Although the mean carat weight of one engagement ring is 1ct in the U.S. And also 1/2ct in many of Europe, some human being want an ext diamonds. It’s rare, however not unheard of, for world to purchase 9-carat diamond rings.What is the price of a 9 carat diamond ring? because the average expense of a 3 carat diamond ring is roughly $30,000 because that mid-point top quality diamond engagement rings, exactly how much would certainly a 9 carat diamond ring expense on average?

The answer can surprise you. It counts on what you mean by “9 carats”—there is a how amazing difference between a solitaire 9 carat engagement ring price and also a multiple diamond 9 carat diamond ring price. Friend can even get a 9-carat diamond ring because that cheaper 보다 you’d expect. Below are the determinants that go into determining how much a 9 carat diamond ring is worth.

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Factors That influence 9 Carat Ring Cost

Determining 9-Carat Diamond Ring Cost

What is the typical price that a 9-carat diamond ring? Well, the everyone price for a certified 9-carat loose, wholesale diamond arrays from $123,201 to $1,804,815. So, a solitaire 9-carat diamond engagement ring will likewise include the price of the yellow or platinum setting, which deserve to depend on the purity the the metal and also the design.

That said, you can also buy a genuine 9-carat diamond ring for $6,000–$20,000. However, in this case, the 9 carats describes the full carat load of all of the diamonds ~ above the ring.

Carat load refers come the weight of a solitary diamond.Total carat load refers come the sum of the separation, personal, instance carat weights of all the diamonds top top a item of jewelry. Together carat weight increases, therefore does the price

A one-carat diamond weighs around 200mg. So, you can have a cluster design with nine 1-carat diamonds (or 18 .5-carat diamonds, etc) and also it would be cheaper than a single 9-carat diamond ring.

9-carat engagement rings are pretty rare. In most cases, a 3-carat diamond engagement ring is thought about big. Because that a really large diamond engagement ring, a 5-carat diamond fits the bill, and it may be surrounding by 2 1-carat diamonds, bringing up the total carat weight to 7ct. For example, this 6.12-carat engagement ring attributes a 5ct facility diamond, through two .56ct diamonds top top the side, giving a total carat load of 6.12ct. This ring is a tiny over $100,000.

How big Are 9-Carat Diamond Rings?

Any 9-carat diamond is going come be exceptionally big. However the exact size counts on the shape and also cut the the diamond. The most typical diamond shape, the round brilliant cut, will be about 13.20mm because that a 9-carat diamond. Different diamond shapes—such as an oval or pear—are shallower and also have larger diameters, so despite they weigh the same, they appear larger.

If you look at Jennifer Aniston’s engagement ring indigenous ex-husband Justin Theroux, that can give you an idea because that the size of a 9-carat round diamond engagement ring. (Hers is reportedly in between 8–9 carats).

Large diamond engagement rings space typically much more common through celebrities; you can compare images of their large diamond engagement rings to get an understanding of how different sizes and also cuts the diamonds have the right to appear. Obviously, many of them are very expensive and large. Also the 3-carat diamond rings appear quite large, together you deserve to see in Ariana Grande’s 3-carat pear-shaped diamond engagement ring indigenous ex-fiancé Pete Davidson.

Where should You purchase 9-Carat Diamond Rings?

As with most high-carat diamonds, the best way to to buy a 9-carat diamond ring is by shopping for wholesale 9-carat diamonds. This will conserve you a most money—creating your own 9-carat ring is actually cheaper than buying an already made 9-carat diamond ring.

You deserve to shop wholesale loosened diamonds in miscellaneous cuts, or you deserve to opt to call a everyone diamond ring manufacturer to discuss creating a tradition diamond ring. This way, girlfriend can choose to have whatever made in one place.

Another method to to buy 9-carat diamond rings is to shop second-hand ring or antique rings. This will certainly take a most research to make sure you’re gaining a genuine diamond ring, and to make certain the seller or auction agency is reputable. Check out our guide on how to call if a diamond ring is genuine or fake for more information ~ above verifying a diamond ring’s authenticity.

Factors That affect 9-Carat Ring Cost


Some 9-carat diamond rings cost $150,000, while rather can price $1,500,000 or more. Why do some 9-carat diamond engagement rings expense ten times an ext than other nine-carat diamond rings? the comes down to a range of factors.How much a 9-carat diamond ring is worth is based on a selection of qualities—from the diamond’s certified grade come the craftsmanship and materials that the ring.

