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Good Afternoon SeafoodAficionados:

We desire to invite every one of you come our 4th Annual Seaview Crab company CustomerAppreciationParty. The party will certainly be right here in Wilmington at our retail keep (6458 Carolina coast Road) next Sunday (October 28th) us will have plenty that seafood, music, and an excellent company. We started this occasion 4 years back to show our gratitude to the loyal customers who support us transparent the year. Come down and see us, its just 2.5 hrs down, and also the fall weather and also fishing is great. (See the picture below)

This weekend the wait is over and we will have NC In-Shell oysters accessible for your roasts and dinners this weekend. We market our oysters through the 1/2 peck, Peck, 1/2 bushel, and Bushel. (If you want a bushel or more, the definitely an excellent to pre-order). Its vital to know that we always leave our Oysters in the mud since that is the best means for oysters come travel and stay fresh. In order to prepare her oysters to it is in cooked, it is best to spread out them the end on a flat clean surface and also spray the mud off with a garden hose. It will take a couple of minutes, however when you get that clean, hot salty oyster off the grill you won"t it is in disappointed!

If you desire to wait it spins it it s okay a little colder for Oysters, we have actually plenty the other options for her culinary inventions this weekend. We will have actually plenty of Flounder, Scottish Salmon, Sheepshead, Live Blue Crabs, and also Much more! see our highlighted items, specials, and full menu below.

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We look front to seeing you this weekend!

Weekly Specials

****2 dozen clams and also a 1/2 peck of neighborhood oysters because that $15***

****Buy 3 dozen gain one Dozen cost-free Mixed Live Blue Crabs****

Seaview Crab Company

"Moving Seafood Forward"


11lb add to Flounder captured This week a few miles from our Store!

This Week"s highlighted Products:

Local Oysters:

These Oysters space harvested a couple of miles from ours store right here in Wilmington.These oysters prosper together for this reason you obtain multiple oysters top top one cluster. These space not our biggest


oysters, however they pack the saltiest punch. They are additionally our best value in ~ $46 a bushel! these oysters go perfect top top acrackerorgulped appropriate out of the shell!!If friend haven"t make the efforts our neighborhood oysters, and also you choose your shellfish salty, youwon"t bedisappointed.

This week"s price:

$8 fifty percent Peck... $16/peck...$29/ half Bushel.....$46 Bushel

Cooking Methods: Fire Pit Roasted Oysters

N.C. Sheepshead:

This fish is one of our favorites. Sheepshead have buck this that are created chomping on little crabs, clams, and oysters. They space ugly, yet with a diet prefer that, you deserve to imagine how delicious this fish taste. That is a basic chunky white meat the is veryversatile. We will certainly havefillets and whole fish easily accessible this week. If you"ve no tried Sheepshead before, you will not bedisappointed!

Flavor- Mild


Popular cooking Techniques- grilled (in foil), Broiled or Baked, Fried.

Recipe:Sheepshead; good Pictures; simple Recipe

(Search to below lobster stock)

This main Price: Filet$11/lb ; Wholefish- $4.50/lb



Swordfishis a delicious steak like fish the is recorded in deep water. Swordfish Steaks have a rich, full flavor, and when you mix the flavor through a warm grill you have actually a delicious seafood dinner in the making. There space plenty of methods to prepare her Swordfish, therefore get an imaginative with her grill and enjoy a few steaks this weekend.

Popular food preparation Techniques: Sauted,Grilled, Baked.

Flavor: Full

Texture: Firm

This mainly price: $13/lb

NC Pompano


Pompano is a difficult fish to harvest commercially, so that is in high need at N.C. Packing houses. A Seaview Crab agency Fishmonger favorite: Pompano hasa moderate texture through thin flakes. The fish has actually a distinct buttery, well-off flavor that functions well with countless dishes. The Pompano that us picked up this week space one to 2 pound fish that can either it is in filleted or left ~ above the bone.

Popular cooking Techniques: Pan-fried,broiled, grilled,or baked

Flavor:Mild, contempt Sweet

Texture:Moderate: thin Flakes

Recipe: Grilled Pompano w/ tangy ginger sauce

This weeks price: $6/lb entirety fish

Mixed Crabs

NC Heads-Off huge 31-35ct

Jumbo LumpNC Flounder
Product NameStandardBulk deal
NC Live Blue Crabs

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Weekly one-of-a-kind (Buy 3 dozen acquire 1 dozen free)
Jimmies (Large Males)SOLD the end THIS WEEKEND They are hiding!!
Wild-CaughtCarolina Shrimp
NC Heads-Jumbo 21-25ct$12/lb
NC Heads-On Med/Large 26-30
NC Oysters
Local Oysters (Wrightsville beach to Topsail Island)$8/ fifty percent Peck$16 Peck$29 fifty percent Bushel$46 Bushel
Stump Sound Oysters (Topsail North)$11/Half Peck$22 Peck$39 fifty percent Bushel$65 Bushel
NC Crabmeat (Fresh!!!!!)
$28/lbLimited Supply


NC Sea Scallops (15) ct $17/lb
Va Shucked Oysters$14/pint
NC Clams$5/dozen50/$16
NC Fish Filet
$11/ lb
NC Swordfish Steaks$13/ lb
Scottish Atlantic Salmon$12/ lb
NC Sheepshead$11/lb
NC Grouper$18/lb
NC pull Grey Snapper$7/lb

Whole Fish

NC Sheepshead$4.50/lb
NC Flounder$6/lb
NC Pompano$6/lb

NC Popeye Mullet

Other Crabs and also Crustaceans & much more

Lobster tails large (4-5 oz)$6/ each
Lobster tails huge (5-6 oz)$10/ each
Lobster tails Jumbo(8-10oz)$15/ each
Snow Crab Legs$10/ lb5 lbs or much more $9/ lb
Dungeness Crab Legs$13/lb5 lbs or more $13/lb
Cleaned Mussels$5/ 1lb pack
Calamari (Cleaned and also Ready to Cook; Domestic) $20 every 2.5 lb pk
Alligator Meat$16/lb
NC Softshell Crabsmed- $4 eachJumbo $6 each
Below easily accessible for Pre stimulate only
Live totality Northeast Lobster (1.25lbs +/-)$14/lb
Pre- assignment are an extremely helpful to our business. We try not to offer out each week, but it is extremely challenging to predicthow muchwe will sell. If you know what friend want, no issue how little an order, we will pre-pack your order and make sure you gain it . Email us your order specifics, when youplan topick the up, and also a phone number to with you and also we will do the rest.

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