Hi, Mike job here, I very own this website and I also own Day"s Concrete Floors, Inc.One the the ready mix concrete suppliers I buy my concrete indigenous is Auburn Concrete Co.

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According to Auburn Concrete Company, a yard of concrete weighs around 3700 pounds.If you take a look listed below at the concrete tickets they provide me after each fill of concrete ns use, they failure the weights because that cement, sand, stone, and water.The three different loads that concrete you watch all average around 3700 pounds every cubic yard of concrete.

The above ticket is for an 8 yard load of 3000 psi concrete. If you look at the Actual weight of water, cement, accumulation (stone), and also sand, the total weight for the 8 yards is 29,521 pounds.If I division the total pounds 29521 by total yards 8, I acquire 3,690 pounds per yard.Take a watch at an additional ticket below.

The over ticket is for a 10.5 yard fill of 3500 psi concrete.The Actual weight for water, cement, aggregate (stone), and sand for every 10.5 yards is 38,573 pounds.If I divide the complete pounds 38573 by 10.5 yards, I gain 3,674 pounds for each garden of concrete.Take a look at one much more ticket.

This concrete ticket is because that a 4.5 yard fill of 4000 psi concrete.The Actual load for all water, cement, aggregate (stone), and also sand is 16,769 pounds.If I divide 16769 pounds through 4.5 yards I get 3,726 pounds per garden of concrete.From my experience, many ready mix concrete providers will have a load per cubic garden of concrete that"s close to 3700 pounds. Their load per yard may fluctuate a little, however in basic you have the right to use 3700 pounds per cubic yard.

How lot does a garden of concrete weigh in tons?

In the U.S. A Ton is equal to 2000 pounds.A yard of concrete weighs 3700 pounds.If you division 3700 pounds by 2000 pounds you acquire 1.85 Tons.A cubic garden of concrete weighs 1.85 Tons.If you use the metric system of measurement:A cubic meter that concrete weighs 2400 kg.A metric ton is equal to 1000 kg.If you division 2400kg by 1000kg you gain 2.4 metric tonsA cubic meter that concrete weighs 2.4 metric tons.

What is the load of wet concrete vs dry concrete?

From the information over we recognize a yard of concrete weighs 3700 pounds. Many of the load is from cement, rock and sand.That weight isn"t going to readjust whether the concrete is wet or dry.If you look at the concrete tickets you"ll watch there"s around 20 - 25 gallons of water supplied per yard of concrete.1 gallon the water weighs around 8.34 pounds. This is what will readjust the weight of concrete once it goes from wet come dry.When "wet" concrete dries or hardens, it supplies about fifty percent to 2/3rds of this water in the procedure of hydration.Some of the water evaporates together it cures and also some that the water continues to be in the concrete for days, weeks, and also even years.Although the weight change is minimal, if 10 - 12 gallons that water is offered up and/or evaporates, that"s about 100 pounds per garden of concrete.We can conclude:A yard of wet concrete weighs 3700 pounds and a yard of dry concrete weighs about 3600 pounds.Please don"t take it these number literal however just as a general reference.

How much does a cubic foot the concrete weigh?

A cubic foot the concrete is 12" broad by 12" high through 12" deep.There space 27 cubic feet in a cubic garden of concrete.From the concrete ticket above, a yard of concrete weighs 3700 pounds.If you divide 3700 pounds by 27 you acquire 137 pounds every cubic foot.A cubic foot that concrete weighs 137 pounds.

How lot does a square foot that concrete weigh?

A square foot is measure up using size 12" by broad 12".If a cubic foot the concrete weighs 137 pounds.The load of a square foot that concrete will rely on exactly how thick the is:1 square foot x 8" special concrete weighs 91.33 pounds1 square foot x 6" special concrete weighs 68.5 pounds1 square foot x 4" special concrete weighs 45.67 pounds1 square foot x 2" special concrete weighs 22.83 pounds

How lot does a yard of crushed concrete weigh?

The load of crushed concrete will vary depending upon the to like size.According to Auburn Concrete, who likewise owns Auburn Aggregates:1.5" crushed concrete weighs 2,460 pounds per yard3/4" crushed concrete weighs 2,510 pounds every yardAuburn Aggregates also sells crushed concrete through the ton:A ton of 1.5" crushed concrete costs $7.00 every tonA ton that 3/4" crushed concrete costs $8.00 every ton

What is the weight of concrete every cubic meter?

A cubic meter the concrete weighs 2400 kg.There space 1000 kg in a metric ton. 2400kg / 1000kg = 2.4 metric tonsA cubic meter of concrete also weighs 2.4 metric tons.

What is the weight of concrete block?

There are a couple of different sizes of concrete blocks. I"ll include some the the much more popular sizes below.8" x 12" x 16" concrete block weighs 40.5 pounds8" x 8" x 16" concrete block weighs 36.5 pounds8" x 8" x 8" concrete block weighs 18 pounds4" x 8" x 16" solid concrete block weighs 33 pounds4" x 8" x 16" consistent concrete block weighs 24 pounds6" x 8" x 16" concrete block weighs 25 poundsThose room the most popular sizes the concrete blocks. Ns referenced residence Depot to obtain the load of every block.Check concrete weight utilizing this concrete weight calculatorInch calculator gives a concrete load calculator so friend can easily enter in your volume that concrete and also find out how much the concrete weighs.They room basing their calculations top top a cubic yard of concrete weighing 4050 pounds, a cubic meter the concrete weighing 2400 kg, and a cubic foot of concrete weighing 150 lbs. Slightly various than what the yes, really weights I display you above, yet it"ll provide you a good idea that what concrete weighs.Use it in ~ your own discretion.
Inch Calculator
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