Queen Latifah is best known for her rap career. She additionally made a surname for herself together an actress and will quickly star in The Equalizer reboot. Here’s a look in ~ Queen Latifah’s net worth and how she came to be famous.

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Queen Latifah’s climb to fame


Queen Latifah | Ethan Miller/Getty pictures for store Memory Alive

Before coming to be a movie and TV star, Queen Latifah got her begin in the music industry. She to be a beatboxer because that the hip-hop team Ladies Fresh. She was also component of the group Flavor Unit. Fab 5 Freddie, organize of Yo! MTV Raps, received a record of Queen Latifah’s music. Eventually, an executive at Tommy Boy records heard she music and offered she a record deal.

Queen Latifah released her very first studio album, All Hail the Queen, in 1989. This album, i m sorry peaked at No. 6 on the U.S. R&B chart, resulted in the hit solitary “Ladies First.” She released her sophomore album, Nature of a Sista, in 1991. Her other studio albums encompass Black Reign (1993), Order in the Court (1998), Travl’in’ Light (2007), and Persona (2009).

Queen Latifah’s movies and TV shows

One of Queen Latifah’s early acting duties was in the 1991 movie Jungle Fever, in i m sorry she play the function of Lashawn. That very same year, she played Zora in the movie House Party 2. She additionally appeared in 2 episodes that Fresh Prince that Bel Air. She played Marissa Redman in one episode title “Working that Out,” and also Dee Dee in one episode title “She Ain’t Heavy.” The following year, Queen Latifah showed up in the movie Juice. In 1996, she got attention for her portrayal that Cleo in the movie Set that Off.

Queen Latifah | Nicholas Hunt/Getty images for Tribeca movie Festival

Queen Latifah join the actors of Living Single in 1993. She played Khadijah James until the present ended in 1998. The complying with year, she came to be the organize of The Queen Latifah Show. The talk display ended in 2001 however returned in 2013 and also ran till 2015.

Queen Latifah’s next role as a actors regular remained in the television display Star. She played Carlotta Brown indigenous 2016 to 2019. She joined the cast of The Equalizer in 2021, in i m sorry she dram the character Robyn McCall. Queen Latifah’s other acting roles encompass appearances in Flint, Girls Trip, Mad Money, Last Holiday, Bringing down the House, Chicago, and Beauty Shop.

Queen Latifah’s awards

In 1995, Queen Latifah winner a Grammy compensation for ideal rap solo performance for the song U.N.I.T.Y. That very same year, she got a Sammy Davis Jr. Entertainment artist of the Year Award at the spirit Train Music Awards. In 2003, she winner a screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in Chicago.

In 2006, Queen Latifah came to be the an initial hip hop artist to be inducted right into the Hollywood go of Fame. 2 years later, she winner a golden Globe compensation for best actress in a miniseries or motion snapshot made for television for her performance in Life Support. In 2015, she winner a Primetime Emmy Award for her power in Bessie.

Queen Latifah has received countless other awards throughout she career. They encompass NAACP picture Awards, bet Awards, Critics’ an option Movie Awards, a People’s an option Award, and also a Teen’s choice Award.

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Queen Latifah’s net worth

As that this writing, Queen Latifah has an approximated net precious of $70 million, according to Celebrity network Worth.