The price that a 9-carat diamond begins about $19,000 per carat, taking into account the minimum quality grades of K/SI2 in color and clarity. You deserve to expect to spend in between $20,000 and also $40,000 every ct because that a decent top quality 9-carat diamond for your ring.


Diamonds come in 10 key shapes because that diamond rings.

Different diamond shapes can show up in various sizes for the very same carat, which is good to recognize if you want a larger-looking diamond ring without paying because that a higher carat diamond.Some forms sparkle more than others, i beg your pardon is great to know if you value a diamond’s brilliance over its size.Some diamond shapes cost more than others. This is because details diamond forms take a higher level of skill to cut, and also may lose an ext of the life diamond than other shapes.The round reduced is much more expensive 보다 a cushion-cut, because that example, due to the fact that when cut a diamond right into a cushion shape, less of the diamond is shaved off.

Here is how shape influence the cost of a 9-carat diamond (Color: G, Clarity: VS2, Cut; EX, lab: GIA).

Round: $417,592Princess: $367,851Heart: $253,225Pear: $232,198Asscher: $221,613Oval: $153,139Cushion: $153,912Radiant: $141,001Marquise: $116,516

These are the average prices that a 9-carat diamond with the same color and also clarity at its most popular cuts. That said, the price have the right to still vary extremely on other attributes of the diamond, the field of expertise of the cut, and also more.

The price because that each form is no the same scale because that a 9-carat diamond as various other carats the diamonds. The calculations for diamond price per carat are somewhat complicated, so while a marquise shape is one of the cheaper shapes for a 9-carat diamond, it’s among the more expensive shapes for smaller sized diamonds.


In enhancement to shape, there are different reduced grades for diamonds. The GIA cut grading scale uses to the most famous diamond cut—the typical round brilliant.

There space five reduced grades: wonderful (EX), Very great (VG), good (G), fair (F), and also Poor (P).

Excellent Cut: The diamond is really bright. It’s reduced in an even pattern with great contrast in between light and also dark spaces, do its reflections appear crisp and balanced. This way that the human who cut it supplied the best part of the stormy diamond.

Good Cut: The diamond isn’t as bright. Its reflect aren’t together crisp and also there are more dark/dull locations in the diamond.

Poor Cut: The diamond shows influential dark locations or dullness throughout. Most world would prefer EX cut or G cuts to this cut.

Typically, 9-carat diamonds with excellent cuts have more value. Sometimes, it’s difficult to achieve terrific cut with certain shapes, so a Very an excellent or an excellent cut is sufficient.

Here space the other terms supplied to define diamond cuts:

Shallow cut: the irradiate is shed out the sides and the diamond loses its captivating brilliance.Deep cut: when a diamond is reduced deep, the irradiate escapes the end the bottom and also the diamond appears dark.Ideal cut: The appropriate cut enables the irradiate to travel freely through the diamond and exit in a rainbow of sparkles.

Not every diamond lab certificate uses the same scale together GIA’s, for this reason it’s helpful to recognize both.


Along v the clarity and cut, shade is an essential grade for a diamond, specifically the rarely 9-carat diamonds. Diamonds are graded on a shade scale native D to Z, i beg your pardon indicates how much that a tint is noticeable in the diamond.

D is the highest shade grade, indicating a completely clear diamond without any kind of yellow or brown tint. A diamond with a shade grade of Z has actually a remarkable yellow or brown color to it. Here are the color grades of a diamond in much more detail:

D, E, and F – colorless diamonds (all appear colorless to the untrained eye)G, H, I, and also J – near-colorless (most typical diamond choices; castle still show up colorless come the eye)K, L, M – pass out (these diamonds have actually a slightly clearly shows tint)N, O P, Q, R – really light (a more noticeable tint)S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z – irradiate (brown or yellow tint is an extremely noticeable)

Even more valuable 보다 D color diamonds are rare an elaborate colored 9-carat diamonds: through reds, blues, and green being typically worth the most. An elaborate colored diamonds space graded ~ above a different shade scale 보다 white diamonds.

Popularity and rarity play a function in the price of an elaborate colored diamonds. Because that example, a black color diamond is a really rare color, yet its demand is lower than white, so black diamond engagement rings space cheaper per carat.


