Every summer, tens of thousands of Intex Pools room set-up and also filled-up, with desires of lengthy afternoons spent splashing and relaxing in a private backyard pool.

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And then it access time you – exactly how do I keep the water clear, and also how carry out I clean the pool? Or as soon as water temps warm, just how do I get rid of the algae or cloudy water? Help!?!

You’ve involved the right place – even if it is you have a small Easy set pool, or a huge Ultra framework pool, here’s how to balance, sanitize and disinfect any Intex pool.

Intex pool Water Balance

Let’s start with the basics – swimming pool ‘water balance‘ refers to pool water with great pH, Alkalinity, and also Calcium Hardness. Balanced water is much less likely to become cloudy or green, protects your vinyl Intex pool, and is an ext comfortable for swimmers.

pH is many important; as soon as pH rises above 7.8, your chlorine becomes lazy, and over half of your (expensive) chlorine is wasted, or convert to useless and smelly chloramines. Use pH Decreaser to lower the pH right into the range of 7.2 to 7.4, tested with a pool water test strip or test kit.

Total Alkalinity affects pH and is ideal in the selection of 80-120 ppm (parts per million). When alkalinity is also low, pH i do not care erratic and unstable, and when too high the pH is an overwhelming to adjust. Use pH Decreaser if alkalinity is end 120 ppm, and Alkalinity Increaser if below 80 ppm.

Calcium Hardness is the measure of just how ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ the swimming pool water is – hardness levels often tend to fluctuate much more slowly 보다 pH or chlorine levels. Soft water (below 150 ppm) often tends to end up being cloudy or foamy easily; levels deserve to be increased with Calcium Hardness increaser. High calcium levels? Don’t worry around it!


Intex swimming pool Sanitizers

If girlfriend opted for the Intex Salt Chlorinator, you have the right to make your very own chlorine by adding Pool Salt to the water. Otherwise, most Intex pools use our 3″ Chlorine tablet computers in a floating chlorinator, aka Chlorine Floater. Usage 1 to 3 tablets at a time, relying on your swimming pool size, or sufficient to establish and maintain a an excellent chlorine level at every times. Little Intex pools, under 12′ diameter, have to use 1″ tablets 2-4 at a time, in a chlorine floater.

Once the pool is open, that is extremely important to maintain a consistent and regular level the chlorine in the water, as tested by her test strips or check kit. 1.0 ppm is the pure minimum, and for better protection from algae, bacteria and cloudy water, ns recommend that Intex pools have actually a chlorine level that 2 to 3 ppm.

In enhancement to your day-to-day chlorination of your Intex Pool, girlfriend may have heard of ‘Shocking the Pool’. This refers to raising the chlorine level above 10 ppm by including a granular chlorine powder, known as pool Shock. Include 2 oz. Per 1,000 gallons of swimming pool water.

Shocking the pool destroys harmful bacteria, microbes, viruses and mold that deserve to make her swimmers sick. With the typical tiny filters discovered on Intex pools, continuous ‘super-chlorination’ is crucial for healthy and balanced water (and healthy swimmers).


Other Intex swimming pool Chemicals

Maintaining a good pH level and consistent chlorine reading is an excellent enough for some pools, yet with a small pool filter and also high pool use, your water might need additional help.

Algaecides are used to protect against algae growth in a pool. Added weekly, the liquid functions to dissolve algae’s outer protective layers, so that chlorine have the right to penetrate.

Clarifiers are provided to help little pool filters trap tiny particles, coagulating fine contaminants into larger clumps that can be trapped by her Intex pool filter.

Enzymes are offered to dissolve oily bather waste and other non-living organic contaminants the make cloudy water and also gum up small cartridge filters.


Intex pool Water Testing

Testing the pool water is the only means to understand if her water balance and also sanitizers space at the appropriate levels. I would recommend daily testing at first, till you pertained to understand how your pH and also chlorine levels fluctuate, climate you can reduce experimentation to 2-3x per week.

I took a look in ~ Intex swimming pool purchases over the past 5 years, to discover out the most renowned water trial and error kits because that Intex pools, shown below, all under $20.

4-Way check Kit 7-Way test Strips Taylor Troubleshooter


Intex swimming pool Filtration

A native on Intex pool filters would be appropriate. Filtration and circulation directly affects water balance and also sanitation, all working together for clean and clear water.

The conventional Intex filters the come through the swimming pool are generally marginal in size and also performance, and also may have to run 18-24 hrs per job to keep water clean.

When Intex pools rotate cloudy or green, examine the chemistry and chlorine levels, and additionally increase your day-to-day filtration, to correct and also prevent bad water quality.

Many Intex swimming pool owners battle with preserving their filter the an initial year, and seek come upgrade your filter. It’s so typical we wrote an entire post about it – read an ext here: Intex swimming pool Filter Pump Upgrades.

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As friend may have guessed, chemicals essential for one Intex pool are the very same for any type of other pool kind – you’ll simply need less, because of a smaller pool size.

One much more tip – you’ll need to understand your pool size in gallons, due to the fact that pool chemical labels will instruct to add ‘X’ amount, per 10,000 gallons. Intex Pools are regularly much less than 10,000 gallons, so you will need to do a small math!

Enjoy your Summer through your brand-new Intex Pool! leaving a reply listed below if friend have any type of questions not answered above!