Although their well-known circulation stopped in the 1970s as result of the unified States’ transition to record currency, the silver- dollar was as soon as the standard currency in the U.S. Very first minted in 1794, the silver dollar has actually a rich history that spans the size of America’s lifetime.

While no much longer minted, this coin still has actually an intrinsic value that proceeds today. The factor being is the the worth of silver, if no longer the standard, is still increasing with time. As of today, the silver spot price—the sector price that one oz of silver—currently sits approximately $15. This is an excellent news because that anyone in possession of silver dollars, even if it is they are thought about rare collectibles or nothing much more than junk silver.

If you occur to it is in in possession the a silver- dollar, you might be wonder just how much it is worth. Because that this reason, us will discover the methods in i beg your pardon you, a silver collector, can determine the worth of her silver dollars.

Melt value vs. Collector’s Value

Two the the main ways to identify the worth of a silver dollar is that is melt value—value identified by the fixed of silver contained in the coin itself—and because that the rarity that the coin.

The melt worth of a coin deserve to be figured out in an approximate way, based turn off the worth of the precious steel within the silver- dollar. There are some fluctuations once calculating the almost right melt value, due to some silver- dollars differing in their all at once mass—which commonly ranges between 25g to 32g—and dependent upon the purity that the coin—the percentage of its massive that is composed of silver. Due to the confront value that the silver- dollar, it can be stated that the approximate value of a silver- dollar is typically equal come the live clues price because that silver.

The collector’s value is a various story, though, as result of the value of the coin being identified by the rarity, no the percentage of pure silver steel it contains. The value of a coin will hence be established by collectors, regularly organizations that decide ~ above the approximate pricing that a coin in wonderful condition. If you occur to have a rare coin, or space interested in learning whether or no you have a rare silver dollar in her possession, girlfriend should take into consideration taking a look with your repertoire to watch if any kind of of the following coins present up along the way.

Rare and Notable silver Dollar Values

Eisenhower silver Dollar: Only minted from 1971 to 1978, this silver- dollar is remarkable for its short circulation. While the melt value might be fairly low—only 40 percent that the coin is silver—a few of the mintings bring some far-ranging value. For instance, the 1972 High-Relief Eisenhower has actually a value that hovers approximately $100 every coin.


American Eagle silver Dollar: Minted due to the fact that 1986, the American Eagle silver- Dollar has become one that the most iconic silver- coins of the modern age. These silver dollars room 99.93 percent silver and weigh just a bit over 31 grams, giving collectible worth for the future while likewise harnessing a high melt value.

At Provident Metals, we know the excitement the is felt once finding a silver- dollar that is in good condition, as the background and worth they contain do for a fascinating story.

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With sufficient searching, we’re particular you’ll be able to amass your collection, making an excellent investments and imprinting exorbitant memories along the way. Check out ours inventory of silver- Dollars to discover one that’s best for you!