When selecting a pickup truck to buy, it’s essential to take into consideration the weight. A heavier pickup truck can give far better traction and momentum. A lighter pickup truck will be maybe to change direction and brake quickly. So, how much go a pickup van weigh?

The median weight that a pickup van ranges between 4,000 pounds and also 4,700 pounds. However there are likewise pickup trucks that weigh over 4 tons, such together the GMC Sierra 3500 HD Crew Cab and also the ram 3500 Crew Cab. So, over there are number of pickup truck classifications, and they space all based upon the weight of pickup trucks.

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Read on come learn much more about just how much a pickup truck weighs, consisting of the load of different types of pickup trucks.

How lot Does a Pickup van Weigh?


Commercial trucks operate by the GVWR and also two classifications. The first classification is based on class, ranging from course 1 to class 8. The second classification is based on the size, consists of Light, Medium, and also Heavy. The United states Federal Highway management implemented this 2nd classification.

Conventional pickup trucks attribute a big and heavy-duty construction or model. They frequently go together high as class 4. Anything greater than class 4 is typically chassis cab trucks. Thus, lock seemingly look choose pickup van featuring a ceiling cargo bay. Nonetheless, they space two different varieties of vehicles.

Let’s take a look at various types of van according come class. These incorporate the following:

Class 1 – light TruckClass 2a – light TruckClass 2b – light / medium TruckClass 3 – medium TruckClass 4 – tool TruckClass 5 – medium TruckClass 6 – medium TruckClasses 7 and 8 – hefty Trucks

1. Course 1 – light Truck Weight

Light trucks under course 1 have actually a weight limit ranging in between 0 and 6,000 pounds. At the exact same time, the median weight of pickup van ranges in between 4,000 and 4,700 pounds. To name a few, this kind of pickup van include:

Honda Ridgeline FWDNissan FrontierFord RangerToyota TacomaGMC CanyonJeep Gladiator

2. Course 2a – light Truck Weight

Class 2a irradiate trucks have actually a weight border of 8,500 pounds, but they space still under the irradiate truck category. They have actually an median curb weight ranging in between 5,000 pounds and also 5,500 pounds.

The pickup van models under course 2a include the following:

Chevrolet SilveradoGMC Sierra 1500Nissan TitanToyota TundraRam 1500Lexus GXHonda Ridgeline AWDFord F-150

3. Course 2b – light / tool Truck Weight

Under the class 2b classification, trucks weigh somewhat in between light pickup trucks and heavy-duty haulers. Their GVWR limit is 10,000 pounds. Together for their average curb weight, that ranges in between 6,300 pounds and also 7,000 pounds.

The irradiate or medium pickup van models under this category include the following:

Ram 2500Nissan Titan XDFord F-250Chevrolet SilveradoGMC Sierra 2500

4. Class 3 – medium Truck Weight

Pickup trucks under course 3 have actually an outstanding towing potential. They have actually a best weight limit of 14,000 pounds. As for the pickup van weight, it ranges between 6,000 and 7,000 pounds. As a result, their GVWR border is more than twin their mean curb weight.

Among the pickup trucks under course 3 are the following:

Isuzu NPRRam 3500Ford F-450Ford F-350GMC Sierra 3500Chevrolet Silverado

5. Class 4 – medium Truck Weight

Heavy-duty pickup trucks space under class 4. Their maximum weight capacity is 16,000 pounds. At the same time, their mean curb weight is ranging between 6,000 and 8,000 pounds.

However, heavy-duty pickup trucks different in cargo bed configurations. This affect the complete weight of each course 4 vehicle.

Among the typical medium pickup truck models under class 4 room the following:

Isuzu NPR-HDRam 4500Ford F-450 Chassis CabInternational CVChevrolet Silverado 4500HD

6. Class 5 – medium Truck Weight

The difference of class 5 pickup trucks from class 1 come 4 van is remarkable noticeable. Their chassis and also cabins might be the exact same as several class 4 pickup trucks. But the cargo just significantly alters the layout of this trucks.

Class 4 and also Class 5 pickup trucks may have actually similarities in regards to their appearance. However they have substantially different features. In various other words, castle are totally different species of vehicles.

In many cases, course 5 pickup trucks are offered by farmers and also repair companies. Your maximum weight capacity is 19,500 pounds. As for the curb weight, it largely varies. This is due to the fact that these pickup trucks space focused much more on carrying the pack rather than towing.

Among the pickup trucks under course 5 space the following:

Ram 5500Ford F-550International CVChevrolet Silverado 5500HD

7. Course 6 – medium Truck Weight

Class 6 vehicles incorporate chassis cab trucks, which have several variations. Some feature a bucket, a dump, or a flatbed. Some are straight trucks.

In most cases, conventional pickup trucks are not had in this classification anymore. Nonetheless, there are still numerous recognizable ones, including the following:

Ford F-650International CVChevrolet Silverado 6500HD

The best weight capacity of course 6 vehicles is 26,000 pounds. Their median curb load ranges between 8,000 and 9,000 pounds. But, again, the all depends on their configuration. There space instances once these vehicles can likewise easily with a curb weight of 15,000 pounds.

8. Class 7 and 8 – heavy Truck Weight

You will hardly check out pickup trucks under this classification. Course 7 and also Class 8 trucks currently include dump trucks and fuel tankers, amongst others.

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The weight capacity of course 7 van ranges in between 26,001 and 33,000 pounds. Conversely, the weight volume of course 8 trucks begin from 33,001 pounds.