Found this person on Craigslist, due to proximity and he has a lot of pictures and videos of him doing good work. I believe he was talking about spraying it on, his work looks really nice. He will smoke out tail lights, paint rims as well. The paint is permanent. But he is asking almost $1,000. I have the money, but I'm wondering at the price if I would be better off getting a "real" paint job.

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He said it will take about 5 hours max.

$1,000 for $100 in paint and 5 hours of work :/


I would just save some more cash and get your car wrapped, so you can just peel the stuff off once you get tired of the color. I wouldn't waste my $1,000 on this guy.

If the ability to just 'peel off' the finish when you're tired of it is a concern, then Plastidip would be the solution. It's cheaper than wrapping or painting, even if you have it professionally done. It could just be a diy job too, if you want.

When you get a cheap paint job the first thing that they cheap out on is labor (which is the most important part). Prep work on your car is essential, this is scuffing the whole body of your car, he will do it, but it will be the equivalent of running some sand paper around it a little bit. The third practice of cheaping out is the actual paint, is he going to use a single stage paint, or a base coat of black and a clear coat with a matte or satin additive? Both have there pros and cons. Matte/satin paint jobs show every flaw and I bet your car isn't perfect, and I bet he isn't perfect at painting. There will probably be dirt nibs in the paint, and since he's painting matte you'll more than likely see stripes in the paint. Third thing he will do to cheap out is the coverage, what color is your car right now? If it's black you probably won't care to paint the jams, but if it's white, it will look stupid as shit to have white jams.

My advice, don't pay someone to paint your car any with a matte finish. Get someone to wrap your car with some decent Oracle, Avery, or 3M vinyl.

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My better advice, don't paint your car or wrap it, you're probably around 18 years old, you'll regret that you burned a thousand dollars to do something stupid to a stupid car (no offense)

Source: I have painted cars, and I even have a degree in business management in collision and refinishing.