Bulldogs are one of the most renowned dog breeds. If you’re reasoning of gaining an adorable English Bulldog puppy, you more than likely want come learn more about the English Bulldog price.

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Bulldogs with papers can be fairly expensive and also cost native $1,500 to end $4,000, which is just the initial expense – taking care of one English Bulldog comes v a hefty price tag.

An English Bulldog was standing in the center of a garden smiling tenderly

Meet the English Bulldog, the sweet drooling machine

Meet Chef, an English Bulldog drooling – picture source

While the breed is officially known as the Bulldog, that is regularly referred to as the brothers Bulldog or the English Bulldog to differentiate it from various other bulldog breeds prefer the American Bulldog or the French Bulldog.

The Bulldog’s bloodline began with the Romanian fighting mastiffs carried to the British island to be used in a bloody bull-baiting sport.

Despite their ancestry, English Bulldogs space not ferocious anymore yet laid back and affectionate.

Bulldogs are among the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. They space medium-sized dogs v a low-hanging, special body.

They space perfect because that inexperienced owners due to their calm personality, moderate exercise needs, and also easy grooming.

Of course, there are some negatives to owning English Bulldogs, like health troubles caused by their flat muzzle and their unusual body shape. Also, Bulldogs drool big time, as you can see in this video:

What is the median price of one English Bulldog puppy?

English Bulldogs generally cost between $1,500 and also $4,000, if the English Bulldog typical price is roughly $2,500 in the US. The average price for a Bulldog puppy in the UK is about £3,700.

This is the English Bulldog price variety for a puppy from a small-scale yet reputable breeder. Anything much less than $1,500 is a red flag signaling that the puppy comes from an unethical breeder or a puppy mill.

Keep in mind that English Bulldog’s price deserve to be higher, depending on the puppy’s bloodline.

A purebred AKC Bulldog (registered through the American Kennel Club), with display dog parents, have the right to cost much more than $10,000. A puppy from champion parental can price up to $30,000!

Gasping at these numbers is an appropriate reaction, but there space multiple factors why Bulldog puppies space so expensive.

We will certainly cover the high costs of reproduction later, however the price that English Bulldogs also depends on market laws – the popularity of the breed drives the price up.

Four brothers Bulldog puppies ~ above a run

While the beloved Bulldog is low-maintenance in regards to grooming and exercise, various health difficulties can do them expensive to care for.

Buying puppies native English Bulldog breeders

Finding a great breeder is critical when purchase English Bulldog puppies.

Unethical breeders collection lower prices because they don’t have AKC registered dogs, castle make cut on breeding costs, and won’t permit you to check out their reproduction facilities.

You should additionally avoid purchase puppies from pet shops due to the fact that they normally come from puppy mills.

Buying a puppy straight from a dependable breeder is the best way to go.

Ethical breeders carry out health screenings for your puppies and also answer all your questions regarding their parents, breeding, and also living conditions.

As we currently mentioned, a Bulldog puppy with files can cost an ext than $4,000, but you can likewise get papers for the puppy yourself if the meets the breed’s standards.

Follow this connect if you want to register your dog with the AKC.

Bulldogs from reputable breeders cost much more due come high reproduction expenses.

This includes fabricated insemination ($200 to $600) and also delivery by C-section ($500 to $3,000 every birth), both of which are regularly necessary as result of the Bulldog’s body shape.

Many breeders likewise pay around $650 because that a stud fee.

Other breeding costs include genetic testing, vet bills, and preparation expenses. In total, reproduction of one litter (4-5 puppies) can cost from $2,000 to $6,000.

What does it cost to rescue and adopt an English Bulldog?

Meet Harvey, an English Bulldog stand on autumn leaves – photo source

If the idea of paying $2,000 because that a dog seems outrageous come you, there are other ways to provide a new home to a beloved English Bulldog, together as fostering from a sanctuary or a rescue organization.

While these Bulldogs might not it is in purebred and also won’t have actually papers, you have the right to adopt a Bulldog for as little as $300.

Not knowing the dog’s ancestry can it is in tricky because you won’t understand their potential wellness issues.

On the other hand, as soon as you take on from a Bulldog rescue, the dog is normally spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

What effects the price distinctions of English Bulldog puppies?

Bulldog puppies because that sale deserve to have far-reaching cost differences; hence the price range from $1,500 come $4,000. So, let’s inspect out the vital factors that influence the price the Bulldogs.


Caring because that a newborn Bulldogs bring away time, money, and also energy. Larger puppies or adolescent Bulldogs will price less 보다 newborns.


The price because that female English Bulldogs might be slightly greater in part cases, yet the difference is normally negligible.

Coat Color

Coat color can seriously impact the price that the dog since some colors and also patterns are pretty rare.

Standard cloak colors include white, fawn, red, brindle, and their combinations. Bulldogs v these colors and also patterns loss within the average variety price.

