Let me guess, girlfriend just discussed to a friend’s home or local pet store and also were mesmerized through the majestic creatures known as parrots...

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You to be taken aback through the colorful plumage, the crushing beak strength, and maybe even the superior vocal ability.

After witnessing her friend’s relationship with their bird, you acquired excited through the possibility of having a bird of your an extremely own, right?

Well, prior to you run off to adopt a bird to start your an extremely own flock, let’s take a step ago and check out what precisely you are gaining yourself into. 

In enhancement to the time commitment (properly elevating a parrot is akin to taking care of a toddler), you need to be mindful of the jae won commitment associated in this undertaking as well.

There are an essential initial/upfront prices to consider, as well as ongoing costs that you require to budget plan for every month and also each year the parrot ownership.

How lot is a Parrot? Initial prices of pet Bird Ownership

Like finding any type of prized pet, parrot varieties come through their own variety of options obtainable to gain started. 

The price you at some point pay for initially bringing your brand-new feathered friend home deserve to vary drastically depending on wherein your bird come from and the exact species and color mutation. Because that example, the difference in between Cockatoos and also Cockatiels is unbelievable.

There are several typical sources easily accessible including rescue centers, breeders, and also pet stores. Fine cover each resource in-depth in a separate adoption guide. 

While we extremely recommend adopting indigenous a regional rescue facility whenever possible, the prices below reflect the current market range in U.S. Dollars from various breeders and also pet stores due to the fact that their prices room widely obtainable online and make for simple comparisons. 

The prices reflect the much more common/typical varieties available, though rare color mutations are also included wherein appropriate. 

That said, let’s inspect out the price of actually buying her bird, then walk over added considerations and also ongoing costs you deserve to expect because that each enhancement to her flock :)

Parrot & pets Bird price (In alphabetical Order by species and Subspecies)

African Grey Parrot Price: $800-$3,600

African Grey Parrots aren’t cheap. They come with the price sign of one English Bulldog (without the slobber, luckily) and also the intelligence of a dolphin. There space two main species of this clever bird: Congo and Timneh, v Congo afri Greys (CAGs) gift the an ext common that the two.

Congo afri GreyTimneh afri Grey

Amazon Parrot Price: $500-$2,500

These famous birds indigenous to the Amazon jungle come in a wide selection of subspecies and also an median price tag of $1,500. 


Blue front AmazonLilac Crowned AmazonMealy AmazonOrange Winged AmazonPanama AmazonRed Head AmazonRed Lored AmazonSpectacle AmazonWhite fronted AmazonYellow Naped AmazonDouble Yellow top Amazon

Budgie Price: $15-$100

Budgerigars (aka Budgies) are the many popular and also affordable pet birds in the world. Coincidence? ns think not. Many budgie owners begin off with one or 2 budgies, only to uncover themselves caring because that a full-on budgie brigade before they understand it.


Albino BudgieBlack BudgieEnglish BudgieFeather Duster BudgieGreen BudgieLutino BudgieOpaline BudgiePink BudgieRainbow BudgieRed BudgieViolet BudgieWhite BudgieYellow Budgie

Caique Parrot Price: $900-$2,000

These mid-sized, playful birds can be an overwhelming to find and come in two ranges with the White Bellied Caique usually priced higher than its black Headed counterpart.

Black HeadedWhite Bellied

Cockatiel Parrot Price: $50-$275

The the smallest member that the cockatoo family, “Tiels” are native to Australia and also expect the price to vary depending upon the shade mutation. The timeless yellow and white birds v orange cheeks are less expensive while the Lutino Cockatiel will certainly run ~ above the greater end.


Albino CockatielAshenfallow CockatielBlue CockatielCinnamon CockatielGrey CockatielLutino CockatielPearl CockatielPied CockatielWhite CockatielYellow Cockatiel

Cockatoo Parrot Price: $800-$3,000+

While a well-known pet, increasing a cockatoo is no cakewalk; though transforming a cockatoo into a true companion is one exceptionally rewarding experience. Smaller sized cockatoos have tendency to have actually a lower price tag while their larger counterparts will run in the countless dollars. 

Depending top top the mutation, you’ll uncover some “Toos” top top the industry for well over $10,000 as result of the breeding difficulty.

Black Palm CockatooGalah Cockatoo (aka Rose-breasted)Goffin’s CockatooMajor Mitchells CockatooMoluccan CockatooSulphur-Crested CockatooUmbrella Cockatoo

Conure Parrot Price: $175-$3,000

These active, medium-sized parrots typically come through a reasonable price tag with the mean being around $500, despite the rare golden variety runs upwards that a few thousand dollars. 

Blue Crown ConureGreen Cheek ConureGolden ConureJenday ConureNanday ConurePineapple ConureSun Conure

Eclectus Parrot Price: $800-$2,500

Eclectus parrots room the simplest parrot come tell the sex of because of their extreme dimorphism (males room distinctly environment-friendly while females space red) and can be discovered for an average of $1,500. The rarely Blue Solomon Island Eclectus deserve to be had actually for approximately $20,000

Grand EclectusRed sided EclectusSolomon Island EclectusVosmaeri Eclectus

Hawk headed (Red-Fan) Parrot Price: $2,000-$4,000

A rare find, this parrot have the right to flare increase its head feather into an intricate red fan. Be certain to administer it sufficient room because that its hairdo!

