Big daddy V Death – Heart Attack

1971-2014 (age 43)

Big daddy V to be a true heavyweight in the world of skilled wrestling. Standing in ~ 6 feet, 9 inches and weighing approximately 500 pounds, the wrestler indigenous Harlem had a large personality in and also out the the ring. Recognized as Nelson Frazier, Jr., to friends and family, he completed modest success in the WWE during the 1990s and also in the late 2000s. Sadly, his career was cut short, together he passed far at the age of 43.

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The countless Faces of large Daddy V

Nelson Frazier very first entered the pro wrestling scene at the age of 21 as Mabel in 1993. By 1994, he and partner Mo secured the sign Team Championship under the moniker guys on a Mission. Although fairly cringe-worthy today, the goofy, vibrant gimmick worked well through the WWF’s family-friendly image at the time.

By 1995, Mabel was contending on his own, win the King of the Ring Tournament that year. After the win, he appointed himself the nickname “King Mabel” and also turned heel.

Ultimately, that didn’t regulate to attract a huge fan base and also was reduce by the WWE. He would go ~ above to have actually three more major stints in the WWE, first and secondly as Viscera from 1999 come 2000. Here he partook in the “Ministry the Darkness” angle v the Undertaker, the Acolytes (Bradshaw and Farooq) and Mideon. Once the faction was damaged up in 1999, he was quickly released from the WWF and entered the live independence circuit.

Fraizer returned come the WWF together Viscera from 2004 to 2007 and finally as huge Daddy V native 2007 come 2008.

8 years prior to his death. Viscera take away on rob Conway (Heat, in march 19, 2006)

How big Daddy V Died

The full story of the death of large Daddy V isn’t totally known, however some details have emerged. It appears that ~ above February 18, 2014, Frazier had gotten in the restroom to take a shower and then started having chest pains. One ambulance was referred to as to the scene, however the wrestler had suffered a massive heart attack. It’s not well-known whether he was pronounced dead at the step or later at the hospital. The event happened just 4 work after he turned 43.


Nelson Fraizer an initial entered the WWF together “Mabel” – one fifty percent of the sign team men on a Mission. Photo:

Cause of huge Daddy V Death

While the substantial heart assault was the actual reason of the large Daddy V death, over there were some extenuating factors that apparently added to it. His fatality certificate proclaimed that morbid obesity and also heart damage due to type 2 diabetes, a typical complication the obesity, to be responsible because that his love attack.

In addition, drugs and alcohol were present in his bloodstream at the time of his death. It’s likely that this substances enhanced strain ~ above his heart and also made the love attack much more likely to occur.

Saying goodbye to large Daddy V

Since big Daddy V’s death came at together a young age, other wrestlers to be obviously stunned and saddened by the news. Plenty of of them required to social media to salary tribute to their friend. Jim Ross and also Rob valve Dam were amongst the plenty of personalties who Tweeted goodbye messages and well desire for large Daddy V’s family during the days complying with his death. The wrestles star to be honored v a private family members funeral. The was ultimately cremated. His ashes were distributed between 500 pendant necklaces, i m sorry were provided to friends and family members.

Men top top a Mission do their WWF debut (Superstars, July 10, 1993)

Controversy After big Daddy V Death

Sadly, paying tribute to the storage of the wrestler following large Daddy V’s death has to be overshadowed mostly by legal action revolving approximately his passing away. While various other wrestlers who have died young favor Frazier have been honored through awards and receptions the year after they passed away, much of the attention has been on the details of a wrongful fatality lawsuit filed by Cassandra Frazier.

Details of the huge Daddy V death Lawsuit

Nelson Fraizer together “Viscera” throughout the WWF attitude era. Right here he partook in the Undertaker’s “Ministry that Darkness” angle. Photo:

In the lawsuit, Cassandra Frazier and also her lawyer blame the WWE because that being at least partially responsible for huge Daddy V’s death. She claims that the agency knew that recurring blows to the head led to by wrestling raised the hazard of concussions and posed a risk for traumatic encephalopathy, a dangerous swelling of the brain.

The court case documentation says that Frazier had difficulties with short term memory and also suffered painful migraines. Lock stated he had crippling depression due to head injuries sustained throughout his time v the WWE, and also it blames those problems for contributing come the death of big Daddy V.

The WWE Responds

At first, as soon as word the the big Daddy V death lawsuit got to the papers, the WWE kept fairly quiet about the matter. A lawyer for the WWE, Jerry McDermitt go say the it was ridiculous come blame the company for Frazier’s death. They stated he was overweight and plainly had health and wellness problems. It appears that the WWE hope the lawsuit wouldn’t proceed further, but it has.

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In June 2015, the WWE followed up on their statement, releasing much more information around Frazier’s medical conditions and publishing his salary information. Lawyers also revealed the Cassandra Frazier had currently received $10,000 native them due to the fact that she claimed financial hardship. Essentially the WWE accused her of bringing a frivolous lawsuit to try and make money from she husband’s untimely death.