I know there are outliers, however what height would you to speak the AVERAGE human being must with in order to have a legit shot at stuffing it?

Average human? 6"4" or so in their teenagers or 20s (peak athleticism).

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But Tum Tum is 5"9" and can dunk, while i know human being who are 6"6" and can"t, for this reason it different widely.

I know there are outliers, yet what height would you say the AVERAGE person must reach in bespeak to have actually a legit shot in ~ stuffing it?

6"4" no more, no less.....6"4"

Average human? 6"4" or for this reason in their teens or 20s (peak athleticism).

But Tum Tum is 5"9" and also can dunk, while i know human being who room 6"6" and can"t, so it varies widely.

Beat me by 10 seconds


Average human? 6"4" or therefore in their teens or 20s (peak athleticism).

But Tum Tum is 5"9" and also can dunk, while i know civilization who are 6"6" and also can"t, for this reason it different widely.

I"m 6"1", in dreadful shape compared to my play days, and I can come relatively close come dunking.




I"m 5"8 and also white and also in high school I could touch rim, yet not dunk. Therefore I"d say 6 Foot if athletic, 6"5 if reasonably not.

I could grab a lob and put it under in college at 6"0" 215 however I was strong then and lifted, particularly legs, 5-6 work a week. At 38 and also 232, i can gain the eyelets on a great day.

I"m 6"1", in horrible shape compared to my playing days, and also I have the right to come fairly close to dunking.

He said mean person. You"re most likely a better athlete 보다 most.

I"m 6"1", in horrible shape compared to my play days, and also I deserve to come fairly close to dunking.

Yeah I"m 6"2" and playing HS sphere I could dunk turn off of one foot from jist behind the dotted line. Oddly enough at 39 I can barely touch the rim turn off of one foot now. I can actually jump far better off of 2 feet. Can not do that at all when younger.

I can dunk in ~ 6"2" in high school yet now 15 lbs heavier and method less hops

Same here, not also sure I can grab pickled in salt anymore.

Richie Jordan native Fennville MI was a 5"7" guard through a 38" vertical. He"s in the nationwide HS strong HOF.

He play basketball and baseball at MSU in the mid/late 60"s

He got an arm injury when he remained in the Pirates farm system.

I to be an median athlete and about 5"11 in HS at the moment I can dunk a women"s ball. Didn"t have the hand dimension to get an excellent enough one hand grip because that a complete size ball. Seems choose 6"0 would certainly be the average height where an median athlete can dunk.

I think being able to Palm the quickly while walking up makes a substantial difference. I"m 6"2 and back in HS I can throw down the women"s sphere pretty easily, not so much with the full sized one.

I"m 6" 2 1/2" and was sensibly athletic once younger however only dunked once. I could easily grab the rim and also dunk a volleyball however didn"t have sufficient hops or hand size to obtain over the hump. I"d speak 6"4" is a an excellent average elevation for one average person to begin to be able to dunk. Shorter than that and dunking equals over average vertical leap. My arm extends about 18 inches above my head. In ~ 6" 2 1/2" that method my fingertip will to around 7"10" (7"11" v shoes). To touch the pickled in salt I"d need to leap 25-26 inches. In mine youth I most likely at ideal got 5 inches above the rim. That method my ideal leap i got around 30-31 inches turn off the ground through a to run start and with one leg.

To dunk the default height over the pickled in salt is 6 inches. According to a chart i found, the mean vertical leap is together follows:Average 16 to 20 inchesAbove typical 20 come 24Very great 24 come 28Excellent an ext than 28

Therefore because that persons v a height of 5"9" the typical reach would be 7"3" to 7"6". To acquire to the required 10"6" dunking elevation a person 5"9" would need to leap about 36 to 39 inches, which is a human being class vertical leap.

Using the chart above for upright leaps a human being 6" v a with of 7"9" would need to leap 33 inches to dunk. Again, excellent.

Finally, the elevation for a continual non-athletic person to dunk (16-20 vertical and also reach of 18 inches above head (long arms)) would need to be around 7"4" to 7"8". The number would certainly vary based upon arm length. As the people reach and leap goes up the average elevation needed come dunk go down.

The initial question is not really responsible in the definitive. Reach and leap play too huge a function to just specify a height. That really counts on if you speak "average person" or "average athletic person" or "average basketball player" or etc. If I had actually to guess: v I would say the median 6"4" basketball player have the right to usually dunk while the average 6" basketball player commonly can"t. (High institution players come be an ext specific.)

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I provided to it is in a supreme athlete and also probably would of play basketball for a major college like MSU if not for an unfortunate injury I experienced in high school. During practice i missed judged my jump while elevating for a dunk. I ended up blasting my gonads top top the rim resulting in testicular torsion.

The resulting bilateral torsion was so extreme that my testes (in an effort to defend themselves) started to shutdown mine testosterone production. My calves shrank come the size of toothpicks and also from that suggest forward my upright dropped severely and I could barely graze the bottom that the net through my finger tips.

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Btw, 5"11". Ns was also an exceptional football player before my injury and I had actually a cannon because that an arm. I contained a pic listed below for those interested.