How much do Pugs cost? ns neglected to look this details up as soon as I got Mindy my black Pug and there were times when I was sticker shocked at exactly how much it expense to own a dog. Today, I’ll it is in sharing several of the points every pets owner should consider whether you’re getting a Pug or a various canine breed.

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Buying A Pug Puppy

I to buy Mindy as soon as she to be 6 weeks old. We found her indigenous a newspaper ad and payment the breeder $300. A well-bred Pug, one that is destined to become a display champion can cost you anywhere from $1,500 – $2,000.

The expenses of the Pug will vary from numerous factors, such together the top quality of the dog’s pedigree, wherein you purchase the dog, and also the various health tests the the breeder has actually performed on the parents.


If friend don’t want to go with the problem of potty training you may want to take into consideration rescuing an enlarge Pug.

You deserve to expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $400 for an older Pug. Most shelters will certainly charge a dues which covers all the expenses they have paid to home the canine.

The finest thing you can do is contact your neighborhood shelter to view if lock have any Pugs obtainable and what the expense is of buying one.

How much Do Pugs price Pet expenses You must Think About

Keep in mind the the early stage price girlfriend pay because that your brand-new canine companionship is just the beginning. As soon as you do the decision to end up being a dog owner, you’ll confront several prices you might not have even considered.

As a pet owner, there will be several Pug essentials you’ll need to purchase prefer dog food, harnesses, leashes, vet care, pet insurance, dog beds, toys, snacks and also etc.

Most brand-new pet owner don’t think about how conveniently these costs can add up. Follow to this article, dog owners spend about $1,285 per year.

Now let’s take it a look in ~ what you deserve to expect come pay when owning a Pug.

Costs of Owning A Pug

Spaying or Neutering

Every responsible pet owner must spay or neuter your dogs uneven they setup on reproduction them. We decided to spay Mindy when she was 6 month old. It to be such a long time ago, so ns don’t remember exactly how much we paid.

But you have the right to expect to pay roughly $200 – $300 because that the process. Of course, the costs will vary relying on where girlfriend live and the costs of the veterinary you take it them to.

Veterinary Costs

These prices will vary from one location to another. Huge cities normally charge an ext for veterinary expenses than smaller sized farming towns.

When we got Mindy, us didn’t have actually a many money. Us took Mindy come a smaller town vet since they were always cheaper than the vets in the city we live in. For this reason be sure that you shop about for reviews and prices.

As a puppy, your Pug will need 2-3 inoculations for their Distemper and Parvo. At 3-4 month old, you’ll have to make certain that they get their rabies shot.

After those initial vaccinations, they will only should visit the vet for their booster shots.

Older Pugs

As your Pug i do not care older lock will should visit the veterinary much more often due to the fact that of health issues.

Pugs are known to suffer from:

CataractsObesityHearing ProblemsCardiovascular DiseasesCancerand etc..

Just like people as they obtain older, they it seems ~ to struggle with more health issues. Together a pet parent, you may want to take into consideration investing in some kind of pet insurance to help you offset those unanticipated charges the will eventually arise.


Pugs don’t eat that lot food, especially, if you’re feeding lock the proper amounts. As a pet owner, you desire to make certain that you’re feeding her friend the ideal dog food that offers them v all the nutrients they need.

This means that girlfriend won’t it is in buying your food native Walmart or your neighborhood grocery store. We supplied to feeding Mindy Holistic dog food and also we paid approximately $35 for a 20lb bag.

We had to reorder her food every 3 months, so us were paying approximately $140 per year on simply her dog food.

Snacks and Chews

Every pet owner wants to spoil their dog, and this means that you’ll be purchasing snacks and also dog chews the your furbaby will certainly love.

We had a pet jar law filled with treats because that Mindy. I can’t even begin to phone call you exactly how much we invested on chews and also snacks because that her.

You don’t have actually to offer them a bunch that treats, but you will need them if you’re to plan on training lock or obtaining them to execute something you desire them come do.

