Can girlfriend Afford a Mastiff?

If you are considering pass a Mastiff into your home, your very first question is likely, “How much does a Mastiff cost?” You may be enamored through the size and allure of this gigantic guardian, but can friend afford to raise and also care because that an English Mastiff for 8+ years?

As the second post in our collection on the Mastiff, the is the concern I seek to answer for you today.

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With real-world data and also hard numbers, I will certainly share with you specifically how much an English Mastiff costs per year.

In this post (and video) you will learn:

The cost of veterinary care for a common adult Mastiff (and an patent one),How lot it costs to feed a Mastiff,Whether size renders a distinction when it concerns the miscellaneous costs of Mastiff ownership, and5 tips on how to conserve money if you have a Mastiff

And if you find out nothing rather from this post, I will certainly share v you in ~ the finish the single MOST essential thing you need to do if you space considering happen a Mastiff right into your family.

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English Mastiff Price – Real people Market research Data

In bespeak to administer you the most up-to-date data top top Mastiff price, i surveyed the Big Dog mother Community the Mastiff breeders and owners.

Survey Data © 2021 big Dog Mom, LLC
According come 55 Mastiff owners and 34 Mastiff breeders, the acquisition price of a Mastiff is dependence on whether you are wanting a present prospect puppy or a pet.

Keep in mind, i am not consisting of in this analysis the price of a Mastiff if you go with a rescue.

The topic of Mastiff rescue was addressed in Mastiff 101: What is one English Mastiff , so these data space exclusive to the acquisition price indigenous a reputable, preservation dog breeder.

As you can see from the charts, the average price for a display prospect Mastiff puppy is $3,000. When the typical price because that a Mastiff puppy sold on a limited registration (a pet) is $2,250.

Survey Data ©️ 2021 huge Dog Mom, LLC
This is according to Mastiff breeders.

The median Mastiff price is slightly lower according come dog owner at $2,070. Acquisition prices ranged from $500 to $4,000.

Keep in mental that most breeders will need a deposit to host your puppy, but usually this deposit will certainly be subtracted from the full price once the final payment is make at the moment of choose up.

According come the Mastiff breeders in mine survey, 37% call for a non-refundable deposit to organize a puppy, while 63% said their deposits space refundable. This means that if, for part reason, girlfriend decide versus getting among their puppies, the deposit will certainly be returned.

Deposit quantities ranged from $250 to $500 with the average right around $400.

Survey Data ©️ 2021 huge Dog Mom, LLC
As a personal aside, i feel compelled to address the values behind non-refundable deposits.

While I certainly understand breeders who feel they should require permanent “skin in the game” for their puppies, I see no valid reason to make these shop non-refundable.

There room a myriad of factors a family might earlier out of acquiring a puppy, or a certain puppy, and also the last thing any type of of united state wants or requirements is a puppy inserted in a household not all set for the responsibility, relocating forward purely the end of obligation and also a desire to not have actually “wasted” $500.

If the deposit is refundable, everyone wins. The puppy is placed in a better home and also the unfit or unprepared buyer moves on.

No harm, no foul.

Most an excellent dog breeders I understand prioritize the health and also welfare of their puppies over any kind of potential benefit they could make in deposits.

All that this said, i am no a breeder, so perhaps there is an element of this discussion I am missing. You re welcome let me recognize in the comments if you carry out require non-refundable store for her puppies and also why.

Let’s move on.

Veterinary Healthcare expenses for a Mastiff

Despite how many times I’m asked just how much mine Mastiffs eat or poop, the one concern I’m never asked is, “What is the cost of veterinary treatment for a Mastiff?”

Veterinary medication isn’t sexy, however it is expensive.

Healthcare costs for a Mastiff, even a healthy and balanced one, dwarf that of most other breeds of dog.

To give you some concrete numbers for this category, i pulled every vet invoice I saved from the last 5 years v Junior and Sulley. While I know I shredded a couple of in the last 5 years, this data will administer a conservative calculation of the all at once cost of health care for a Mastiff.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

These numbers do not include everything. Ns was can not to uncover a few invoices of major procedures therefore I’m providing estimates for those whereby indicated.Both Junior and Sulley were purchased from great reputable conservation Mastiff breeders. I spent the better part of two years researching and waiting because that both that them and have zero regrets about buying them. That said, you will see the harsh truth of Mastiff ownership.The data shared right here are for two of the last five years. I am including just 2019 and also 2020 to coincide through the data I’m sharing for food costs. Ns am hope this will certainly make calculating the annual cost because that food and also healthcare much easier for you.

Ok, let’s dive in.

Veterinary prices for 2019 and 2020

Veterinary costs for small in 2019 came in just under $3,000 and also $280 for Sulley. In 2020, Junior’s veterinary prices fell come a little over $1,000 if Sulley’s boosted to $569.

I provided on the graph listed below that both dog underwent more than one major procedure in the last five years.

