Knowing the load of her pistol or rifle is essential. It notifies you the the physics exertion come expect based on your physical strength, how stable they will be, and recoil management when shooting. Needless come say, all guns do not weigh the same and their intended use is different.

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How much Does a Rifle Weigh?

On average, a totally scoped and loaded rifle will weigh 6-7 pounds. Hunters think about this weight fairly optimal, offered that the more weighty a rifle is, the more it feels well anchored, help you stay on target, and the lesser the recoil when shooting in ~ close and longer ranges.

How much Does a Pistol Weigh?

On average, the weight of most renowned pistols or handguns comes the end to 1.5 pounds as soon as loaded and 1.1 pounds once unloaded. The weight as whole depends ~ above the type, size, caliber, and how many bullets the holds.

Other professional shooters could argue that a 15 come 17-pound rifle is ideal as result of the much less felt recoil and intuitive accuracy. The next section explains how weight distinction matters and also the duty it dram in the different firearms, including rifles, guns, and pistols. Review on to uncover out.

Please make certain you obtain a sturdy all-weather gun case to store your rifles. Don’t do the mistake of using a flimsy cloth or animal leather case. Below is a connect to the American-Made instance that ns recommend, found on Amazon.


How heavy Is the typical Rifle?

One thing to note is the the weight of a rifle is subject to adjust depending on exactly how customizable it is. For instance, if you had actually an AR-15 rifle that is renowned for being customizable and versatile, you might notice an overall change in its load if you included or gotten rid of some of its parts.

You can have it sweet as tiny as 4 pounds or add accessories come it till it weighs as much as 10 pounds.

Another element is load in regards to balance. If you included accessories to the former or rear of your rifle intended to shift its balance, needless to say, this readjust would also affect the rifle’s as whole weight.

Experts recommend that you don’t forget come balance weight through capabilities as you customize her rifle.

Once you discover a middle ground between your comfort and also your rifle’s capability, you room most most likely to usage it effectively.

Essentially, the weight of a rifle helps to rise support together you hold the gun, intuitive accuracy as you target, and also the kick you get after shooting.

However, the is additionally important to consider the purpose. Because that instance, if you want a firearm for hunting on long walking distances or mountain terrains, you would certainly probably need to rethink delivering a weighty firearm 보다 say if friend were getting one for searching in open terrains or spotlighting.

Similarly, obtaining a firearm for target practice at the ranch will taxes you less on load considerations, unlike obtaining one because that rigorous hunting.

Ultimately, since you cannot emphasis on one area without losing out ~ above others, a good practice is to always balance comfort v capabilities.

Now if you room considering a lighter alternative such together a gun, let’s discover out just how it would weigh top top average and also how this load affects performance.

Don’t Forget- The situation Adds weight Too

First off, you should have actually a heavy-duty situation to keep your weapon. A good case, prefer the one that ns recommend (Amazon link), weighs what in the ar of 10 pounds. So as soon as carrying a weapon, don’t forget to include in whatever that provides up her kit.

How much Does a 22 Rifle Weigh?

Established as the most typical rifle in the people today, the 22 rifle is a sportsmanship firearm with virtually unparalleled popularity because that its much less recoil action, noise or muzzle flash. It come in several actions, including pump-action, bolt action, bar action, and semi-automatic.

The 22 rifle weighs 3kg (approximately 6 pounds) and when it pertains to ammo can hold a 10 round magazine. The is specifically ideal for beginners since it doesn’t have an intimidating style nor sound. Its much less recoil deserve to also help you refine your shooting faster.

Hence, if you take into consideration the 22 rifle for hunting, sports, or target shooting, get ready to love it for its lightness also when fully loaded, a impressive utility and also ease to fire in both standing and prone positions.

Aside from being the rifle of selection when hunting tiny game favor squirrels and deers, the bolt action 22 rifle is additionally used in the Olympic winter games, Biathlon and also by the young Scouts the America – according to gear patrol.

