The bench press is among the most telling measuring points of a person"s strength. So just how do this wrestlers measure up in the category?

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that no secret that pro wrestling is stockpiled through tremendous athletes, many of whom have killer physiques and also unreal strength. Native an aesthetic perspective, this sort of power renders perfect feeling for wrestlers who need to look the part of professional fighters, not to cite that no one desires to look out of shape when performing bare chested in former of hundreds of live fans. ~ above a related note, if wrestlers might not actually engage in physics contests versus one one more in the ring, they carry out still have to execute maneuvers and holds that require really real strength, and thus have to put in the time at the gym to be able to execute in ~ the high level.

particularly at the upper levels that the business—working for promotions like world Wrestling Entertainment, affect Wrestling, Ring the Honor, Lucha Underground, and new Japan, a component of the draw of wrestling is that it boasts bigger than life numbers who watch unlike the average joe, and also can traction off accomplishments of physicality the most world could never ever dream of.

once it come to examining strength, the key metric the American gym rats always turn ago to is the bench press. The a link weightlifting exercise that emphasize chest and triceps. Follow to LiveStrong, the average, untrained adult man deserve to bench press approximately 135 pounds. That course, human being who perform train faithfully have tendency to exceed that number pretty handily, and also for a male professional athlete, that’s a nice paltry sum. But just exactly how much can the powerhouses of the business, too deceptively solid smaller wrestlers actually bench? This short article looks in ~ fifteen numbers that have been report from roughly the wrestling world.


15 Brock Lesnar - 600 lbs (Max)

No 2 ways about it--Brock Lesnar is a freak that nature. Simply looking at the guy, he’s jacked come the gills, and also his combination of actual strength, athleticism, and also legitimate wrestling ability made that a perfect storm, when in a lifetime performer in agree wrestling’s squared circle.

when Brock Lesnar tried the end for the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, he apparently benched 475 pounds. It’s precious noting the he to be lifting hurt at the time, and weighted in in ~ 295 pounds himself—a good 25 pounds lighter than he when tipped the scales at.

At Lesnar’s best, reports Lesnar placing up 600 pounds from the bench.

every one of this is pretty stunning for a male who never ever took up power lifting together his major focus, yet rather services from good genetics, skill, and also clear job-related ethic in the weight room.

WWE seldom delves into how much the performers deserve to lift in life numbers, and that’s specifically true of woman performers, for whom power typically isn’t one of their main assets in their toolkit. Nia Jax, however, has built her gimmick as a classic monster heel. She taller, heavier, and more powerful 보다 the competition, and while she may not have the sleek in ring game of one Asuka or Sasha Banks, she sheer physicality renders her a credible hazard to anyone on the WWE women’s roster.

So, in Jax’s case, it may be no surprised that Michael Cole has more than once announced native the comment table that she deserve to bench push over 200 pounds. The fact that that’s likely as much, if no well over the lot plenty of masculine fans have the right to bench underscores that she’s no joke, and probably could hold her own in shoot versus plenty of males in rings today.


13 Ryback - 500 lbs

Ryback was well-known in WWE together “The large Guy,” and with good reason. Few performers that his generation—during a time when WWE more meaningfully and an ext regularly tests because that performance enhancing drugs—can compare how large his muscles were, or exactly how simultaneously well characterized they were. It’s little surprise that since leaving WWE, the would open his own line the supplements and fitness assets to cash in ~ above his phenomenal strength and also physique.

So what kind of numbers does Ryback placed up in the gym? follow to one interview v, he cases to have maxed the end at 550 pounds in the past.

it is an impressive number for just around anyone. When WWE make a show out of Ryback’s bench press dispute with note Henry in the develop to WrestleMania XXIX, and many fans said the weights were gimmicked, this actual figure suggests that The big Guy may well not have needed gimmicked weights to demonstrate how solid he really was.

beginning in the mid-2000s, john Cena spent around a decade as the definitive confront of WWE. He had actually a many the characteristics WWE loves in a performer, combining the capacity to occupational well in high pressure matches, the gift for gab, and also a rock solid occupational ethic v the physique the a genuine life muscle tied super hero.