So while you can look in ~ the costs for Sulley, who is a very healthy Mastiff overall, and also think he is at sight cheap, store in mind the his neuter in 2016 expense 4 time as lot as a common neuter due to the fact that he to be born cryptorchid (retained testicle).

Also not included for Sulley to be his tooth extraction this year that expense $755.

Additionally, Junior was diagnosed through Wobbler Syndrome in 2018. Initial access time to the vet for unusual neck pain led to an MRI in ~ the regional Veterinary Neurological Center. This to be the most expensive procedure we’ve encountered to day at $3,323 for the visit (MRI + Xrays + Exam).

Also in 2018, small tested hopeful for sink Fever, an endemic fungal infection in Arizona. The medicines for treating Valley Fever, fluconazole and itraconazole, space obscenely expensive.

Thankfully, I used some the the advice I common in How to save Money top top Pet medicines for large Dogs <2021> and also was maybe to get his meds down to around $150/month for about 6 months.

And finally, in 2020, after what presented favor an acute knee injury while the end playing, Junior was diagnosed v bi-lateral i know good dysplasia. This expense $545 because that the Xrays and also exam.

©️ 2021 big Dog Mom, LLCSo, why execute I share all of this?

Because if you are considering to buy a Mastiff, you must know. The health and also welfare of her Mastiff is her financial responsibility – indigenous the minute you choose up your puppy till he take away his critical breath as a senior dog.

If you feel like any type of of this would cause major financial hardship on friend or your family, you space NOT prepared to bring a Mastiff home.

That said, here are a few caveats come the data I just shared.

First, few of our prices were related to our ar in Arizona. Both valley Fever and the mandrel in Junior’s toe were more or less led to by the nature of our geography.

Secondly, we stayed in Scottsdale whereby prices space unnecessarily high because that the service you get. The is not to say ns didn’t choose my vet(s) there, but I perform feel for most things us were overcharged. My advice is to shop around and also be ready to drive to a great vet who can aid you store veterinary prices down.

And lastly, some could see these expenses and immediately point the blame in ~ Junior’s and Sulley’s breeders (or me for that matter).


I don’t.

God blessed me v these two boys for a reason. With every one of their faults and also quirks, castle fit appropriate in below with their imperfect huge Dog Mom.

Dog Food expenses – exactly how Much does It price to feed a Mastiff?

One look at the gigantic Mastiff and also the first question in most people’s psychic is, “How much do you feed the dog?”

People instantly assume the bigger the dog, the an ext they eat.

As we discussed critical week, this is a myth. Unless your Mastiff is obese, size is about genetics, not food.

English Mastiff 101 | just how Well perform You understand the MASTIFF Breed? | TRUE or FALSE QUIZ>

As I explained in information in my Life update video, us switched Sulley and also Junior indigenous a raw diet come kibble because that the year 2020. V the covid-pocalypse and also moving cross country, kibble to be just less complicated on mine sanity.

However, in 2019 us fed a life diet exclusively.

Here we go…

In 2019, the expense for feeding a life diet to two adult Mastiffs was $1,931.57.

Therefore, the average annual cost to feed one Mastiff a life diet is $965.79.

Commercial dog food expenses in the year 2020 for 2 adult Mastiffs were about $1,680.

Cut the in half and you acquire the average annual cost the feeding a Mastiff a commercial dog food is $840.

These costs do no include any type of extras choose supplements, probiotics, dog bowls, etc.

Miscellaneous prices of Mastiff Ownership

Beyond dog food and healthcare, you will want to element in every one of the various other items friend will require as a dog owner.

As I began to perform out every one of the other costs associated with being a Mastiff owner, it developed to me one more method I have the right to illustrate just how much a Mastiff prices to raise and also care for.

I request myself, “If ns were choosing in between a Mastiff and also French Bulldog, how much an ext would ns be security on the assets needed because that the gigantic dog?”

How Much an ext Do gigantic Breed Dogs price Versus small Dogs?

In the graph listed below you will check out a perform of a couple of essential items I use every day with my dogs.

These include dog beds, crates, various toys, food bowls, and also a harness.

I looked up every of these items on Amazon and also other retailers and also recorded the price for a small version the the product and also for one XLARGE size of the same product from the exact same retailer. Ns then calculation the percentage increase.

Don’t let the math scare you.

Percent increase simply reflects the included cost for purchasing products for a Mastiff versus a tiny breed dog.

For simply the items ns looked at, you deserve to expect to invest 82% an ext for the gigantic breed XL size.

©️ 2021 large Dog Mom, LLC

5 advice for just how to save Money if You have a Mastiff

1. Buy Dog Food in Bulk

Buying dog food in mass will absolutely save girlfriend money, particularly if you room feeding a life diet together I shared in Raw Food Diet because that Dogs | Starter overview for beginners < large DOGS>.

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Here’s a quick instance to illustrate how much you can save ~ above a life diet by buying in mass versus smaller pre-packaged quantities.