Speaking that rifles for long ranges, let’s check out the sniper rifle.

How lot Does a Sniper Rifle Weigh?

A sniper rifle is typically known together a bolt and action weapon used greatly when shooting much longer ranges and an excellent distances. It is commonly equipped with a telescope because that optic capability and accuracy. The is a bipod because that stability/resting the rifle on the ground, a stock that counters muzzle sending recoil right into the shooter’s body and also other accessories.

Due come gear, the long barrel, and accessories equipment on the sniper rifle, that can obtain heavier come weigh up to 28.5 pounds i m sorry is almost 13kgs. A sniper rifle’s weight is subject to adjust depending ~ above the scope, barrel length, and accessories, all of which include to its all at once weight.

How much Does a Pistol Weigh?

Pistols come in the kind of semi-automatic handguns, derringers, or solitary shots – which are manually loaded after each shot.

Depending ~ above the type, size, and also caliber, a pistol can weigh differently and also carry up to 18 bullets.

An M9 9mm semi-automatic pistol will certainly weigh 2.6 pounds (1.18kg) once loaded, and 2.1 (0.95kg) unloaded. Top top the various other hand, the traditional M1911A1 pistol weighs 3 pounds (1.4kg) when loaded and also 2.4 pounds (1.1kg) unloaded.

Unlike top top a revolver where the chamber is no permanently integrated, a pistol comes with a permanently aligned chamber. A short stock is designed to be held by one hand at an angle to and extending listed below the line of the bore. This is in reality what differentiates a pistol indigenous a revolver.

Popular instances of pistols include M&P, the Glock, and SIG Sauer P320.

Based ~ above the caliber and also style, a gun’s load will vary greatly. Handguns will weigh less than shotguns for apparent reasons.

On average, the weight of America’s most popular handguns comes out to 1.5 pounds once loaded and 1.1 pounds when unloaded, follow to Caligunner.

The table listed below lists the loaded and also unloaded weights the the most popular guns.

HandgunMagazine capacityWeight loaded (pounds)Weight unloaded (pounds)
Glock 19 9mm15 + 1 round1.71.3
Glock 26 9mm10 + 1 round1.61.2
M & p Shield 9mm7+1 round, 8+1 round1.61.2
Sig Sauer p938 9mm7+1 round1.41.1
Ruger LCP 380 Auto6+1 round0.920.72
Glock 43 9mm6+1 round1.31
Springfield XDS mod-2 9mm7+1 round, 9+1 round1.81.4

Just together weight comes down to a matter of choice and purpose as soon as picking out a rifle, therefore is the situation when picking a handgun. A hefty gun will have benefits in recoil characteristics and accuracy, yet it could not be ideal for friend or also comfortable delivering around. Permit alone for covert carry.

On the other hand, a lightweight gun can seem favor a an excellent option, yet you could experience some difficulty in recoil management, control, or accuracy.

Bear in mind that someone through a bigger framework and large hands will certainly deem a gun less heavy and manage recoil far better than someone with a smaller structure or small hands.

Hence, specialists recommend choose a gun that anchors fine on your hand, feel right once shooting, and can easily manage it.


Rifles and snipers are highly customizable and also versatile. Together a result, their in its entirety weight is tied to change depending on the parts included or gotten rid of from the firearm. Through this fact, they are likewise bound come have more weight than handguns and pistols.

Note the while a lightweight firearm may have actually a particular level that comfort and less physical exertion, that is likely to be less stable, accurate, and hard to regulate than a hefty firearm. This is additionally why most civilization deem rifles easier to shooting and an ext accurate 보다 handguns and pistols, which take place to be less heavy.

That said, identify if her firearm need to have an ext weight or less will come under to the purpose, performance, or capability you great to gain from the gun.

Brand and ergonomics can be influential; however, together shouldn’t take it precedence over the firearm’s personal fit and performance.

Don’t forget to usage a good case! here is the connect again come the Amazon situation that i recommend.

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