If you looking in the sector for a brand-new bass guitar, even if it is it’s your an initial bass or she fifth, it’s always a great idea to inspect out what the typical prices for base guitars are currently.So, just how Much walk a great Bass guitar Cost? On average, bass guitars cost between $500 come $700. Prices vary depending upon the brand name, high quality of material used, and also included accessories. Most entry-level bass models through descent construction will cost approximately $200 to $300.

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Average bass Guitar cost ExamplesFender base GuitarsIbanez bass GuitarsYamaha base GuitarsHow much Should I spend on My very first Bass Guitar?Low-End bass Guitars Under $100Decent Beginner-friendly Basses Cost between $200 come $300Intermediate bass Guitars Cost between $400 come $800High-End bass Guitars Cost in between $1000 to $2000What provides the price of base Guitars for this reason Different?Brand NameNumber of StringsQuality of product UsedHow much Does an offered Bass etc Cost?Final Verdicts on base Guitar Costs

Average bass Guitar cost Examples

So, this is a list of part bass guitar models, along with the median prices, native the most renowned bass etc brands the end there:Bass etc ModelAverage PriceYamaha BBP34 base Guitar$1500Schecter Hellraiser Extreme-4$1190Fender Precision bass Guitar$750Fender Jazz base Guitar$750Yamaha TRBX504 Electric Bass$500Ibanez SR300E base Guitar$350Yamaha TRBX304 base Guitar$340Sterling by Music man Ray4 Bass$300Fender Squire Affinity collection Bass$230Ibanez GSR200 Bass$200Fender Squire Bronco Bass$200Ibanez Talman TMB100 Bass$200Glarry electrical Bass Guitar$103
Let’s get a little much more in-depth around these base guitars and also what comes with the price girlfriend pay.

Fender bass Guitars

On average, fender base guitars cost around $400 come $500 new. It is among the leading company in the etc industry, provides bass models selection from $200 to an ext than $1000.Fender Squire Bronco bass is a entry-level model priced at $200 conversely, Fender Precision base is availble in ~ a great price the $750.

Ibanez base Guitars

Ibanez is likewise one that the optimal bass guitar company out there. Priced at about $350 new, the Ibanez SR300e is an awesome version with ton of value.

Yamaha base Guitars

Yamaha is a Japanese base guitar company with terrific reputation because that designing great basses with good performance. The Yamaha TRBX304, priced at about $350 new, is a brand new model that’s to be updated type the bottom up.

How lot Should I invest on My an initial Bass Guitar?

For a brand-new bass guitar, you must spend at the very least $200 come $300, while because that a offered one, prepare come spend around $100. In ~ this price, it’s simple to find one trusted entry-level base guitar that has actually a decent body building and construction from renowned brands prefer Fender and also Ibanez.Whether she a beginner or an intermediate player, you might be a little hesitant to spend huge money ~ above your first bass. This is totally fine and also acceptable. You have the right to literally spend a fortune on bass however you don’t have actually to.To make this more clear, i did one poll through bass enthusiastic people around average beginner bass guitar prices. Here’re mine finding:

Around 40.22 % peoples (Including Me) thinks the there is no must spend much more than $300 on a base guitar once you’re just starting out.

Low-End bass Guitars Under $100

Almost every well known brand low-budget bass series for entry-level players.You require to recognize that these room going to be a low-budget bass model and you would have to compromise a lot in state of high quality of material, pickups, and also hardware. Your tone won’t be richer or refined and additionally they space not as sturdy as you think.But, together models would certainly be a an excellent choice because that you, if she a bass enthusiast in search of something to get started.
Extra Tip:Personally, I imply going with This Goplus base model that provides you pretty nice value for her money. Or You might want to check out these optimal 5 Best Cheaper bass Guitars Under $100: the Don’t Suck!

