Off-roading, outdoor performance, and also the capacity to customize are quickly the largest draws come Jeep Wrangler ownership. Whether enhancing performance or updating the appearance, modifying any kind of of your vehicle’s stock materials should constantly be done properly to maintain an accurate or proportional factory-recommended car balance/GVWR (Gross auto Weight Rating). Before making any customizations to your Wrangler, the will assist to know the weight by trim level to calculate the compatibility and also utility that a potential upgrade much more accurately. Just how much walk a Jeep Wrangler weigh? We have actually done the research and found your answer!

2021 Jeep Wrangler models weigh between 5,000 and also 5,500 pounds relying on the trim and also vehicle configuration. Drivetrains, engines, tires, hardware, and also accessories undoubtedly impact each distinct Wrangler’s details vehicle weight. Considering several factory standard-issue inclusions across the 12 trim designs, distinct to Jeep Wranglers, 2-door or 4-door alternatives are exactly how we’ve divided and also display our load calculations.

At a glance, the trim weights room as follows:

Sport countless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsWilly’s countless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsSport Altitude limitless 4×4: 5,400 lbsWilly’s Sport unlimited 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsSport S endless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsIslander limitless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbs80th Anniversary limitless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsSahara limitless 4×4: 5,500 lbsRubicon countless 4×4: 5,350-5,800 lbsSahara Altitude unlimited 4×4: 5,500 lbsFreedom limitless 4×4: 5,000-5,400 lbsSahara High Altitude limitless 4×4: 5,500 lbs

Continue reading for our detailed failure of automobile weight by trim level, pricing approximations, and also common customization queries.

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Jeep Wrangler Weights through Trims

In the part below, we have listed the 2021 Wrangler trims with their base model pricing. The pricing detailed is approximated together optional upgrade packages have not to be figured right into the cost. Uneven otherwise noted, you have to assume the the higher price value listed will be because that the 4-door models, while the reduced price noted is for the 2-door models. Without further ado, the trims:

Sport endless 4×4

Base Price: $30,000-$33,5002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Willy’s unlimited 4×4

Base Price: $35,700-$40,2002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Sport Altitude endless 4×4

Base Price: $38,4004 Door just – 5,400 lbs

Willy’s Sport unlimited 4×4

Base Price: $33,200-$35,2002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Sport S limitless 4×4

Base Price: $33,200-$36,7002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Islander countless 4×4

Base Price: $34,900-$38,4002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

80th Anniversary limitless 4×4

Base Price: $37,700-$41,2002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Sahara unlimited 4×4

Base Price: $40,4004 Door Only- 5,500 lbs

Rubicon limitless 4×4

Base Price: $40,400-$43,9002 Door- 5,350 lbs4 Door- 5,800 lbs

Sahara Altitude countless 4×4

Base Price: $43,6004 Door Only- 5,500 lbs

Freedom countless 4×4

Base Price: $36,400-$39,9002 Door- 5,000 lbs4 Door- 5,400 lbs

Sahara High Altitude unlimited 4×4

Base Price: $51,0004 Door Only- 5,500 lbs

It is certainly worth stating that over there are amazing electric choices in the 2021 pipeline for the Jeep Wrangler lineup. Enter the 4xe!

Jeep Wrangler 4xe (Hybrid) weight By Trim

An exciting and also historic inclusion to the 2021 Jeep lineup is that first-ever hybrid plug-in, the 4xe. Instead of the classic 4×4 markings emblazoned across the body, in its ar reads an embossed 4xe tag boasting an eco-friendly powertrain through the capacity to match and perform the same technical accomplishments as that gasoline-powered cohort.

As might be expected, these hybrid models will certainly weigh much less than the same non-hybrid models since of the distinction in hardware and component weight. The approximate load differential will be close come 300 lbs however could exceed the weight depending upon the model. The just models currently in pre-production together 4xe optional are the Sahara, Rubicon, and also High Altitude. The information easily accessible as the now offers these details on price and weight:

Sahara countless 4xe

Base Price: $49,5004 Door – 5,100

Rubicon unlimited 4xe

Base Price: $53,2004 Door- 5,222

Sahara High Altitude countless 4xe

Base Price: $55,1004 Door – 5,100

It is however to be determined which various other Jeep family vehicles may be eligible for this modern eco upgrade. The smart money is on more models and trims being made obtainable in the no too remote future.

