have the right to Bees Fly?

Researchers native the university of Wyoming have discovered that bumble bees deserve to fly higher than mount Everest.  To be precise, researchers uncovered bumble bees the were able to paris at much more than 29,525 feet (9,000 meters)— which is greater than mount Everest. 

The researchers had captured and tested bees at high altitudes. They discovered that bumble bees adjusted to the slim air in ~ high altitudes no by beating their wings faster, yet by swinging your wings with a wider arc.



The Bumble punishment Paradox

In 1934 a French Scientist, Antoine Magnan,  claimed that insect trip was technically impossible.  the wrote and published a book Le (Vol des Insectes) in which that said:

"First prompted by what is done in aviation, I applied the regulations of air resistance come insects, and I arrived, with Mr. Sainte-Laguë, in ~ this conclusion that their trip is impossible."

The bumble bee in particular, baffled researchers for numerous years.  It seemed aerodynamically difficult that small wings might power the bumble punishment - in theory, bumble bees need to not be able to fly - however obviously they might do so!  therefore was born "the bumble punishment paradox".

Later, a british scientist, Charles Ellington in ~ the university of Cambridge, cracked the paradox, and performed lot research that ultimately allows scientists to recognize of insect trip today.

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