Checking and also keeping your transmission filled with a great level of liquid will assist give girlfriend a seamless experience as soon as driving.

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Step 1: Park ~ above a level surface. The auto needs to it is in parked in stimulate to check the liquid level, so discover a level surface ar on which to park.

If the transmission has a manual gear selector (usually 1, 2, and 3 beneath “Drive” on the shifter) then it is a great idea to shift through each gear prior to shifting right into “Park” and also letting the engine idle.

Note: The engine needs to be to run in stimulate to have the ability to read the liquid level. Keep in mind that some vehicles specify having actually the infection in Park and the engine running and others might specify the infection be in Neutral v the engine running to inspect the level of the fluid.


Step 2: open up the hood. To popular music the hood, over there is generally a switch within the car that pops the hood increase a tiny amount and also there is a bar on the front of the hood, usually obtainable through the grille, that demands to be pulled in order to raise the hood.

Tip: If the hood does not stay up ~ above its own, look for a metal bar that hooks into the underside the the hood to organize it up.


Step 3: discover the transmission fluid pipe. Under the hood, there is an automatically transmission fluid pipe. This is usually reasonably out of the way, so suppose to search for a moment before locating it.

The vehicle’s manual will present exactly whereby it is, however if that is no available, below are some tips because that finding the automatic transmission liquid dipstick:

The dipstick will have some kind of handle to pull on in stimulate to eliminate it native the pipe, therefore look for the first. It may or may not it is in labeled.

If the vehicle is a front-wheel drive, the dipstick will certainly be increase in prior of the engine. If the vehicle is rear-wheel drive, the dipstick will most likely be in the direction of the behind of the engine.

It might be daunting to traction up in ~ first, but don’t pressure it.


Step 4: Pull out the dipstick. Obtain a rag or record towel ready before pulling the dipstick the end all the way.

When pulling the out, use your complimentary hand to grip the dipstick with the rag and clean the liquid off that it. To inspect the level accurately, re-insert the dipstick all the means and pull it out.

There space two lines or point out on the dipstick labeled either; “Hot” and “Cold” or “Full” and also “Add.”

The fluid needs to at the very least be in between these 2 lines. If that is listed below the bottom line, then an ext fluid requirements to be added. Between the add and full line top top most tiny to mid size auto transmission dive sticks will equal around a pint of fluid.


Before adding any fluid, take it a moment to check what the actual liquid looks like. The it generally a clear amber color, yet some varieties are more brown and some are an ext red. Watch out for fluid that looks dark or any type of fluid the is not really clear. If that is too dark it may be burnt, and also if the liquid is milky then it is contaminated. Also watch the end for air bubbles.

Step 5: attend to issues. Currently is time to address any issues uncovered in the process of checking the fluid.

If the liquid is burnt, then the radiator liquid needs come be purged out together it is no going to adequately protect the components inside of the transmission. If the fluid is scorched the transmission may need repairs and you need to seek the services of a expert mechanic.

Milky automatically transmission fluid is contaminated and also is possibly a sign of other problems. Shut off the vehicle and call a mechanic to protect against serious damages. If the liquid is milky the transmission might need repairs and also you have to seek the services of a expert mechanic.

Air bubbles suggest that the liquid may not be the right form for the transmission, but are likewise caused by there being too much fluid in the transmission.

Warning: If the wrong liquid is put into the infection it could cause internal damages to the system.

Part 2 the 2: including transmission fluid

Materials Needed


Step 1: acquire the right kind of fluid. Once you have developed that the infection needs an ext fluid to be added to it, climate you require to attain both the proper form of transmission liquid for your automobile (the vehicle’s hands-on will specify) and also a long, thin funnel to assist in including it come the currently fluid.

Warning: perform not add fluid if it is no the correct type. Part dipsticks will certainly say the correct fluid if you execute not have actually an owners manual.


Step 2: include fluid v a funnel. You deserve to add much more by inserting a funnel into the tube the dipstick was withdrawn from and pouring a small amount of automatic transmission fluid into the pipe.

Check the level every time you include a tiny until the level is right between the 2 lines.

Note: include fluid while the engine is running in the proper gear because that checking the liquid levels.

If the transmission has been drained, you will require 4-12 quarts of liquid to fill it back up. Monitor the car service manual for the recommended kind and quantity of liquid to use.

If the fluid is very low as soon as it is checked, climate add an ext fluid and also look very closely for any leaks. Low fluid may be a authorize that fluid is leaking out. Expect to add around a pint prior to checking the level again.


Step 3: Go with all the infection settings. If there space no leaks and also the fluid is in ~ an sufficient level, get back behind the wheel (but save the hood open) and, with a foot ~ above the brake, take the infection through all of the settings on the transmission. This will certainly stir approximately the fresh liquid and permit it to coat all of the components in the transmission.

Step 4: inspect the dipstick.

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Make sure the fluid level is correct even after moving the transmission through every one of the settings. Add more if the level has dropped as well far.

Proper transmission maintain will store your automobile running smooth, and also it will remain that method for many an ext miles than one through a neglected infection would. The just thing keeping all of the very precise parts within of the transmission lubricated is the automatic transmission fluid, and routinely check on the level and adding fluid if the is required is a great practice.

If you would rather have a experienced mechanic, such as one native, add your transmission liquid for you at your home or office.