Tulsa vehicle drivers shopping because that the best RAM truck want to certain it measures up come the demands of any job. So, you can be wondering, “How much does the lamb 1500 weigh?” The 2021 ram 1500weightranges from 4,778 pounds come 6,396 pounds unloaded, and also has a gross auto weight rating in between 6,010 pounds and also 7,800 pounds. Additionally, it have the right to be equipped with a variety of towing functions to accomplish your needs. See our breakdown of the 2021 lamb 1500 weight limits and more, climate shop because that your following truck among our inventory in ~ Jim Glover dodge Chrysler Jeep lamb FIAT!

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What’s the Difference between Curb Weight and also GVWR?

You could be wondering around the difference between your vehicle’s curb weight and gross car weight rating. Curb weight refers to exactly how much your vehicle weighs there is no passengers and added or attached cargo. The comparison of this is the gross car weight rating, which suggests the maximum amount of weight your auto can have with everyone and everything you require on board. Friend may also come throughout references to her vehicle’s tongue weight,which is no the very same as towing capacity, however how lot weight the trailer place on the hitch.

2021 ram 1500 Weight

The 2021 ram 1500 load is sustained by a durable auto frame making use of a mix that steel and aluminum. Each construction comes v its own distinct weight range. If some might share comparable maximum and minimum weights, each variety is guarantee to accomplish the needs of every unique towing job. The same deserve to be seen when you look in ~ the various gross auto weight ratings throughout the crew cab, quad cab, and also other options. Here’s a breakdown of the 2021 lamb 1500 curb weight and gross automobile weight ratings below:

RAM 1500 Curb Weight

2021 ram 1500 Tradesman: Between 4,778 pounds and 5,106 pounds2021 ram 1500 Tradesman HFE: 4,768 pounds2021 ram 1500 huge Horn: Between 4,792 pounds and 5,137 pounds2021 lamb 1500 Laramie: between 4,899 pounds and 5,248 pounds2021 ram 1500 Rebel: in between 5,096 pounds and also 5,314 pounds2021 lamb 1500 minimal Longhorn: in between 5,192 pounds and 5,387 pounds2021 ram 1500 Limited: in between 5,345 pounds and also 5,568 pounds2021 ram 1500 TRX: 6,396 pounds

RAM 1500 Gross vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)

2021 lamb 1500 Tradesman: between 6,800 pounds and also 7,100 pounds2021 ram 1500 Tradesman HFE: 6,010 pounds2021 ram 1500 large Horn: between 6,800 pounds and 6,900 pounds2021 ram 1500 Laramie: between 6,800 pounds and 6,900 pounds2021 ram 1500 Rebel: in between 6,800 pounds and also 6,900 pounds2021 ram 1500 limited Longhorn: 6,900 pounds2021 ram 1500 Limited: 6,900 pounds come 7,100 pounds2021 ram 1500 TRX: 7,800 pounds

2021 lamb 1500 Towing Capacity

To ensure your truck have the right to easily control so much included weight ~ above Broken arrow roads, the ram 1500 attributes an impressive V8 engine that delivers a mighty towing volume of as much as 12,750 pounds. No matter if you’re bringing work products to the jobsite, or packing up for prolonged weekend away at her favorite destination, you deserve to seamlessly tow every little thing you need with the adhering to features:

Active-Level™ Four corner Air SuspensionBlind Spot surveillance with rear Cross Path and Trailer Detection360-degree Surround watch CameraAvailable 4×4 Off-Road Package

Put the lamb 1500 load to the test at Jim Glover dodge Chrysler Jeep lamb FIAT

No issue which the the various 2021 ram 1500 weight options suit girlfriend best, you deserve to take her favorite models for a turn on Tulsa roads. Uncover the right brand-new RAM 1500 because that sale in ~ Jim Glover evade Chrysler Jeep lamb FIAT, and also see just how you have the right to enjoy to save on your next truck once you take advantage of our new vehicle specials and national offers.

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Explore much more features of the ram 1500 lineup, or speak v a member of our sales team about leasing and also financing options. Call us today to schedule a test journey at our Owasso dealership!