There are many tiny animals to choose from when in search of the ideal companion, even if it is you’re living in a spacious house or tiny apartment. Ferrets are very popular and also can it is in a lucrative pet, specifically in the best environment. However, they can be rather expensive, between the initial and annual costs.

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Between buying the ideal setup, food, and also vet visits, pet expenses can quickly add up, and ferrets room no exception. It’s also essential to prepare for the unexpected, especially when emergency instances can it is in costly. If you looking into getting a ferret, review on for an ext information on exactly how much it expenses to very own one:


Bringing residence a brand-new Ferret: One-Time Costs

When you’re bringing home a ferret, there room some necessary expenses to save in mind. Even if it is you’re obtaining a ferret because that free, adopting from a shelter, or to buy one indigenous a dependable breeder, it’s necessary to be all set to salary fees or a price for her ferret.

Many components can influence the complete amount, including the age of the ferret, physical/health factors, and shelter fees. V the exception of complimentary ferrets, adoption and purchase ethically deserve to be expensive. Let’s take a look at every avenue to watch what the potential costs are:


Unfortunately, ferrets tend to it is in an impulse purchase, which frequently leaves them v uncertain futures. Because of this last-minute decisions, countless ferrets are provided away for cost-free on Facebook, Craigslist, and even ~ above Instagram. When it may seem much better for her wallet, there’s constantly a risk of getting free pets on the internet.

Another difficulty is not knowing where the ferret came from, which have the right to lead to unknown genetic health worries in the future. If you’re looking for a pet ferret, the safer alternatives would be to take on or purchase one from a trustworthy breeder.

The exemption to a totally free ferret is asking her friends and also family if everyone is rehoming a ferret. While health and also genetics can still be a risk because most rehomed ferrets room from pets stores, it’s still a far better “free” option than conference a arbitrarily stranger online.

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Adoption is a good way to obtain a ferret, especially if you room able to find a neighborhood ferret rescue. Ferret rescues will aid find a ferret the matches your lifestyle and personality, whereas purchase a ferret won’t provide you that option.

Another reason to walk to a ferret rescue is that most of the ferrets are currently handled by people, i m sorry is a vast benefit contrasted to purchase one. Many of the adoptable ferrets will be comfortable about people or comfortable sufficient to be organized without a problem.

Lastly, fostering is less expensive than a breeder, with fees usually approximately $150 – 200. Fostering will nearly always it is in cheaper, and also it helps support ferret rescues the are commonly run with volunteers and also donations.


Purchasing a ferret through a breeder is a an excellent option because pet stores seldom “vet” their kit for hereditary health and behavioral issues. Oftentimes pet stores will not even realize a ferret is deaf, i m sorry can cause problems because that a first-time ferret owner. Buying v a breeder is supporting ethical shopping while likewise knowing where the ferret come from.

Although there space as plenty of ferret breeders as dogs or cats, many states have at least one trustworthy breeder. If girlfriend can’t discover a neighborhood breeder, the much better option is to adopt. Going come a pet keep is an absolute last resort, therefore it’s necessary to exhaust all various other options.

While it’s the ideal option, purchase a ferret through a breeder is commonly the many expensive one. Relying on the type, a kit (a baby ferret) will certainly cost approximately $100 – 500, and also an adult will cost about $100 – 300. Pet stores usually offer them because that cheaper to contend with breeders, yet less high-quality isn’t always better.

Image Credit: PixabayMost Popular varieties of Ferrets and also Average expense from a Breeder (Lowest to Highest)
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While the actual expense of purchasing/adopting a ferret may seem low, there are many things you’ll should buy when first getting a ferret. Some things space usually a one-time purchase, whereas others will be a monthly or each year recurring cost. Investing in your pet ferret is vital because you want your new pet to not just survive yet really flourish in its new home. Although things add up quickly, it’s necessary to remember the pets room expensive in general. Here is a basic list that supplies and the cost for each, which you’ll need before you lug home her ferret:

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List the Ferret treatment Supplies and Cost

Ferret Cage$50 – $300
Litter Pans$10 – $40
Litter$15 – 30 (Monthly)
Ferret Food$10 – 50 (Monthly)
Nail Clippers$5 – 15
Ferret Cage Hammocks$10 – 30
Food and Water Dishes$10 – 20
Vet Checkups$100-300* (Annual)
Vaccines$20 – 150 (Annual)
Ferret Toys$20-50 (Semi-annual)
Ferret-safe Shampoo$5 -10 (Annual)
Ferret Toothbrush and Toothpaste$10-20 (Semi-Annual)

*-vet expenses can vary depending upon medical conditions, location, etc.

