There might be no item of lumber more common 보다 a 2×4. This dimensional lumber makes up the bulk of the framing in many residential homes and also sheds and many DIY building projects. Despite that fact, most world know surprisingly tiny about just how much load a 2×4 have the right to hold.

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When was standing vertically, together as once it features as a stud, a 2×4 can hold around 1,000 pounds. A 2×4 can hold as much as 40 pounds or 300 pounds as soon as laying ~ above its edge there is no sagging once laying horizontally.

Several determinants can lower or rise a 2x4s strength, including wood species, lumber grade, and moisture content. In this article, we’ll research these and also other determinants that determine just how strong a 2×4 is and discuss sources you deserve to use to recognize how far an unsupported 2×4 can span.


Many civilization make the failure of thinking that 2 2x4s bolted together is the identical of a 4×4 post. They aren’t. The difference is noticeable if you understand the difference between the name we call dimensional lumber and their actual dimensions.

As we stated at the begin of this article, a 2×4 is actually 1.5 inches deep and also 3.5 customs wide. Bolt two 2x4s together and you have a item of lumber that is 3 inch deep and also 3.5 inches wide.

A 4×4, in comparison, is bigger at 3.5 inches wide by 3.5 inch deep. How solid is a 4×4? one 8-foot 4×4 can support virtually 6,500 pounds vertically.


Whether structure utility shelving, putting a roof top top a shed, or frame a house, it’s an important to know how much load a 2×4 capably support.

While a typical 8-foot 2×4 have the right to support around 1,000 pounds vertically and also up come 300 pounds horizontally (when placed on edge), It’s essential to psychic that no all 2x4s space the same. Components such as wood species, humidity content, and grade impact how much pack a 2×4 deserve to hold vertically or horizontally.

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By understanding how those elements impact a 2x4s weight and using together guides as span tables, you deserve to accurately calculation the fill capacity of your 2x4s.