Do you know who cutting board Brodie-Sangster is? If friend don"t recognize his name, that can be due to the fact that you understand him together Sam from 2003"s "Love Actually," per IMDb. Yes, he was the adorable small guy who had actually a like on a girl from his school in the beloved holiday film. If you"re not a fan of the festive flick, then you quiet may have seen Brodie-Sangster on screen. Indeed, you might have spotted him together Simon in 2005"s "Nanny McPhee," or together Newt in the "Maze Runner" franchise, or Jojen Reed on "Game the Thrones," no to mention his role as hipster chess champion Benny watt (and love attention to Anya Taylor-Joy) in "The Queen"s Gambit."

If it"s not currently clear, if Brodie-Sangster might not be the greatest star in the entertain industry, he has actually still nabbed many of enviable and also memorable roles over the years and continues to do so. However, there"s much more to Brodie-Sangster than simply his outstanding onscreen performances. Read on to find out a couple of intriguing facts about this actor the will most likely come together a finish surprise!

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster to be born in London, England, on may 16, 1990, the child of mark Sangster and also Tasha Bertram, according to IMDb. The family additionally includes Brodie-Sangster"s younger sister, Ava Sangster. Granted, past that, the actor has actually a family member that you"ll surely recognize. In fact, the two worked together in one of Brodie-Sangster"s most well known films.

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Brodie-Sangster is regarded his "Love Actually" co-star, Hugh Grant. They space apparently 2nd cousins, once removed, together IMDb noted. Brodie-Sangster was mindful of this fact while the pair to be filming together and let his co-star in on your connection. "His grandmother and also my great-grandmother room sisters," Brodie-Sangster claimed (via Times the India). "He didn"t know. Ns said, "Apparently, you room my uncle or mine cousin or something." climate he type of remembered mine mum and uncle. So for the rest of the shoot, the went "round saying: "Hello cousin." the felt rather cool."

That may have been quite awesome, however it"s definitely not the only cool thing about Brodie-Sangster"s experience while ~ above the job.

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"Phineas and Ferb" had an exceptional run native 2007 till 2015, complying with two stepbrothers together they "invent, scheme, and also stay one action ahead of your bratty sister," according to IMDb. Plenty of famous names show up in that credits, consisting of Ashley Tisdale, who voiced the show"s (arguably annoying) older sister. Together for the titular Ferb, he to be voiced by none various other than cutting board Brodie-Sangster for every 130 episodes.

However, that doesn"t median that Brodie-Sangster obtained to occupational alongside the various other stars. Earlier in 2008, he noted (via the daily Record) the voicing Ferb reminded him of another project the he had been involved in. The explained, "orking on "Love Actually" was a little like law "Phineas and also Ferb" in that i didn"t acquire a opportunity to accomplish the cast until it was finished."

That tho didn"t stop Brodie-Sangster indigenous nailing his performance. "We knew thomas Sangster indigenous "Love Actually" and also "Nanny McPhee" and he was able to express therefore much," stated Dan Povenmire, the show"s co-creator and also the voice the Dr. Doofenshmirtz, per day-to-day Record. Confirming that the actor "never met or witnessed anybody else functioning on the show," he detailed that the star had actually "seen one episode wherein somebody else was the voice that he had to portray and also he just got it."

Thomas Brodie-Sangster"s main gigs obviously take place in the world of films and television shows, however, he"s likewise a part of the music scene. In fact, he put his onscreen skills to work showing up in two different music videos. The very first was in 2014 because that The Luka State"s "30 Minute Break." In the short movie-like story, the gibbs is seen out because that a night that doesn"t finish well at all. His second appearance in a video was in the 2017 Kioko relax of "Tired of Lying." 

Putting Brodie-Sangster in their video was absolutely a great move if the YouTube comments are any type of indication. Countless were along the currently of one viewer, that wrote, "I came here for thomas Brodie-Sangster, no gonna lie, however I finished up liking the track a lot."

Beyond that, Brodie-Sangster has additionally tackled his own music-related endeavors. It transforms out the he occasionally plays base for Winnet, which is his mother, Tasha Bertram"s phase name, in addition to his sister, Ava. Of course, the gibbs has additionally taken up tools for movie roles. He in reality learned to play the etc left-handed to portray a young Paul McCartney in "Nowhere Boy," and, every Insider, his dad taught him to play the drums because that "Love Actually."

You might think the Brodie-Sangster loves to show off such skills on society media. However it turns out the the the opposite is true.

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Thomas Brodie-Sangster has actually a fairly sizable fanbase, with an ext than 1.1 million followers on Instagram — and that"s despite the truth that that barely provides his account! Frankly, the star only has three short articles to date. One from September 2020 contained a video clip message from the actors of "Maze Runner" that encouraged civilization to vote in the U.S. Election. An additional from a few months earlier asked because that donations to an injured friend"s GoFundMe campaign. The third write-up was shared ago in April the that very same year and also had a quite sweet message.

"Hello, world. What weird uncharted are we have found ourselves in," Brodie-Sangster wrote, presumably introduce to the coronavirus pandemic. "I feel currently is the time much more than ever for me to with out, and also become a component of this an international online community. I"ve never ever used society media regularly due to the fact that I"ve always struggled with allowing myself to be so quickly accessible." However, he noted that the platform could also be offered "to communicate and also educate every other," which the feels "is something to celebrate and also encourage."

It now seems as if his IG initiatives have fizzled out, which additionally goes because that his Twitter account. Back in December 2017, he sent out his critical tweet as of this writing, informing his followers, "Sorry for never tweeting about anything, but thats just me." Frankly, Brodie-Sangster has other points to carry out with his time, like control (and build on) his fortune.

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Due to the truth that thomas Brodie-Sangster isn"t the most energetic celebrity on society media, us can"t check out for certain how that spends his days. That means we additionally can"t see exactly how he spends his money, which might be of attention to some fans considering the reality that the actor has actually some decent accumulation at his disposal.

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Surely thanks to his noteworthy movie roles and television gigs, Brodie-Sangster has an impressive (if no jaw-droppingly massive) fortune the sits in ~ $3 million, follow to Celebrity network Worth.

Although Brodie-Sangster is now an adult, there"s a very great chance that he made a far-reaching chunk of the money from his at an early stage roles. If that kind of money (along with responsibilities, expectations, criticisms, and also temptations) has led to sad outcomes for some former child stars, this actor appears to have actually avoided any major issues or scandals (at least, over there haven"t been any type of that we recognize about). Due to the fact that of that, he has ongoing to job-related — and make money — over the years, which is surely something his fans love to see. Us can"t wait for what"s next!