Jardine (Red-Fronted) Parrot Price: $500-$1,200

One that the largest members of the Poicephalus species, Jardine’s can expense upwards of one thousand dollars.

Lories & Lorikeet Parrot Price: $600-$1,000

These strikingly beautiful birds do a colorful and friendly addition to any type of aviary. Rainbow lorikeets can commonly be discovered for $400-$800 if Swainson’s Lories room in the selection of $800-$1,200 

Swainson’s LoryRainbow Lorikeet (Green-Naped Lory)

Lovebird Parrot Price: $50-$200

These lovely, smaller sized parrots come in a wide selection of colors and are frequently sold in pairs as result of the strong, monogamous shortcut they type with their mate (hence the name). They make for loud, yet very friendly companions. 

Black Mask LovebirdFischer’s LovebirdPeach confronted (Rosy Faced) Lovebird

Macaw Parrot Price: $700-$3,000+

Macaws are generally what human being imagine as soon as you cite the word “parrot.” choose lovebirds, macaws type a lifelong, monogamous bond with their preferred mate. 

These inquisitive birds have amazingly solid beaks and you can expect to pay low 3-figures for one depending upon the subspecies, coloration, and also hybrid. If girlfriend opt for the biggest of all pet parrots, a Hyacinth Macaw will certainly run you over $10,000. 


Blue and also Gold Macaw: $700-$2,500Green wing Macaw (Red & green Macaw)Harlequin Macaw: $1,200-$3,500Hyacinth Macaw: $10,000Hybrid MacawMilitary Macaw: $1,200-$1,500Scarlet Macaw: $2,500-$3,500Spix Macaw: $100,000+

Mini Macaw Parrot Price: $700-$2,000

The tiny brothers that the Macaw family, minis measure up in in ~ under 50cm long. You can discover the greatly green-feathered Hahn’s Macaw because that under $1,200 if a serious Macaw runs approximately $2,000.

Hahn’s MacawSevere Macaw (Chestnut fronted Macaw)

Parakeet Parrot Price: $20-800

These small to medium sized bird come in a large array the colors and also subspecies and also make good pets. Much more common varieties expense $20-$50 ~ above the low end while rarer version will price you closer to $1,000. 

Alexandrine ParakeetBourke ParakeetCanary wing ParakeetLineolated ParakeetMustache ParakeetRed Rump ParakeetRingneck Indian Parakeet

Parrotlet Parrot Price: $150-$350

These sociable, smaller sized parrots come through a fairly small price tags of around $250 top top average. The Celestial/Pacific subspecies have the right to run upwards the $500. 

Celestial (Pacific) ParrotletMexican ParrotletSpectacled ParrotletYellow confronted Parrotlet

Pionus Parrot Price: $500-$2,000

These tool parrots space very similar to Amazons however slightly smaller, with identical males and females. The typical Pionus prices $1,250 however expect to salary $2,000+ for particular subspecies.

Blue headed PionusBronze-Winged PionusDusky PionusMaximilian’s (Scaly Headed) PionusWhite Capped Pionus

Quaker (Monk) Parrot Price: $300-$700

The just parrot species that supplies sticks to build nests, Quaker (aka Monk) Parrots average about $450 and also make for good talkers and trainees. 

Senegal Parrot Price: $600-$800

A famous Poicephalus subspecies, grey-headed Senegals run for roughly $700. 

Toucan Parrot Price: $4,000-$15,000

The Pinocchio the the parrot world, the price tag of the long-nosed Toucan have the right to leave you v a long face. Expect to covering out either about $5,000 or $12,000 top top the greater end for among these tropical birds.

Non-Parrot pet Bird Prices

Canary Price: $50-$250

Known for your beautiful songs, these sweet birdies space bred for their assorted song patterns as well as colors and also other physical characteristics. Listed below is a brief sample the the many varieties of canaries approximately which deserve to be discovered for an average of $150:


American Singer CanaryBlack top CanaryGloster CanaryLemon Breasted CanaryLizard CanaryPortuguese Harlequin CanaryYellow-Fronted CanaryYorkshire Canary

Dove Price: $30-400

Known for your sweet and also gentle demeanor, the mean dove prices $100. I have seen the rare Pink top Fruit Dove for over $1,500 though! If friend are trying to find a peaceful companion, these birds room a good option. 

Diamond DoveFruit DoveGreen Winged DovePink top DoveRingneck DoveBeigeOrangeWhiteZebra Dove

Finch Price: $20-$150

These little birds commonly come through a an in similar way small price tag. The much more common Zebra Finch runs around $20 while an ext colorful varieties favor the Gouldian will cost at the very least $100 with rare shade mutation varieties costing $250+.

