Anyone who has watched the Naruto series loves this man. This man, Kakashi Uchiha… ehm ehm… ns mean…um… Hatake Kakashi.Everyone desires to know every little thing there is come know around this guy, consisting of his age.The main reason this question has actually been raised fairly a lot of time is due to the fact that it doesn’t have such basic answer, and also given exactly how turbulent this negative man’s life has actually been, the is challenging to actually calculate how old Kakashi actually is.

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Kakashi Hatake’s Life Timeline

So, let’s take it a brief overview of what Kakashi’s life to be like: – Kakashi is born. – Kakashi’s mother died. (Probably. Just mentioned really early without any type of concrete information.) – Kakashi becomes Genin. – Kakashi’s father died of suicide. (Probably. 5 years before Kakashi Gaiden starts where Kakashi is a 9-10 year old.) – Kakashi becomes Chūnin. – Kakashi becomes Jonin. – Kakashi leads his own team in the third Shinobi War and also Obito Uchiha dies. – following mission, Rin is walk away by Kiri-Kagure Ninja’s and also she die by suicide, through stepping in front of Kakashi’s Chidori – Nine-tailed Fox assault on Konoha but Kakashi not permitted to fight. – Kakashi join the Root and becomes an Anbu – Kakashi becomes leader that a source team – Kakashi quits the root after talking to the third Hokage and also joins him together his best hand male – Kakashi discovers Orochimaru is behind experiments through the wood element but stops working to prevent him. – conserves Kinoe native The Root and adds him come his team Ro under surname Tenzo. – Itachi Uchiha gets included to team – Kakashi relieved the his Anbu duties ~ the Uchiha Massacre. – Kakashi becomes Jonin incharge of students. – Kakashi passes Team 7 together Genin team. – A-rank mission versus Zabuza and Haku – Seals Sasuke’s curse mark during Chūnin Exams – Dispels Kabuto’s genjutsu and prepare to fight. – Kakashi dead out missions as his students space with your individual mentors. (Naruto through Jiraiya, Sakura with Tsunade and Sasuke through Orochimaru.) – Kakashi goes through Naruto and also Sakura to help rescue Gaara – Kakashi trains Naruto in his wind nature. – Kakashi aids fight with Team 10 versus Hidan and also Kakuzu – Dies during Pain’s attack on Konoha however is ressurected. – Accompanies Naruto come Land of stole to talk to the Raikage – Contributes in the fourth Shinobi battle – Becomes sixth Hokage – Naruto i do not care Seventh Hokage and Kakashi retires.

The means of calculating Kakashi’s period would be to take the facts that we know around his age and the time that has passed in between two events.We understand from the databooks alone that Kakashi is 26 once Naruto is 12 and he i do not care Genin.So, in the start of the Series, Kakashi is a shown 26 year old.Throughout the collection until Naruto goes to train with Jiraiya that is for sure to i think 26-27 year old.Jiraiya trained Naruto because that 3 years.So, in ~ the beginning of Naruto Shippuden, Kakashi is 29-30 year old.By the end of the fourth Shinobi War, Kakashi to be 31.After the War, Kakashi becomes the 6th Hokage at 31 years of age.Now, the Boruto collection begins 15 years after the 4th Ninja War. This would median that Kakashi in Boruto is 46 year old.We know that this is correct due to the fact that we deserve to cross-check the difference of Kakashi’s period to offer us Naruto’s period in Boruto.46 (Kakashi’s age) – 14 (age difference) = 32 (Naruto’s period in Boruto)Boruto is a shown 12 year old in the Boruto series.Naruto and also Hinata get married at 20 years of period after the War and also Naruto the Movie: The Last wherein they are 19 and 18 respectively and confess your love for each other.Considering the Boruto was born roughly the age of their wedding, Naruto minimum requirements to it is in 32 year old together of now.This perfectly matches through the period that we got from the period difference, for this reason confirming that Kakashi in Boruto is certainly 46 years old at the least.So, to amount up• as soon as Naruto starts, Kakashi is 26.• once Naruto Shippuden starts, Kakashi is 29-30.• during the fourth Shinobi war Kakashi is 31.

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• In Boruto, Kakashi is 46.