Annual Expenses

$250-600 every year

Annual prices aren’t as much as startup costs because you don’t need to buy a cage and other items every year. Yearly expenses will rise with the economy and other factors like many vet visits and also medications. The typical yearly price for one ferret is approximately $250 to $600, which includes monthly and annual expenses. If her ferret is healthy and also doesn’t must see the vet often, your annual expenses will be low. It’s vital to remember that this is just the average, and costs can go past $500.

Health Care

$100-300 per year

Your ferret will need to have actually an early stage checkup once you an initial get it and also routine checkups to do sure everything is healthy and also functioning correctly. This can encompass x-rays, vaccines, and also bloodwork to ensure your ferret’s demands are met. Routine checkups room annual and should only cost approximately $100-300, despite it have the right to get much more expensive if a health problem is found. Ferrets should be vaccinated annually and also with a series of booster shots together kits, which stop distemper and also rabies. They additionally need treatments favor dental cleaning and also parasite preventatives, which deserve to also include up quickly.

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$50-100 every year

Annual checkups shouldn’t be too expensive, though part vets charge an ext for “exotic pets” and other tiny animals. A checkup for a ferret may or may not encompass x-rays to examine the spine, bloodwork, stool sample testing, and also dental cleaning. If something is wrong, the price of your visit will certainly increase depending upon how serious the medical problem is. Regardless, her ferret requirements to be seen at the very least once a year come ensure that is healthy.


$15-20 each per year

Just favor dogs and cats, ferrets also need to be vaccinated annually. If your ferret is tho a kit, there will be a series of vaccine booster shots in ~ 8 weeks, 12 weeks, and also 20 weeks, then ongoing annually. The vaccines room to prevent distemper and rabies that have the right to be deadly, through rabies likewise being contagious come humans. Also though a ferret is small, castle still have to be cared for, and also that includes vaccines.


$10-50 every year

Part of caring for her ferret is to aid keep its this clean and free from buildup, which will turn right into dental decay. Your vet should offer an yearly cleaning, yet it’s very recommended come clean her ferret’s teeth twice a month at home. If this is much much easier said 보다 done, it’s important to prevent dental difficulties with monthly maintenance. Also a rubber finger brush or a soft-bristle cat toothbrush will assist prevent plaque and also tartar buildup.

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Treatments because that Parasites

$10-30 per year

Parasites prefer heartworm not only infect dogs and cats but ferrets and also other tiny animals as well. Ask your vet around how to correctly treat and also dose Ivermectin or Selamectin, which room the two key treatments because that heartworm. Over there are numerous forms the preventatives prefer chewable tabs, pills, and also liquids, which her vet can offer you throughout the yearly exam.


$100-500+ every year

Emergencies happen, even with the most careful of animal owners. Ferrets are normally curious pets that have the right to fit right into the the smallest of spaces, for this reason it’s no surprised that castle can get seriously injured. They’re additionally prone to assorted health concerns that have the right to exceed annual costs the care. Simply a checkup in ~ 24-7 emergency hospital deserve to be costly, never ever mind x-rays and any medical treatments that have to be done. In general, it’s vital to financially prepare for any type of emergency trips to the vet hospital.

Medications because that On-Going Conditions


Medical problems happen, even with ferrets that have actually been closely bred by reputable breeders. Medication and also other clinical procedures deserve to be expensive, especially if treatment is for life. Depending on the condition and also your ferret’s ability to heal, medications can include up quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no real number for how much medication will cost because some drugs are vastly much more expensive. As we stated above, it’s necessary to have actually funds for your ferret, just for clinical emergencies and conditions because that the future.


$50-100 every year

Your ferret will must have accessibility to food at all times as result of its quick digestion period, which is comparable to rabbits and guinea pigs. Though ferrets are small, ferret kibble deserve to still include up if you setup on having more than one. Ferret kibble will cost around $15-20 a month, with an ext premium diets being much more expensive. Your vet have the right to recommend food come fit your ferret’s need, though many kibble will certainly do.

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Environment Maintenance

$35-50 every year

Keeping your ferret’s cage clean is extremely vital for its health, especially since they can have breathing worries from an unkempt cage. Litter crate liners, a hand vacuum, and pet-safe wipes room all examples of what to buy to keep your ferret’s cage clean. You have to clean and also disinfect the cage at the very least once every two weeks while dumping the end the litter pans when a day. Friend should additionally wash the hammocks when a month in a dye-free laundry detergent to keep them clean as well.