Meanwhile, rarer colors and also patterns are an ext expensive. The price for cacao or tricolor English Bulldog varieties from $4,000 come $5,500, including the black tri or blue tri puppies.

The newest colors, favor merle or lilac, are even an ext costly. Tri lilac Bulldogs cost between $8,500 and also $14,000. The most expensive are merle versions, like tri lilac merle or blue merle, which can cost upwards the $15,000.

Image source

Long-term costs for English Bulldog owners

There are more expensive dogs to buy than English Bulldogs, yet Bulldogs are one of the many expensive dog to own.

New owners must expect to spend around $5,000 for the an initial year. ~ that, the expenses will be about $1,400 per year (around $115 every month).

With an typical lifespan that 8-10 years, the lifetime price the owning a Bulldog is roughly $16,000.

These number are based upon the essentials choose supplies, food, organize costs, clinical expenses, cultivate costs, through microchip and also license included.

If we include optional prices like pets insurance, medical procedures, and services prefer doggy daycare or dog walking, the average number rises to approximately $68,000 for the dog’s life or about $7,000 per year.

If girlfriend think the this sounds prefer an exaggeration, let’s break these prices down:

Supplies (per year):Food and Water Bowls – $5 to $40Grooming offers (Brush, Clippers, Shampoo, etc.) – $35 come $140Dog playthings – $30 come $100Collars – $10 to $40Leash – $5 come $50Harness – $10 to $50Plastic Poop Bags – $15 to $100House maintain Pads – $15 to $45Crate – $30 to $120Dog Bed – $20 to $85Food and Treats (per year):Puppy Food – $100 come $220Adult Food – $120 to $360Treats – $110 come $330License – $10 to $20Microchip – $25 come $50Dog go – $15 come $25 every walkDoggy Daycare (Dog Boarding) – $25 come $85 every dayTraining – $900 to $1,200 every yearHealthcare Costs:Puppy Shots – $100 come $300 totalSpaying/Neutering – $150 to $450 totalRoutine Checkups – $45 come $55 per visitDental commodities – $120 come $200 per year

Another price to consider is pet insurance. English Bulldog insurance is a bit higher than other, healthy breeds, and it costs between $55 and $75 every month.

Common wellness issues and costs to fix them

As we currently mentioned, Bulldogs space not the healthiest dogs. They deserve to have breathing and dental troubles (due to your brachycephalic head shape) and other wellness issues.

Cherry eye is a term for a prolapsed gland, and also it is much more common in puppies. The expense to correct this problem ranges indigenous $500 come $1,500.
Image sourceBulldogs are also prone come allergies. Allergy testing can cost in between $100 and also $500, while the expense of allergy treatment is hard to predict. Some dogs only require to adjust their diet, if others may need medication.Interdigital cysts also influence bulldogs, specifically their paws. The best an approach is to eliminate the cysts v surgery, which can cost between $250 and $500.

In enhancement to these much more expensive issues, Bulldogs can also suffer from skin infections, eye infections, steady retinal atrophy, Cystinuria, digital cysts, yeast infections, Patellar Luxation, head tremors, and also obesity.

Due to countless potential problems, we recommend doing genetic tests for inherited conditions in Bulldogs, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patella, tracheal hypoplasia, congenital heart disease, congenital deafness, autoimmune thyroiditis, and also eye problems.

It is additionally important to carry out routine annual checkups and perform dental job-related when necessary. You may need deworming in some cases, which have the right to cost between $40 and also $80.

Heartworm avoidance (around $10 every month) and also flea and tick avoidance (around $20 per month) should likewise go right into your expense calculation.

What’s the differences in between cheap and also expensive Bulldogs?

An English Bulldog sniffing yellow daffodils

Unless you are looking for a Bulldog puppy indigenous champion parents or v a rarely color/pattern, the only difference between cheap and also expensive Bulldogs is the dog’s health.

Cheap Bulldogs normally come from unethical breeders or puppy mills, so they are much more likely to have various health issues.

Bulldogs from reputable breeders may expense more, but you will conserve a happiness in vet bills since these dog pass health screenings prior to they space sold. Additionally, you will support honest breeders rather of a cruel industry.

How the price of an English Bulldog to compare to various other breeds?

We’ve talked in detail around the price that Bulldogs, for this reason let’s take a minute to compare it with the mean prices of various other dog breeds:

Price that Bulldog: $1,500 – $4,000Price that Dachshund: $300 – $1,000Price that German Shepherd: $500 – $3,000Price the Rottweiler: $1,000 – $1,500Price the Beagle: $800 – $1,500Price of Bull Terrier: $500 – $3,500

Should friend buy an English Bulldog?

A british Bulldog standing and also holding a yellow ball

After every little thing we listed, you may be wondering space English Bulldogs precious the money? While the is approximately you come decide, us think that they are worth it.

These exorbitant dogs have the right to bring for this reason much pleasure to her life, and, other than for potential wellness issues, the is straightforward to care for them.

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Do you own a Bulldog? share your endure with our readers in the comment section.