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Do you know just how to chef turkey in an oven bag? There space a couple reasons why this is a an excellent idea.

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As we relocate toward Thanksgiving, us all begin to contemplate our menus. I like turkey yet I have roasted it until it tastes choose sawdust. Why? i have world in the house and also I shed track that time. Since of the white meat and dark meat, turkeys can be kinda tricky to cook. The white meat cooks faster than the dark meat and also can end up dryl

This range bag technique is virtually foolproof because the bag seals in moisture so your turkey has actually a much less opportunity of drying out. I have actually never failed using this bag. The turkey additionally cooks much much faster so friend don"t have actually to acquire up at the break of dawn to acquire it in the oven.

If friend don’t desire to cook a entirety turkey try cooking turkey breast in an oven bag. This is an excellent for having actually turkey because that lunches and also I freeze some for various other meals.

These range bags are made the plastic (food great nylon come be much more specific). The FDA has actually tested and also approved their usage so they are claimed to be safe. This bags are BPA cost-free if that will certainly make you feel any better about using them.

Using the bag is super basic – you placed one tablespoon that flour right into the bag (shake it) – add the turkey – nearby it through a plastic tie – and also cut a couple of holes in it. In the video, which shows you every the steps, ns massage the bird with a little butter and some salt, pepper, and fresh thyme. Friend don’t have to do this if friend don’t have time.

Reynolds puts a pamphlet in package so you don’t need to guess exactly how long to cook it. I use a meat thermometer to ensure my bird is done and you have the right to just push it with the bag to test it.

I found that this technique cooked my turkey breast an entire hour much faster than without the bag. The meat was moist and also cooked perfectly. I cooked it until it was 180 F.

WATCH THE video ☺

If you end up through too much turkey, nothing worry! i make a leftover turkey chili i m sorry everyone will love.

Do girlfriend know how to chef turkey in stove bag? do you like this method?

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I remember civilization greasing a brown grocery store bag and cooking their turkeys in the for a quite moist turkey.

I have actually never tried the or do the efforts the these plastic bags.


I include some reduced up carrots, celery and also onions in the bag, approximately the turkey. Once the turkey is done, take it the end of the bag and also then put the vegetables in addition to the juice that cooks out of the turkey, in the food processor. This renders a nice special gravy. If you put a most veggies in the bag, it may extend the time that takes to chef the turkey.


I cook our turkey this means every year. I put it in upside down and the chest meat is for this reason nice and also moist - it's the an initial choice of everyone.

Barbara DeLong

Snack Girl, ns trust friend implicitly. Friend don't worry about eating native plastic subjected to high heat? If you tell me that is ok, ns will think it.

Jennifer Hollister

Jennifer - thank you for the trust. The plastic is "locked" and therefore will not leak out anything that might be toxic. I think this is an extremely safe.

Thanks for your question!

Snack Girl

I just roast turkeys and chickens (whole ones) with halved lemons or limes inside the cavity. It provides the meat a new taste! But, for years, i cooked the above in the stove bags, and they room wonderful, in addition to not having to clean the roasting pan!!!!

Carole Rosenthal

Can a turkey bag be provided if the turkey was brined? thinking of do the efforts the brine procedure this year. Thank you..

Melissa Medeiros

I have actually cooked my turkey this way for numerous years, yet I constantly put the turkey in breast down so the the juices drip down into the breast. It is constantly moist and also delicious, and also as Carole stated there is no yucky roasting pan come clean. Thanks for her wonderful posts.

Trisha Randow

Question: this year, i was reasoning of trying just turkey drumsticks In the oven bag. Would certainly this work? Also, businessman Joe’s has actually a frozen turkey en croute. That is turkey chest rolled up through stuffing in puff pastry, and also herbs de Provence ~ above top. Anybody try this before??

Kathy Cushman

I would reconsider using a PLASTIC bag to cook your food. I would certainly reckon the chemistry from the bag pass through your turkey...NOT worth it.

Why increase your possibility of obtaining cancer?

Nancy Dpeer

I constantly use the bags, however, I also put the in breast side under so the juice runs right into the breast that is generally drier 보다 the dark meat. I also have a convection range which renders it chef even faster. Ns can chef a 20 pounder in about 3 hours, unstuffed.

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Charma Harrison

I have actually used a bag because that years! works great, will never ever do it any type of other way!


Can I carry out the same using a roaster oven?

Libby Payne

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