Ensuring a Clean Sample

Below are tips to help ensure a clean sample, plus four of the most usual methods supplied to avoid hopeful detection:

Testing Tips

On the job of the test, wake your child in the morning, permit them know you will certainly be testing them because that drugs and escort him/her straight into the bathroom.

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Use first morning urine, together it is frequently the many concentrated and also best for detecting the existence of drugs.

Stay in the bathroom and also supervise pee collection-start come finish.

Have your boy hand girlfriend the urine-filled cup automatically after collection. It should be heat to the touch.

Don"t leave the sample unattended until you have the last test an outcome and are sure girlfriend won"t be sending out it come the lab for confirmatory testing.

Common ways of avoiding a positive Result


If a tester drinks large amounts the water (at least one gallon) before taking a drug test, urine i do not care diluted and also metabolites from drugs may come to be undetectable.

This may cause the an initial round of results to be inconclusive. If a 2nd test is necessary, an ext time will have passed and also detectable quantities of medicine may have naturally passed v the system.

Another method of dilution is adding a autumn of water to the sample. Even if it is ingested or included to a sample, water deserve to make to pee look extremely pale and also raise red flags indicating the the sample has actually been tampered with.

Cleansing Products

There space an increasing number of products marketed that insurance claim to “cleanse the human body of toxins” and also specifically claim to mask illicit drugs in the system.

These recipe “detox” drink are marketed at local nutritional complement stores and also are widely accessible online.

They contain ingredient such together filtered water, fructose, maltodextrin, citric acid, potassium citrate, potassium benzoate, ascorbic acid, red 40, riboflavin, and also more.

They job-related by masking the drug metabolites uncovered in the urine. Over there is frequently a limited amount that time the these commodities can properly conceal drug use (i.e., 3 come 4 hours).

Chemical Adulterants

Some of the most typical agents the are included to a urine sample include bleach, eyedrops, hand soap, vinegar, table salt, and also lemon juice.

These chemicals can be conveniently concealed in little vials and are usually added to the sample when individuals are acquisition the check unsupervised.

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Synthetic Urine

Another common method for concealing drug use is to substitute “clean” urine that does not have any trace of illegal drugs.

This can be achieved by questioning a girlfriend for a clean sample or by purchase a clean sample online. (The clean urine is normally refrigerated, and the temperature is a clear sign that the sample is no valid.)