When buying snacks, simply make sure that you’re buying healthy snacks the are good for them. Castle may price a tiny more, but it’s always great to know what you’re feeding your pet.


The cost of playtime will differ from owner to owner. The great thing about Pugs is the they are not that terrible with your toys. Unless you buy castle a plush dog toy, there’s a good chance that their toys will last for a rather a while.

Every pet owner should have a chew-toys and bones that can keep castle busy once they get bored.

Routine Vet Care

Your Pug will call for a yearly exam, i m sorry usually includes a thoroughly physical exam from tooth to tail. This preventative exams will cover vaccinations once needed, heartworm preventative treatment, flea and tick control.

Regular routine vet checkups space extremely vital to maintain their wellness which deserve to improve your lifespan.

Emergency Vet Visits

Every pets owner needs to understand that an emergency vet visit the doesn’t require surgery could expense anywhere from $2,000 come $3,000 dollars depending upon where you live.

If her furbaby calls for surgery, you deserve to expect the costs to vary in between $3,000 and also $5,000.

The most common traumas that pet owners suffer is your dog is attacked by another animal or they obtained hit by a car.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to worry around having come take your Pug come the vet in one emergency. We were lucky enough to not have to experience this v Mindy.

Pet Insurance

While this isn’t a requirement that pet owners should pay, it can assist reduce her veterinary bills. Yearly premiums for pet insurance will certainly vary relying on your dog’s breed and age.

Unfortunately, us didn’t take it Mindy to the vet on a constant basis since we didn’t always have the money. We only took her if we absolutely had actually to, and also the costs would include up quickly.

Paying an yearly premium may be cheaper 보다 paying the full expenses of a vet bill. Keep in mind the you regularly have to pay the vet receipt in full at the exact same time that service.

That’s why I’ve claimed that if we ever before get another dog, we will certainly invest in pet insurance.

Groomer/Grooming Aids

Whether you take her Pug to the groomer or execute it yourself, you’ll have to invest some money. When Mindy to be a puppy, us took her to the groomers, however those costs included up quickly.

We then made decision to learn how to groom she ourselves. Her Pug will need continuous baths, your nails trimmed, to brush supplies, wrinkles cleaned, and dental care.

Check out few of the ideal nail clippers because that Pugs!

Keeping her Pug properly groomed have the right to be a good preventative-care investment and will help you save their skin clean and also their cloak shiny and healthy. Proper dental care can stop gum disease and tooth decay which deserve to lead come bigger wellness issues.

Travel Care/Kennel Boarding/Pet Sitter

There are lots of doggie hotels that permit you come travel with your pet, therefore it makes it basic to travel with your furbaby.

If you decide not to take your Pug with you, climate you’re walk to need to pay because that them to be taken treatment of. You’ll have actually the choice of:

In-Home pets sitterTraditional boarding (kennels)Family or neighbor city hall them

All these costs can include up and these room things the you need to consider if you’re plan on walk on vacation without her pet.

Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes

Harnesses and also leashes variety in different prices, according to what they’re made of. You have the right to purchase a consistent nylon leash the is straightforward to clean and won’t break the bank. Here’s an short article I wrote that will present you just how to to buy the appropriate harness.

If you purchase a trendy harness or a leather one, you can expect to pay more. Friend can control the cost that you’re willing to invest on this dog supplies.

This is no an price that you deserve to avoid. As a dog owner, you’ll need to discover the right harness or collar to take her dog for a walk and keeping them safe.


The money you invest to purchase a Pug is simply the beginning. You have to remember that a Pug’s lifespan have the right to be almost everywhere from 12-15 years.

Which way that you’ll it is in caring because that a living being for several years. Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment that requires the financial sources to provide them with the appropriate care castle need.

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We every love dogs and also Pug puppies deserve to be for this reason adorable, it’s so easy to skipping the expenses of owning a pet. Prior to you decision to gain Fido, make certain that you have the right to actually purchased to acquire a dog.