Holy Scarface! 5 Columbia university students/fratboys to be busted this mainly for marketing all kinds of crazy medicine at school. Ivy League? much more like High-vy League. Luckily, via Columbia’s BWOG, understanding the numbers of the busts also gives united state a chance to understand exactly how much drugs cost at Columbia! that goes without saying, yet The village Voice, town Voice Media, and also Runnin’ Scared do not endorse the illegal usage or purchase of drugs, and no drugs were harmed to buy or provided in the do of this blog post. So, how much does cocaine expense at Columbia University?

The Bust: 40 Grams because that $1,100.

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ChiChi! Ju gaht de yayo? Undercover cops were marketed 40 grams the blowcaine for $1,100, i beg your pardon comes the end to $27.50 a gram. Yet coke dealers more than likely aren’t carrying adjust — unless these males wanted come get captured that badly — and also were more likely to be paid for their product in “flat numbers.” If that’s indeed the case, buyers could have paid $30 for 1.1 grams of Uncle Charlie (because 0.1 grams the coke costs $2.50), yet if that were the situation for all the coke purchased, at $1,100, the dealers would certainly be left with 3.4 grams the coke.

It probably wasn’t, due to the fact that smart buyers, well-off buyers, or civilization who understand a great deal as soon as they check out one recognize that the much more of something girlfriend buy, the much less it costs. This brings us to The Noble Eight round (i.e. One-eighth of one ounce, or 3.5 grams) the Cocaine Sales. One 8-Ball — the more upscale cocaine consumer’s purchase unit-of-choice — generally goes for $50 if her drugs room really shitty (think: cut with Ritalin), $75 if they’re just meh, and also $100 or an ext if they’re straight out that Pablo Escobar Jr.’s asshole. If we’re to use the department of by-the-gram price of the coke, the pricing range of one 8-Ball would be:

$30 for 1.1 grams$60 because that 2.2 grams$90 because that 3.3 grams$95 for 3.5 gramsand $100 because that 3.7 grams.

The most most likely scenario? A solved price the $100 for about 3.63 grams, a sales rates which would certainly equal $1101.92. They probably provided hot girls and also TAs a little more, and freshmen and also “Barnard Bitches” a little less. Seeing as just how the mean 8-Ball is by an interpretation 3.5 grams, you actually gaining a decent deal up there. Uneven the coke is shitty, yet I dear doubt they sell shitty coke to Columbia students. Brand-new School kids, top top the other hand, will more than likely take every little thing they can get their hands on.

Street Price: $100 because that a “heavy” 8-Ball.Value: Generally decent, better if she an attractive mrs and/or an legacy to better grades.Songs They probably Should have actually Sold drugs to but Didn’t: obtain that winter off the wall! Time to spin Clapton’s “Cocaine” (obviously) and also the an initial song from Blow, which is a coke-jam if there ever before was one:

Remember, kids: Cocaine is a hell the a drug.

UPDATE 1. A reader writes in:

You sure around these numbers? Is this in pesos? Also, if those numbers room right, can I please have the number of your dealer? NOW? $200 if you understand someone and also it would be the medium-upper quality. Otherwise, the masses pay choose $60-70 a gram of what’s considered an excellent although the still no the raw.

We i will not ~ know. that said, ours equation still works but plainly only for mediocre-at-best cocaine. If our reader is correct, and also the rate of $200/8-Ball or $70/gram is undoubtedly the going rate, v good-quality cocaine the dealers would have pocketed around $2,285.71 (116 percent an ext than what was reported) or $2,800 (163 percent an ext than what to be reported), respectively.

AMENDED RESULTS:Street Price: $60-$70 for a gram and $200 for an 8-Ball of decent blow.Value: Either astronomical (which, provided the results of the marijuana math in play at Columbia, is a possibility) or conventional for extremely mediocre blow.

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Likely results: they’re fratboys at Columbia. Either it was shitty blow or, an ext likely, they most likely did a grip of the themselves and sold at typical-to-high price points to make up for what they placed up their schnozzles.