Gouldian FinchWeaver FinchZebra Finch

Additional Upfront & Ongoing prices To expect For Food, Care, and also Housing

Now that you’ve gained an idea of what the yes, really bird will cost, the time to check out the other facets of bringing home a brand-new feathered friend…

Just prefer with various other pets like dogs or cat you will require to arrangement for regular vet visits, buy food, toys, and also consider insurance.

And that course, you’ll need administer a ar for your bird to speak to home - i.e., a warm cage!

One-Time (or Long-Lasting) Expenses

Initial Avian Vet Check-Up

Any time you carry home a new pet (whether he/she has actually feathers, fins, or four legs), one of the first things you’ll desire to execute is evaluate their current health condition. You will desire to become aware of any kind of diseases/conditions in order to ideal care for them.

This will certainly involve scheduling a consultation for an initial check-up with your friendly community avian veterinarian. Depending on where you live and your bird’s species, a simple check-in can expense $50-$200.

Additional services such as microchipping, DNA sex testing, and also a full-on blood panel will add on come the initial bill. 

Pro Tip: Ask the rescue center for any type of medical records/history for her bird come share with your vet. Be wary of any type of place (especially pet stores and also breeders) that won’t share medical history or whereby they acquire their bird treated.


One the the most important prices is that of your parrot’s cage, i beg your pardon is whereby they will invest their nights and also likely some portion of every day. 

Depending on her bird’s size, appropriate cages deserve to run from a few hundred to number of thousand dollars for a traditional powder-coated cage approximately a shiny stainless steel option. 

In addition to a full-size cage, girlfriend will also want come invest in a travel carrier, which is a crucial piece of devices for safely delivering your bird to and also from vet visits. 

Recurring & Incidental Expenditures

Food & Treats

Polly want a cracker? if crackers are viewed as stereotypical parrot chow, a well-rounded diet will certainly consist of fresh fruit & vegetables as well as a variety of nuts, seeds, and pellet blends. 

And don’t forget about the sometimes treat!

A healthy parrot diet can expense $25-$100 every month depending on components such as your bird’s size, the food high quality (i.e. Organic or not), and if friend buy in bulk or smaller quantities.

Toys & Accessories

Now stop talk around the funny stuff! the is critical to keep your bird occupied, both by playing with her and also giving her plenty the toys and also objects come peruse.

Like any kind of intelligent creature, bird need consistent mental stimulation which have the right to be accomplished by giving a range of perches plus playthings to chew on and forage. 

New perches & playthings can cost $5-$25 each (less if you make her own), and also depending on just how playful and destructive her bird is he might need a constant influx that them! store a nearby eye on as soon as toys are obtaining worn out and also are either no longer advantageous or on the verge of ending up being dangerous to her bird’s safety.

Keep in mind that is crucial to turn the varieties of playthings you provide in order to additional stimulate her bird - otherwise they will gain bored that the exact same old toy. Inspect out a full selection of choices here: https://www.jajalger2018.org/collections/bird-toys

Also, be sure to take into consideration play stands for when your feathered girlfriend is out of your cage. This stands provide a place for them to perch exterior their cage, and can take it the kind of small, an easy table-top alternatives up to full indoor trees! depending upon the size, style, material, and quality, play gyms and stands can cost from $25-$300.

Insurance & Vet Visits

Pet insurance is very recommended! This medical coverage will certainly run in the selection of $5-$30 every month and will assist cover the price of illness, injuries, accidents, and also death. A good insurance plan will help you covering those big out-of-pocket events.

You should likewise account for yearly vet visits and even unforeseen emergency care. Talk to your vet to gain an idea of what they will charge in the event of a worst instance scenario.


Other common cost considerations include:

Boarding: do you take trip a lot? If so, holidays boarding can cost $10-$25 per night. A cheaper alternate is to uncover a trusty pet sitter, friend, or neighbor to watch after your bird while you are away indigenous the nest.Cleaning Supplies: girlfriend will want to keep a supply of clean products, file towels, and newspaper on hand to save the cage nice and sanitary.Grooming: this price can differ drastically relying on whether you execute it yourself or hire a expert groomer. The DIY option will show off purchasing item such together beak and nail trimmers. Replacing Non-Stick Cookware: while not an obvious expense, girlfriend will desire to swap out any non-stick cookware due to the fact that the fumes room toxic come a bird’s perceptible respiratory system.

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Here is a short video clip about what come expect as soon as adopting your an initial parrot:


Phew, so over there you have actually it! now that you understand what to mean financially by bringing house a feathered friend, you deserve to make an informed decision about what sort of bird suits your lifestyle and also budget.

I understand it is a lot to take it in in ~ first, yet it is vital to take into consideration every facet of owning one of these smart beings. If the initial price is the first thing that pertains to most people’s mind, don’t forget that there room ongoing costs that will add up as well. 

And as always, you re welcome make certain you are willing to proactively care for and provide daily love and also interaction v your bird

If not, climate it is finest to wait till you are able come wholeheartedly care for a pet parrot - which will certainly be a much more financially rewarding experience because that both you and also them!

For you current parrot parents out there - perform these costs align with your own experience? What other facets are necessary considerations because that bringing residence a brand-new pet bird? let us know your thoughts in the comment below!