Saul claimed to David, “You room not able come go against this Philistine to fight with him; because that you are just a boy, and also he has been a warrior native his youth.”

I have actually taken into consideration the answer proclaimed in this link, which suggests that David to be 15 years old or younger. Are there any proven cases on the exact period of David once he combated Goliath? If not, what is the best approximation?



The only Biblical prize I can find is that the males were at the very least 20 to be in the army. So David would have actually been much less then twenty if the was taken into consideration too young come fight.

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Num 1:3

from two decades old and also upward, whoever is able come go the end to battle in Israel, you and also Aaron chandelier number lock by your armies.

The following is just conjecture and also can no be proved, despite I perform think the is logical.

Based top top the period (of twenty) the "manhood" and a few more referrals (to show my work), it is possible to do a logical guess.

1) We understand that his 3 earliest brothers to be at the fight.

1Sa 17:13

Now David was the boy of the Ephrathite that Bethlehem in Judah, whose surname was Jesse, and also he had eight sons. And also Jesse was old in the job of Saul, advanced in years among men. The three older boy of Jesse had gone after ~ Saul to the battle. And also the names of his 3 sons who checked out the fight were Eliab the firstborn, and the 2nd to him Abinadab, and the third Shammah.

2) Assuming that all that were old enough to go to battle went.

1Sa 14:52

Now the war against the Philistines was severe all the work of Saul; and also when Saul saw any type of mighty guy or any valiant man, that attached him to his staff.

3) and if Shammah, the youngest the the 3 the went, to be 20 then that leaves 4 brothers in between them and David. If they to be born a year apart climate David would certainly be 14 or 15. Clearly if they to be born with an ext time between them then David might be even younger.

If no all were required to sign up with the war however only those that wanted to, then David might be up to 19.

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It is worth noting that both the Hebrews and Goliath believed David was a boy that was also young to fight. Therefore if he was 19 then he might not have really looked prefer a boy.

Based on this line of reasoning, ns think that was in between 12 and also 15 years old once he fought and also killed Goliath, though nothing is certain.