If girlfriend love the Nissan 350z but want a an ext refined version, the Infiniti G35 is ideal up her alley. It’s sophisticated, comfortable, and doesn’t damage on performance many thanks to its enhanced weight distribution based on the FM platform.

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Although the G35 was aimed at motorists looking for a high-end car, it has due to the fact that seen a climb in popularity among those in the VIP and also tuning scene. In fact, with its much longer wheelbase, the G35 is well-known with many drift vehicle owners looking for a steady and also controlled drift.

Because the Infiniti G35 has actually so lot to offer, our guide will take a look in ~ the reliability, specs, and common problems for both the coupe and also sedan.

History of the Infiniti G35

Production the the G35 began in 2002 by Nissan –– the manufacturer who provides the Infiniti G35. While earlier cars in the Infiniti G-series were based on the Nissan Primera, the G35s and also many the its successors room all re-badged version of Nissan Skyline. The G35 was emerged on the FM platform alongside the Nissan 350z.

Look familiar? This is a Nissan Skyline V35 Coupe native Japan. Photo: Miki Yoshihito, CC by 2.0

There were a number of cosmetic changes and redesigns in the G35’s six-year-long run, through its 2005 refresh gift the many prominent. The 2005 design not only obtained an upgraded engine but also an upgraded limited-slip differential, brakes, and also dashboard.

However, by 2008 Infiniti totally shifted its emphasis towards the production of the G37 which is why the G35 was discontinued. The difference between a G35 and also G37 might be hard to clues at first glance, which goes to present how lot of an affect the G35 had on later Infiniti designs.

Owing come it gift a an excellent luxury car alternative, the G35 was Motor Trend’s vehicle of the Year and also it was also on the Car and Driver’s Ten finest list 3 times.

Infiniti G35 Specs

Engine Type: 3.5-liter V-6Power: 260 hpTorque: 260 ft-lb.Redline: 7,500 rpmCompression Ratio: 10.3:1Bore & Stroke: 1.17Valvetrain: dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC)Transmission: 5-speed automatic

The Infiniti G35’s mpg are 17 in the city and also 24 ~ above the highway, giving a linked gas mileage of 20 mpg. It works out to about 5.3 gallons every 100 miles.

So just how much speech does a G35 have? although the 2003 model developed only 260 hp, the later models developed 280, 298, and also 306 hp respectively.


The G35 has actually a rear-wheel-drive layout, a 52% front and 48% weight distribution, and a 5-speed automatic transmission. A 6-speed hands-on transmission was easily accessible on the sedan for the 2004 model, which got an upgrade to 18-inch wheels.

Infiniti likewise introduced one all-wheel-drive option well-known as the G35x through a 5-speed automatically transmission.

While the G35 is accessible only as a sedan and coupe, Infiniti kept things interesting by presenting several trim packages provided below.


The basic G35 model has a 5-speed automatic and auto-manual transmission. The G35 sedan’s engine pumps out 306 hp when the coupe manages only 275 hp.

Additionally, the basic G35 coupe is also easily accessible with one upgraded 6-speed hands-on transmission which quickly churns out 298 hp.

Infiniti equipment a change valve time on the intake and exhaust camshafts in the hands-on cars. The automatic cars had variable valve timing only on the entry inside. Also, a sport-tuned suspension package ended up being standard on every six-speed hand-operated models.



The trip trim is available only together a sedan and also has a 5-speed automatic transmission, through an engine pumping the end 306 hp.

The G35 journey has whatever that a base G35 has, along with a couple of other features like:

4-way strength passenger’s seatin-dash 6-disc changer with MP3 playback capabilityDual Zone waiting conditioning v automatic temperature manage


The sports trim package comes as a four-door sedan with a 5-speed automatically transmission and an engine the pumps the end 306 whp.

Infiniti upgraded the tires ~ above the sports package through upgrading them to 18-inches and also making the brakes larger. The automatic sports model also has bolstering seat that change on the inside and the bottom, giving pull-out thigh support.

If you’re trying to find an update to the sports model, you will do it be happy to recognize that Infiniti offers the very same trim package through a 6-speed manual transmission. All of the trims room rear-wheel-drive.

Is the Infiniti G35 Reliable?

You can always trust a G35 to stick with you because that the lengthy haul if friend take treatment of it. Therefore it’s no surprised that U.S. News gave the G35 4.5 stars because that reliability. Countless G35 owners have driven long and hard without having to visit the mechanic external of routine maintenance.

So how long carry out Infiniti’s last? thanks to its impressive VQ35DE engine, expect the G35 to offer you well for at the very least 200,000 miles. However, there room a couple of instances wherein some motorists even covered much more than 300,000 miles.

And if she wondering, the Infiniti G35’s maintenance cost averages about $375 annually. Through such a bulletproof reputation, insuring her G35 is typically a breeze.

Common problems with the Infiniti G35

Although the G35 is a reliable vehicle, it’s not flawless. But then again, which automobile is?

Over the years, there have been several concerns reported by G35 owners. We’ve provided the most common ones below.

Defective Brembo Brake Pads

This is more than likely the most common problem the you’ll have on a G35, an especially with the 2003 to 2005 sedans.

Many owner complained around the defective Brembo brake pads and rotors on these models and having to replace their rotors and discs every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. They also tend come emit too much noise even before you wear castle out.

The saving grace was as soon as Infiniti ultimately fixed this problem in their later on models. The calipers themselves room exceptional.

Factory option Brembo brake calipers.


Quite a far-reaching number that G35 motorists reported the they dealt with troubles in their front suspension.

Other vehicle drivers reported having difficulties with the manage arms and hearing clunking noises after installing G35 coilovers –– specifically when going end bumps and also uneven roads.

While it’s difficult to decide the source cause, replacing the old bushings v polyurethane ones seems to make points a lot much more bearable.

Infiniti G35 Coupe lower on aftermarket coilovers.

Excessive Oil Usage

Unfortunately, the G35’s engine burns an ext oil than you’d most likely like. Yet that’s the price you salary for having actually a powerful vehicle.

Of course, the G35’s oil usage is also impacted by your climate and also driving style. To stop these problems, it’s best that you have the automobile inspected prior to you buy it, then annually after that.

Is the G35 worth Purchasing?

If you want to have an ext fun behind the wheel, the G35 is the right choice for you. That sleek, sporty, and also has an irresistible mid-2000s charm. Sure, it’s no perfect, yet its pros absolutely outweigh the cons.

The Infiniti G35 price because that a 2008 model ago in the day was $32,000. Now, you have the right to pick it up from anywhere in between $2,000 and also $7,000 which is a great bang for her buck.

Our Infiniti G35 review covered everything that you should know about the car but we’d love to know your think too.

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Are you thinking about buying one Infiniti G35 or do you already have one? let us know in the comments below.