Decent Beginner-friendly Basses Cost in between $200 come $300

These guitars are method more enriched 보다 entry-level models in terms of quality and playability and won’t expense too much high.Usually, they are upgraded versions of their low-expensive models. These upgrades can become in the type of much better hardware, electronics, or overall construction.You need to Go with Beginner-Friendly base If:You want an Absolute great Value for her MoneyStill Don’t understand the Level of meeting you have actually for BassIts a Gift because that your boy to explore the Music
Extra Tip:The 4-string short-scale bass permits a beginner come experiment v the instrument and to construct their own distinct style due to its lull in playability.My Recommendation: Fender Affinity series P bass Guitar

Intermediate base Guitars Cost between $400 to $800

Bass guitars that autumn into this price variety are probably most widely provided by musicians all over the world.Usually, they come with excellent quality materials. It is why if you’re expecting an remarkable comfort and also a better-sounding tone, you deserve to buy an intermediate bass.You should Go v Intermediate base If:You’re getting Serious around Playing BassYou know your style of PlayingWant to Explore an ext in regards to Tone and PlayabilityYou’re in search of a great Backup base Model

High-End bass Guitars Cost in between $1000 to $2000

These basses, as expected, are not because that beginners. They have the right to go indigenous $1000 to much more than $2000 or also $3000. The many expensive bass guitar ever made was priced in ~ $250,000. That’s crazy, no it?You have to Go v Premium base If:You’re a skilled Musician that constantly have GigsLooking for Top-notch sound Tone because that Upcoming RecordsYou have actually Money to spend on the Signature bass Guitar Models

What renders the prices of base Guitars therefore Different?

fortunately, playing an instrument choose a base guitar is rather affordable activity. Even if it is you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned agree player, friend can acquire a decent base guitar without spending a fortune on it.here are few of the vital factors that have actually a huge impact on the in its entirety cost of any bass model.

Brand Name

There are numerous popular brand in the sector that come up v their own bass guitar series at various price ranges. Any kind of popular brand certainly offers friend assurance about the quality and craftsmanship, but it can not be the case always.For example, Fender is a well-known name in the guitar industry. Lock showcase a selection of basses because that both entry-level football player to superstar models or musicians. Everything your demands or budget range, Fender acquired you covered.On the contrary, Yamaha features a series of bass guitars yet is however to be known as a top brand in regards to bass. Back they are made from an excellent quality materials and also reasonable priced, i personally uncover them underrated.Other than Fender and Yamaha, there room so plenty of brands that offer equally good quality basses. Together a beginner, I constantly recommend you come stick with any kind of popular brand, together it guarantee quality, i beg your pardon is an extremely important as a beginning of the person bassist.

Number the Strings

the timeless bass guitar has 4 strings. However, in the last te or so, that goes right into innovation and we have actually 5-string, 6-string, up to 12-string models available.Even despite a higher number of strings enable you to play lower or higher pitched notes by including extra selection to the instrument, however it required modifications to the conventional design.From headstock come the saddle, whatever needs to be flexible to include those extra strings and also thus results in the extra cost.

Quality of material Used

Obvious, right? greater the top quality of the material, the much more expensive that base going to be.Whether you talk about the tonewood, electronics, or hardware, everything transforms when you compare an entry-level design with a luxury bass guitar.For example, basses through Mahogany or Alder wood body room usually an ext expensive considering every other determinants are similar. So, if she on a tight budget but don’t desire to compromise with, let to speak the electronics, you can go with reasonably cheaper poplar timber bass models.

How lot Does an used Bass etc Cost?

For between $100 and also $200 you can uncover a decent offered bass guitar that have to not require much fixing, and also for $250 come $500 you might find really an excellent used base models the would cost you well upwards that $1,000 new. Depending upon the brand name and quality, you can get a pretty solid resolve a proper negotiation.

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There are plenty of reasons come buy a supplied bass guitar instead of a brand-new one.Here’re some of the main reasons:You will often get a top quality Bass because that a Pretty reduced CostYou can discover rare, unique, or discontinued models.You have actually a an extremely wide range to choose from

Final Verdicts on bass Guitar Costs

Buying a new bass model completely depends ~ above your ability level, needs, and the quality of the guitar.If you space a beginner, you can find an excellent bass guitar models for roughly $200 to $300. If you choose wisely, friend will have the ability to learn so much about music and guitars even if you start on these cheaper models.If you already have some experience and also want something much more advance, you can increase your budget up come $500. The great thing around high-end models, they not only provide you extra value in terms of sound quality and durability but likewise smoothens your learning curve.If you find this overview helpful, perform let me recognize in the comment section. Also, nothing forget come share it through your friends and also family.Happy Music!
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