What is the age of Kakashi in Boruto?How Old is Kakashi?Hatake Kakashi is the copy ninja that the leaf and one that the brightest surname in the shinobi world.

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He managed to walk v all this crazy events in his life and still come out alive, that now, is a happy old man.He likes to walk out and take a walk with his disabled finest friend (Might Gai).Don’t let the fool you, he got some wrinkles and baggy eyes but that didn’t change anything about the Kakashi.

We know, in Boruto that demonstrated similar skills to the one the did in ~ the start in Naruto part one.Some novels even case that Kakashi acquired stronger after ~ the war, due to the fact that he lost the Mangekyou Sharingan, which was draining him out of chakra, but because we stated old, how old would certainly that specifically make him.

How Old is Kakashi?

How Old is Kakashi in BorutoLet’s take a look at it from various perspectives!To better understand this let’s trace the thread from the beginning and see how old Kakashi was throughout the upcoming milestones.
Kakashi became a genin at the age of 5.After just 1 year he became a chunin which is 6 year old.When the third great ninja battle went down and Obito supposedly died, Obito was roughly 13 old, and also as the age difference in between Obito and also Kakashi is roughly 4 years, that would certainly make Kakashi 9 at that sad event.Similar Post: when Do Naruto and Kurama become Friends
The war finished and also Minato was named the fourth Hokage that the village, and at the very same time, Kakashi was available a ar in the Anbu, which taken place when he was 13 years old.
How Old is Kakashi in BorutoWhen Uchiha Madara or the masked man (let’s not spoil some facts) struck the town it was once Kakashi to be 14 year old, and also that is the very same night Naruto was born in, below counting gets simpler as us now recognize for sure that Kakashi is 14 year older 보다 Naruto.When part 1 of Naruto started, Naruto was 12-13, if we include 14 that was approximately 26-27 years old and became 30 years old in Naruto Shippuden because it take it a 3 years break and probably about 31 year old by the finish of ShippudenThe critical (Naruto The Movie) events took location 2 years after Shippuden’s end, by law a quick maths we uncover out the was approximately 33-34 year old.

And when we include 12 much more years (the gap in between the last and also boruto) we obtain 46 and also that is a turbulent estimate of exactly how old Kakashi is in Boruto, the could, however, selection from 45 come 48 (due come various considerable variables).The copy ninja began his life as very gifted and smart kid, went v it together a prodigy that increased the brand-new era tannins, who worked together to save the World.In Boruto the is approaching his 50’s, he had a career and life that various other shinobi might only great to have.

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