Note: This write-up originally showed up in the October 2013 worry of Bowling This Month magazine

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By now the new league season is fine underway. After bowl Expo ended in June, round manufacturers came out v their brand-new equipment for the 2013-2014 season. Plenty of of these new balls were reviewed in the August and also September issues of BTM.

There have actually been a many questions posed come me recently about these balls and also specifically about ball weights. These concerns came from the parental of junior bowlers increase through countless of our seniors.

How perform you determine which sphere weight is right for a bowler who is just beginning or simply returning after ~ a long lay off?What would certainly be the appropriate weight sphere for me if I have severe arthritis?Would going down in ball weight hurt my game?I’m just getting ago to bowling ~ retiring and I still have actually my 40-year old 16 lb ball. That still fits, but really feeling heavy. Need to I change?I am just returning from ago surgery. Should I adjust weights?

Let’s start with some round weight basics. Bowling balls are produced in weights from 6 pounds to 16 pounds. Most centers have actually house balls available in all of those weights. Residence balls are drilled for the masses for this reason it would truly be a wonder if a house ball fit friend perfectly.

When using home balls, many bowlers questioning me if the load of the home ball they are using is the weight ball they must buy. Ns ask if they room comfortable with the weight, if lock can manage the ball, if it is bothering them at every physically, and also if they deserve to maintain their balance in ~ the finish. If there room no negative answers i recommend, as numerous coaches do, they consider purchasing a sphere one lb heavier 보다 the home ball they are using.

When a sphere is fitted to her hand by the experienced ball driller in the agree shop, you will not have to squeeze the round to organize on to it during the swing, so girlfriend should be able to handle the extra pound. The load of the sphere is a really individual thing and also there is no “one dimension fits all” answer.

Recently, I had actually two great which can not have actually been much more diverse. One an elderly lady rolling an 8 lb ball around 8 miles every hour and wondered why she can not obtain strikes. The an extremely next great was v a 60 year old male rolling a 16 pound round at 18 miles per hour also complaining around not striking. Ah, the joys that coaching! Things favor that really keep you on her toes. We’ll get earlier to castle later.


The 33.75 pounds that pins (assuming each pin weighs at the very least the legitimate minimum of 3 pounds 6 ounces) space waiting to be struck by part weighted round object. The heavier the ball, the much more impact that will have actually on the pins. The more heavier the ball, the an ext resistant the round will be to the pressure the pins exert top top it.

We are constantly attempting to usage the dynamics the the round to knock down the many pins. To perform this effectively requires the the round deflection turn off the pins be kept to a minimum. Much less weight hitting the pins method the ball will deflect more. However that is not constantly the case. In some cases, the way the massive is dispersed within that ball (how the driller took right into account the main point of the ball) deserve to have an impact on the hitting power. That is why it appears some 15 lb balls, and even part 14 pound balls, seem to hit harder 보다 16 pound balls.

Conversely, you hear part say that nothing access time harder 보다 a 16 lb ball. In a recent PBA tournament, both kris Barnes and also Norm battle each other were using 16 lb equipment. Norm was asked through announcer Randy Pederson why he had chosen 16 pound equipment and also Norm declared that the weight would work best on that condition to drive out the 5 pen to lug pocket hits. However, once you take right into account the present cores, drilling methods, surfaces, and also bowler’s capability to increase revolutions and adjust axis tilt and also rotation, the heaviest round weights might not necessarily be required.

Here is a quote native Tom Kouros’ famous book, Par Bowling: The Challenge: “One must sacrifice part weight at any time accuracy suffers indigenous the effort needed to bowl with a maximum load ball.” Whenever i train someone, accuracy always comes very first followed by action. Many bowlers complain that they can not hit their mark. Several of that might be ball weight – either also light or as well heavy.

What load for what bowler?

There used to it is in an old saying that bowlers should use a sphere that is 10 percent of their body weight. Because that anyone over 160 pounds, that an approach did no work due to the fact that there space no bowling balls produced over 16 pounds. Ns personally nothing pay any type of heed to that old saying.

I discover that there are still an elderly men roll 16 lb equipment however most are not happy through the results. It’s time to regulate the macho image and score much better with lighter equipment. The high technology balls obtainable today and the substantial possibilities that drilling deserve to really advantage seniors.

For every bowlers, the more specifics you know around how you role your devices the much better your driller deserve to prepare the ball for you. The knowledge contains your hopeful axis allude (PAP), axis tilt, axis rotation, and also ball speed amongst other things. The is an extremely important that you share that information and also where and when you key so the driller have the right to recommend the ideal ball for your circumstances.

Just through looking in ~ the ball testimonial section the this issue, you deserve to see what the within of a sphere looks like. Together the ball weight is reduced, the thickness of core may change, as might the size and also shape of the core. Pro shop operators space on height of this and can overview you in the best direction as soon as reducing sphere weight.

Remember that pressure = fixed x Acceleration. If you deserve to roll a lighter sphere with much more speed you might still have the ability to knock under pins v efficiency. Although plenty of of our an elderly bowlers provided to role 16 pound equipment “back in the day,” those days are gone for the majority. The PBA50 tour came v The villages this year v 160 the the greatest senior bowlers in the world. The weight of selection was 15 pounds, through very couple of rolling 16 pounds and others rolling much less than 15 pounds.

Returning indigenous injury

If one has actually undergone a physical handicap which may have contained a major operation, coming back to this an excellent sport may take some time and also a most dedication. The most famed return native injury with which i am acquainted is that of rick Steelsmith.

Steelsmith was a four time All-American at Wichita State and, together an amateur, won the Masters. He had actually the smoothest of approaches and also a standard armswing which showed up effortless. However, he suffered a horrendous appropriate shoulder injury which all yet ended his bowling career. It take it him years to come back.

He started by rojo 6 and 8 pound equipment. The was good to check out his surname on the roster for several PBA tournaments in 2012 and also 2013. His is a an excellent example for every one of us to follow once we are returning native some form of injury.

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First and foremost, monitor the accuse of her doctor. Then, nothing be in a rush due to the fact that the lanes room not going almost everywhere and every one of your bowling household is behind girlfriend 100 percent. Start with lightweight equipment and also work up to a ball weight you deserve to handle the won’t impede a cost-free swing and will still permit you to keep your balance throughout the approach and especially in ~ the finish.