Mackenzie Ziegler fast Info
Height5 ft 6 in
Weight52 kg
Date of BirthJune 4, 2004
Zodiac SignGemini
Eye ColorLight Brown

Mackenzie Ziegler is one American singer, dancer, actor, voice actor, model, and also producer. Initially, she became popular by appearing for 6 years on the life time reality dance collection Dance Moms along with her enlarge sister, dancer, and also actor Maddie Ziegler. End the years, she has also been a part of projects such as So friend Think You deserve to DanceGood Day brand-new YorkIce Princess LilyThe today ShowThe masking DancerAbby’s Ultimate run CompetitionDance Moms: many Outrageous MomentsDance Moms Slumber PartyDance Moms: The Girls’ guide to LifeTotal Eclipse, The ViewCelebrity household FeudDancing v the StarsDancing v the Stars: JuniorsBrat holiday SpectacularDance Moms Christmas Special, and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Moreover, Mackenzie has likewise branched out as a musician and has released albums like Phases and Mack Z.

Born Name

Mackenzie Frances Ziegler (Though, she to be originally called Taylor Frances Ziegler; but adjusted her surname to Mackenzie simply after 2 days that birth)

Nick Name

Mac, Kenzie, Mack Z, Kenz, Mackenz, Kenzie Boo

Mackenzie Ziegler in ~ the human being premiere of key Perfect 2 in might 2015

Mackenzie Ziegler Facts

She started taking acting and singing classes at the age of 6.She has actually won a number of dance competitions with Abby Lee run Company.In 2014, she collaborated v her sister Maddie come launch their very own fashion line by the name of The Maddie & Mackenzie Collection. The fashion line was released through mode Angel and was obtainable for a limited time.In the autumn of 2016, she released her exclude, t-shirt heat under the brand of Tee4Too.In 2012, she joined her mother and sister in act social cause work because that Starlight Children’s Foundation, which functions to support chronically ill youth and raise awareness around them.In 2016, she joined hands through TurnBoard, which manufactures training help for ballet sequences come launch Kenzie Ziegler TurnBoard.She has functioned with organizations such as Dancers against Cancer and Love your Melon to raise funds to handle childhood cancer and also raise awareness about the condition.In 2016, along with her sister Maddie, she front’s birthday Mail campaign, which promoted sending handmade birthday greeting cards to youngsters in homeless shelters.She noted vocals come the character of Princess Lily in the American variation of the German animated fantasy family film Ice Princess Lily in 2019.Her middle name ‘Frances’ was selected in respect of she maternal grandmother.In September 2021, she exit her new single titled happy for me.In September 2021, the Ziegler sisters collaborated with iHeart Radio come launch their podcast Take 20 through Maddie and also Kenzie.

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That was named so since each episode was just 20 minute long.She shares her official website with her sister Maddie. You deserve to visit her section