Clarity is one more grade that components in come the price of a 9-carat diamond. Absolutely clean 9-carat diamonds are very rare and also therefore are most expensive. However, there are countless clarity grades that carry out a cheaper 9-carat diamond through inclusions that aren’t clearly shows to the nude eye.

Here’s the range for measure the clarity of 9-carat diamonds:

FL – Flawless No interior or exterior flaws; very rare and valuable in natural diamonds.IF – internally Flawless No internal flaws, yet some surface ar flaws; still very rare and valuable.VVS1, VVS2 – very slight inclusions Slight inner flaws; difficult to see also with 10x magnification.VS1, VS2 – an extremely slight inclusions Slight interior flaws the are simply barely visible v 10x magnification. Flaws room not generally visible come the naked eye.SI1, SI2 – slim inclusions Slight inner flaws that room visible v 10x magnification; they might be clearly shows to the naked eye.I1, I2, I3 – Inclusions You can see these inclusions through the nude eye. This Inclusions may impact the diamond’s brilliance and also clarity. They’re worth less.

For a 9-carat diamond ring, we recommend looking for a diamond with grades between G and I for color, VS1 because that clarity, and Excellent or best cut.

The greater up girlfriend the great in color and clarity, the enlarge the difference in price for the 9-carat diamond. It’s good to number out which qualities are the most necessary to friend to acquire the perfect 9-carat diamond ring for her budget.


The type of steel used in a 9-carat diamond ring setting also accounts for price differences. The most preferable metals because that engagement rings are gold (yellow, white, and also rose gold) and platinum.

Other popular selections for diamond ring metals are sterling silver and also palladium, although, for a 9-carat diamond ring, you’ll desire to gain the best metal possible, which means gold or platinum. Platinum is typically the most expensive metal for jewelry, adhered to by gold, then other metals, including sterling silver. However, gold is sometimes much more expensive than platinum.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the prices of gold and platinum fluctuate, and also the price of gold per ounce/gram depends on its karat purity. You can’t always trust charts you uncover online comparing platinum vs yellow prices to it is in up-to-date. You’ll desire to check gold vs platinum price on website that provide a comparison graph which they update regularly.

When investing in a 9-carat diamond ring, us recommend purchase 18K yellow or higher to guarantee longevity for your diamond ring. It wouldn’t make sense to placed something together rare and an important as a 9-carat diamond in a cheaper metal.

9-Carat Ring purchase Tips


To obtain the finest 9-carat diamond ring for her budget, over there are particular things to keep in mind to shop because that the best deals and quality. Here are some buying tips for you to take into consideration when buying a 9-carat diamond ring, or other huge diamond rings, such as 10-carat.

For the finest value 9-carat diamond rings:Color: J if platinum/white gold solitaire settingColor: K if yellow gold solitaire settingCut: excellent or IdealClarity: SI2 claritySymmetry: At the very least GoodGIA or AGS report/lab certificateWhat to look for in reduced parameters:Depth: 58% - 62.5%Table: 53% - 58%Length-to-width ratio: 1.00 - 1.02Tip for choosing a metal: The setup can impact how colorless a diamond appears.For lower shade grade 9-carat diamonds, opt for tinted/darker metals, together as increased gold or yellow gold.For high shade grade 9-carat diamonds, you have the right to use white yellow or platinum because that the setup to make the high-quality color really pop.When selecting clarity: Avoid inclusions that you can see with the naked eye. To save money, a 9-carat diamond v slight inclusions (VS1 or VS2) is a an excellent choice; the will price less and also no one will be able to see the flaws uneven they look at it under 10X magnification.When picking shape: decision what you value more: the diamond’s brilliance or the figure of that size. Most civilization opt because that the ring brilliant cut, pear cut, oval cut, or emerald cut for a 9-carat diamond, however other shapes have the right to be great if a skilled experienced cuts the diamond.Make sure the setting secures the diamond well. It’s not a an excellent idea to shot to cut expenses by going come a less-experienced craftsman to set your diamond right into the ring. It’s far better to cut prices in the diamond grade, not the setting, craftsmanship, or metal.Shop digital for much better prices. Brick-and-mortar stores rarely offer the same discounts ~ above diamonds, especially loosened diamonds. That said, ask for a high-definition picture of the 9-carat diamond before buying online if you’re worried about not see it in person.

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