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The Ragdoll cat price range can differ greatly. Typically it starts roughly $1200 because that a pet ragdoll and can walk all the way up to end $5,000 for a display or breeder high quality Ragdoll.

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A long time ago (or the seems prefer it), I wrote a blog post around the to buy a Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll cat price go vary rather a bit depending upon the potential show and also breeder top quality of the cat in question.

I believed it would certainly be funny to present the prices of the Ragdoll cat my family has purchased:

Here is a malfunction of the price of Ragdoll kittens that ns have uncovered (please leaving comments below to let me recognize if prices room much higher than these):

Quality:Approximate Cost:Notes:
Pet (Alter) QualityUSD$1200-USD $2800+(some breeders charge much more for females because of the truth that spaying costs more than neutering, additionally some breeders will certainly charge an ext for rare or non-traditional color patterns, prefer Torties , Creams, Lilacs and Flames)
Show (Alter) QualityUSD$1500- USD $4000+This is a Ragdoll cat the is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, however is spayed or neutered.
Breeder QualityUSD$1800- USD $3000+This is a Ragdoll cat that is fit because that breeding and also should additionally have to be tested come be cost-free of genetic diseases.
Show/Breeder QualityUSD$2300- USD $5000+This is a Ragdoll cat the is perfectly marked to be shown at cat shows, and also is likewise fit because that breeding.

To see an explanation that what each top quality means, you re welcome visit to buy a Ragdoll cat.

Keep in mind that average prices for Ragdoll cats differ from one breeder to another and likewise depending on the kitten’s parents.

If you want to to buy a Ragdoll kitten, climate the very first thing you need to think around is why you are buying it because that – as a pet, to require to cat shows, to breed, or to breed and also take to cat shows. This is the key stepping stone because it also tells you where to buy her Ragdoll kitten from.

Some breeders just sell show-quality, which increases the price, while others just sell pet high quality Ragdoll kittens, which space purebred Ragdoll cats yet have part breed properties defects the disqualify them indigenous shows. Pet top quality cats price less than present quality, making them the most affordable Ragdoll kittens.

If you desire to acquisition a breeder top quality Ragdoll cat, then you must be prepared to spend much more than you would certainly on a pets or show quality kitten. Breeder quality cats come with a certificate the attests the they are complimentary from hereditary diseases and that they are authorized to each other purebred Ragdolls. Pet and show quality, top top the various other hand, are marketed neutered/spayed.

Show/breeder high quality are the many expensive due to the fact that they current the characteristic attributes of the breed perfectly, so they space fit to be presented in official cat shows. They also have a reproductive certificate, which increases their price even further. Why room these Ragdoll cats so expensive? due to the fact that not just are lock show-worthy, yet they can breed show-worthy kittens.

Aside indigenous the quality of the Ragdoll cat, another major factor that impacts the price is the color/pattern. While blue and also seal suggest Ragdolls room the most typical variety, red and lilac Ragdolls are rare, which additionally makes them much more expensive. Please note that each color/pattern might come at a different price.

The final price because that a Ragdoll cat likewise depends top top the breeder and the medical measures they have performed top top the kittens before selling them, such together veterinary checkups and spaying/neutering (for non-breed-quality kittens). In some states, the breeders have to finish the complete course that vaccination before they deserve to sell the cats.

The cost of these actions will be consisted of in the all at once purchase price the breeders set for the Ragdoll kittens, so make certain you inquire about them. The more of these the breeder performs, the much less you will have to take your brand-new kitty come the vet.

If you room looking come buy 2 or much more Ragdoll kittens, ask the breeder for a discount since this is usual practice. Any type of breeder is happy to have actually the kittens remain together, for this reason they will certainly be enjoyment to sell you much more kittens.

Buying A Ragdoll Cat – various other Considerations

While translate in the study for this post, we got to out to several trustworthy Ragdoll cat breeders come come up through the price ranges above. Plenty of of them offered further insight that to be interesting enough to share on this post. In various other words, it’s important to find a Ragdoll cat breeder girlfriend like and then ask more questions than just price – because not every prices are created equal:

Prices vary substantially from the different locations of the US. I believe they tend to be greatest on the east coast, specifically near the huge cities. I would certainly say there is more of a differing degree additionally between the type of breeder you space buying from now. Where those who show and have been roughly a while space charging much more than smaller sized breeders who carry out not show but still have actually registered kittens. I would say that rock bottom minimum is likely $850-$900 yet that most likely doesn’t include early on spay/neuter i m sorry all dependable breeders do currently in 2021.While I dislike to begin a conversation through prices, most buyers think they’re walking to gain a quality, well bred Ragdoll for under $1000…sighNone of us breed minks, sepia, green eyed or yellow eyed Ragdoll…they’re not in each other standards, can’t be displayed in CFA or TICA, can’t also be registered as Ragdoll in CFA.I am sure you are conscious of this, but adopters must be mindful of the type of breeder they are dealing with. It’s not just as basic as price. There room so plenty of “backyard” breeders the end there. Do they test your breeder cats? perform they feed quality food? space the cats loved, treated as family members, given appropriate medical attention, and live in the house? are the kittens increased with love, healthy and well socialized, etc.My kittens have had actually their an initial set the booster shots, dewormed, altered and also micro chipped as soon as they leaving me in ~ 14 main old. They additionally leave below with a comprehensive kitten kit that holistic tough food, crate food, two species of freeze dried turkey/chicken treats, bag of litter, assorted toys and also a hand do bed. Sometimes it’s an ext than the price that the kitten – they have the right to come through shots, health guarantees, spaying or neutering, TICA or CFA registrationBreeders who responsibility spay and neuter – when kittens have already been spayed or neutered (all reliable breeders call for this and also it is usually rather expensive plus then you have actually to resolve the after ~ care-keeping the kitten quiet and also confined, not allowing them to jump, hope they don’t rip your stitches, acquire an infection, or gain a hernia, and of course there is always the slight hazard they might not make it through the surgery)

Ragdoll Cat Price vs. Ragdoll Cat Cost

When you decision to buy a Ragdoll kitten, you have to consider the price you are going to pay to the breeder, but likewise the price of caring for your Ragdoll cat. Raggies are an ext expensive than numerous other breeds, therefore you can be concentrated on the initial investment. However keep in mind that there is additionally a irreversible investment the you have to be prepared to make in your Ragdoll cat.

The cost of caring because that a Ragdoll cat is higher than that of caring for a continuous cat. Ragdolls are big size cats, which method that lock need much more food and specialized accessories choose grooming tools for cats with long coats, cat beds, cat scratchers, and cat towers for large-sized cats, i beg your pardon are more expensive. Aside from these, friend should also consider the cost of vet bills for vaccinations, continuous checkups, and, if needed, for special interventions.

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The initial price the the Ragdoll cat is just the start of the investment. The total cost consists of the long-term cost of caring for your Ragdoll cat.

Since this is such a famous topic, i went ahead and asked our Facebook neighborhood – just how much go you pay for your Ragdoll kitten/cat? What year was it? space you a breeder – perform these price pretty much match your ranges?

Really despite – the question about Ragdoll Cat Price should also include the total cost that a cat in 1 year’s time. A kitten have the right to be fairly expensive since of vaccinations and what not. A cat deserve to still be expensive due to the fact that of food, litter, vet bills, etc. Do you have actually an idea that what you spending plan for your kitty every year?