Friesian steeds are one of the many beautiful horse breeds in the world. They space elegant, strong and flexible horses. If you want to know around the price that a Friesian horse, you need to understand that there space various factors that affect the price of this horses. In this article, we have talked about some of these determinants so the you can plainly understand how to identify the price of these horses.

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What is the price of a Friesian horse?

The price that Friesian horses varies widely. There space several components that identify the price of these horses. On average, the price that a Friesian steed can selection anywhere from in between $3,000 come $50,000 and higher. Once it comes to purebred horses, the price can variety from $ 20,000 to $50,000 and higher


The pricing can be high or low depending upon a lot of factors some of i beg your pardon are discussed below.


Friesian horses are black in color. Few of them have white patches on the forehead. Part others have their shade turned to lighter shades of black color or brown because of exposure to the sun. Buyers look in ~ the color of the horse before deciding if the price is an ideal for the horse or not.


One that the many important elements of steed pricing is the training received by the horse. A well-trained steed will absolutely have a higher price 보다 a equine that has actually been poorly trained or no trained in ~ all. Trainers have a role to play in determining the correct price that the horses. If the trainer is professional, the steeds will be well-trained. They have the right to then it is in priced higher. 


Horses can have health concerns after a particular age. You need to look the end for symptom of ill health in the horse and also figure out whether or no the steed if fit and also healthy. Watch for equines which room priced really cheap. They could have health and wellness issues.


The standard dimension of a Friesian mare is 14.3 hands and that that a Friesian stallion is 15.3 hands. If the horses accomplish these size criteria, lock are most likely to it is in priced higher. If not, the prices have the right to be negotiated and also reduced.


The Friesian horse breed is one of the rarest breeds in the world. Their rarity is what renders them unique and desirable. As soon as you are buying among these horses, you need to ensure the you check the ethnicity that this breed. Also, ask because that papers before buying the horse.

Where to find them?

Friesian horses deserve to be uncovered in the US and also other components of the world. Most of the well-established breeders have actually them. Girlfriend can contact one the them and ask for the price. One thing that you need to keep in mind as soon as buying these horses from a foreign country is the it might cost you greatly when transferring them to your country.

Frequently request Questions around Friesian Horse

How lot do Friesian horses cost?

The price of a Friesian steed can variety anywhere native $3,000 to $50,000 and higher. However, when it involves purebred horses, the price can variety from $ 20,000 come $50,000 and also higher.

Are Friesian horses good for riding?

Are you trying to find a horse to ride? Friesian equines are the ideal option because of their elegant looks and even temperament. They’re offered in dressage, trail riding, pulling carriages–and they look an excellent on screen! Not just do these beautiful animals have stunning coloration that provides them perfect models because that movies and also television shows like game of Thrones; they also make terrific mounts due to their athletic capability and willingness together learners.

What room Friesian horses good for?

Friesian equines have many talents and also skills. In enhancement to gift elegant, they’re likewise athletic, smart, and willing learners! They can be supplied in dressage or follow riding competitions and pulling carriages ~ above the film set.

What is the lifespan of a Friesian horse?

The Friesian horse has actually a expectancy of around 15 come 18 years.

Are Friesian horses healthy?

Friesian horses have a solid body on average, however they room prone to some genetic issues. Because that example, inbreeding and also its structure deserve to lead them to it is in stunted or lax in connective tissue.

Are Friesian horses rare?

Friesian horses are beautiful, gentle, and elegant. The most notable properties of a Friesian equine is that is shiny black coat that deserve to be spotted from miles away; this provides them rare.

Are Friesians intelligent?

The Friesian is just one of the many intelligent and also versatile steeds you deserve to ride, even if it is dressage, trail, or pleasure riding. However, they are so clever that they require an skilled handler to save them concentrated on your work.

Do Friesian horses have a natural gait?

Yes, they do. They are among the couple of breeds that have the right to perform a organic gait because it is in their DNA to create such motions!

How much weight can a Friesian steed carry?

The an excellent thing about Friesian equines is the they are constructed to manage anything from hefty loads the tack and also riding equipment up to human being riders. The average height for among these giants will variety anywhere in between fifteen hand high (17 feet) or seventeen hand tall through an superior body mass in compare – often weighing as much as 1400 pounds!

Are Friesians good horses?

Yes! lock are among the finest breeds because that riding horses. A Friesian is a breed originally bred in the Netherlands to be offered as cavalry and heavy breeze horse, but today lock can likewise make good show ponies or light dressage mounts.

What is a Friesian equine used for?

They deserve to be used for many purposes, yet the Friesian is most known as a draft equine originally bred in Europe to traction carriages.

What should you feeding a Friesian horse?

It would certainly be best if you fed Friesian horse hay and also oats.

Are Friesians aggressive?

Friesians room not your standard gentle horse. Instead, they’re forceful and aggressive, but their most distinctive quality is a hunger choose no other!

Do Friesian horses jump?

Friesian horses are generally bred for endurance and power; they room not intended for jumping. Friesians room unable to jump due to the fact that of your angles and also weight be affected by each other by your shoulder and also neck.

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Are Friesians always black?

Friesian steeds are black. Few of them have actually white patches on the forehead. Part others have their color turned to lighter shades of black or brown as result of exposure to the sun.