JK collection Jeep Vs. JL series Jeep

Due to the classic nature the Jeeps, we frequently forget that there have actually been numerous iterations and also revisions come models and also vehicle design. When the core has remained consistent, the materials and also the an innovation have improved; therefore, tit because that tat compare are tough to make.

JK generation collection Jeeps (2007-2018) witnessed their critical showroom floor as of late 2017, and by the finish of 2018, the revamped JL model collection (2018-present) to be introduced right into the market. What were the production differences? The interior and also exterior, consisting of the and hardware/components offered in those sections, got upgrades. All production transitioned to remain in line through the compete by just sourcing and using the greatest quality materials and also cutting-edge technologies.


Compared come the vault JK Jeep models, the current 2021 generation JL variation is markedly larger and an ext spacious. The enhanced level of space for driver, passenger, and also cargo/storage result from revisioned bodywork.

Waterproof fabrics and also materials are now stock functions for Jeeps, as are the innovative integrated drainage system to assist in short article off-roading cleanings.

Technological upgrades come the interior have additionally made the UConnect entertainment system obtainable across all Jeep models and also products, a more than welcome replacement to the dated infotainment system.


When upgrades were made to enhance the new vision the Jeep innovation, a decision to be made to rely more heavily on high-strength steel in automobile bodies’ fabrication and bodywork. A mass of the door, hoods, and fenders have actually now to be pressed from high-quality aluminum, lighter-weight 보다 previous generations.

This mix has helped eliminate unnecessary weight from the vehicle without sacrificing the durability and rugged appeal. Weight elimination has paid off due to the fact that the axle has been extended to accommodate bigger wheel dimensions.

How tall Is A Jeep Wrangler?

A stock, fresh turn off the production line, 2021 Wrangler was standing at roughly 74 inches, or 6 feet 2 customs tall. Of course, this height is other that deserve to be modified v a straightforward tire swap or auto lift.

There are constraints to what you can safely do, for this reason be sure to do your early out diligence when entertaining the concept of a automobile lift. Auto upgrades of that nature will most likely require the aid of a licensed and experienced mechanic come ensure the best feasible installation outcome.

For kit and also customization compatibility questions, describe Jeep’s website to find thorough manufacturing information and the kit home builders manufacturing specs.

Rough nation Lift and Suspension System


For an ext products favor this, visit Amazon.

How lot Do Jeep Wrangler Doors Weigh?

JL Aluminum fabricated doors space 12 pounds lighter 보다 the predecessor JK’s. The prior doors on the car weigh around 47 pounds. The behind doors may weigh as lot as 34 pounds. This is mentionable because JK models boasted a 20% more heavier door 보다 the JL, i beg your pardon shows just how adjustments in the production have regulated to eliminate excess load from the auto body without sacrificing the ability to perform.

If you were looking to shed more door weight over the much longer seasonal period, girlfriend may select to buy your own custom door attachments the could assist cut load as required for offroading.

EAG procession Door/Mirror Pair Kit


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How much Does A Jeep’s Hardtop Weigh?

Hardtops were attributes whose production shifted from exclusive steel and also metalwork towards a combination of high-grade aluminum and also steel.

This material change makes for a an ext lightweight hardtop than the ahead Wrangler generations, through the 2-door hardtops weighing around 90 lbs and the 4-door hardtops weighing about 140 lbs. Both weights are taken into consideration manageable to take it on and also off independently.

Of course, if friend have space available, you could always look to acquisition a removal system to leveling the installation and also removal that hardtops as needed.

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RollNJack Lift remove Assembly


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In Closing

The Wrangler is smart, rugged, and also capable. Throughout the Wrangler lineup, you have the right to expect similarly weighted body with similar functionality. In ~ the end of the day, what trim friend choose and also the upgrades you do are totally up come you. Be sure to execute your research, but an ext importantly, be sure to do the Wrangler your own!

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