Cena actually competed as a professional body builder before breaking right into wrestling, and it’s small surprise that he’s a hardcore gym rat.

The contemporary era and also social media being what lock are, us don’t need to take Cena’s native for how much he have the right to lift. Even approaching the period of 40, Cena has posted videos of himself bench pressing upwards that 480 pounds, and also it"s widely believed that he has put up 500 in the past.


11 Triple H - 405 lbs

Triple H is known for his killer fitness. It to be the mix of his in ring talent, personality, and also physique the landed him a spot working alongside stone Cold Steve Austin and also The absent at the peak of WWE’s popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Moreover, the guy has actually remained in freakishly good shape together he closes in on 50 year of age, and also still looks choose he belongs once he makes occasional wrestling appearances because that WWE.

In a 2016 attribute with Muscle and Fitness, at the age of 46, Triple H revealed the he could, at the time, bench press 405 pounds.

We deserve to only assume the in his physical prime he might lift also more, despite he may have placed less emphasis on his max bench than overall conditioning then. Therefore somewhere in the 400 come 450 pound variety probably does stand for the highest he’s gone.

In a feature, roman Reigns questioned his strategy to functioning out his chest and what sort of turning points he has hit. Granted, this was earlier in the year 2013, but at the moment Reigns reported having actually maxed out at 445. The alluded to few of his an individual best stemming from having actually been hyped up because it to be on a Monday leading approximately an episode of Raw.

The huge Dog looks favor a million bucks, and also so it’s little surprise that he could move some major weight in the gym. As soon as the interview inquired around how he obtained so strong, he emphasized the negatives (bringing the bar down progressively on a bench) and dips were an important for help him breakthrough his all at once bench push numbers.


9 Tyrus

Tyrus from influence Wrestling and also the independent scene—formerly well-known as Brodus Clay because that WWE—isn’t necessarily known as a gym rat. He looks much less like a body builder than an old college monster heel follow me the present of King Kong Bundy or The One man Gang. Still, because that a male of his size, yes some organic power at play, and also Tyrus has actually alluded in interviews to having spent his re-publishing of time in the load room.

In a interview, earlier when the was v the company, Tyrus claimed he his an individual best ~ above the bench press had been 525 pounds. It is a quite staggering figure, even for a male billed as weighing 375 pounds. If the Funkasaurus has never acquired a proper main even push v any significant promotion, it’s clear he has the physical tools to be a legit force.

Kane’s persona as The huge Red Machine—The Undertaker’s small brother disfigured in a childhood home fire, later accused that necrophilia and also other crimes—wouldn’t necessarily lead you come think that him pump iron at your regional gym. Simply the same, once you look in ~ the guy’s arms, an especially when he was in his prime, there’s no mistaking the mass and definition of a man who has put in significant work v the weights.

There’s small doubt that Kane’s longevity—working most of the last 20 years for WWE—correlates come the work he’s done to condition his body.

He claims a solitary max rep of 525 pounds on bench press, and also emphasized in one interview with the that was without a bench shirt or various other accessories that could make the feat any easier.


7 Vince McMahon - 450 lbs

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At 69 year of age, Vince McMahon was the topic of a 2015 covering story for Muscle & Fitness magazine. Therein, McMahon cited that even that suggest in his life, he could bench push 450 pounds, nearly dual his human body weight. The figure may no surprise some. As shortly as the Chairman started mirroring off his physique throughout the perspective Era, in his first wrestling matches, he greatly dazzled audience by just just how ripped that was.

One would need to assume McMahon is slowing under these days, in his 70s. However, chris Jericho speak on his podcast around a reasonably recent instance of having some so late night drinks with McMahon when they to be traveling, just for McMahon to wind increase inviting Y2J because that a late night workout. Jericho passed in favor of sleep, only for his enlarge boss, 25 year his senior, to wake up him increase by texting figures of exactly how much he was lifting in the gym.