Throughout the an excellent years of boxing, there have been many admired fighters climbing in boxing history across the world.

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One such all-time elite in boxing background is Oscar De La Hoya,formerly ranked together the top-rated fighter globally.

He ended up being “The golden Boy of boxing” by winning the Olympic Gold medal in the 1992 Olympic games.

He has also successfully captured all five boxing titles in five different weight classes, becoming the best contemporary American boxer.

Oscar De La Hoya

Hence, this particular day we will dive a little deeper into the life that this remarkable personality and his incredible journey as a boxer.

Below are the details about his career, network worth, age, height, wife, etc. Make certain to check out till the end. Let’s begin with some fast facts.

Quick Facts:

Full NameOscar De La Hoya
Birth DateFebruary 4, 1973
Birth PlaceEast Los Angeles, California, U.S
Nick NameThe golden Boy
EthnicityMixed (Mexican, Spanish, Castilian)
EducationFord Boulevard elementary school School

James A. Garfield High School

Father’s NameJoel De La Hoya
Mother’s NameCecilia De La Hoya
SiblingsJoel De La Hoya Jr

Ceci De La Hoya

Age48 year old
Height5 feet 10 inch (179 cm)
Weight66 kg
Shoe Size10.5(U.S.)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Body MeasurementUnknown
WifeMillie Corretjer (m.2001)
ChildrenAtiana De La Hoya

Jacob De La Hoya

Devon De La Hoya

Nina Lauren Nenitte De La Hoya

Oscar Gabriel De La Hoya

Victoria Lauren climbed De La Hoya

Net Worth$200 million
Career Earnings$510 million
Currently functions AtRetired
MerchPosters, Autographs, Rookie Cards
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Who is Oscar De La Hoya? early on life and also Education

Oscar De La Hoya is a professional American boxer best known because that winning bouts in six different weight classes, televised fights, and good sportsmanship.

He to be born top top February 4, 1973,in East Los Angeles, California, unified States.

Likewise, the boxer first attended Ford Boulevard primary school School for his primary education and learning and James A. Garfield High School because that his an additional education.

Oscar had for enthusiasm for boxing because childhood; the told in among his interviews,

“Boxing has remained in my bloodsince I can remember. That comes normally to me, and also I’ve took pleasure in it ever because I started, attheage the six.”

After finishing his high school education, Oscar followed his passion and also focused all his energy on boxing. He used to train self by running v the roads of eastern Los Angeles.

Further, Oscar’s hard work led the to success the National junior Boxing Championship and National golden Gloves title at the early age that 15.

Oscar De La Hoya | Family and also Nationality

The accomplished boxer is the kid of Joel De La HoyaandCecilia De La Hoya. Oscar’s family members was impoverished as soon as he was farming up.

His father, Joel Sr, provided to occupational as a warehouse clerk and also his mother, Cecilia, supplied to occupational as a seamstress. Furthermore, boxing was a heritage in his family.

Oscar’s head grandfather, Vincente De La Hoya, was an amateur fighter in Mexico.

Similarly, his father, Joel Sr, additionally had a brief professional boxing job in the United states with a lightweight document in the 1960s.

Besides that, De La Hoya grew up with his 2 siblings, his older brothers namedJoel De La Hoya Jr and also his younger sisterCeci De La Hoya.

Not come mention, Oscar stop an American nationality and belongs to mixed (Mexican, Spanish, Castilian) ethnicity. In addition, De La Hoya is Christian by religion.

How old is Oscar De La Hoya? Age, Height, & body Measurements

The experienced boxer is 48 years oldas of now. According to horoscope charts, the fighter is Aquarius.

And native what us know, the people of this sign are well-known to it is in independent, unique, warrior, and also talented in ~ the same time.

Likewise, Oscar was standing at5 feet 10 customs (179 cm)and weighs around 66 kgs ( 145 lbs).His shoe dimension is 10.5 (U.S.).

Oscar De La Hoya

Moreover, Oscar is thought about one that the most charming and also handsome boxers of every time.It has actually been a decade due to the fact that he very first started together a boxer, and also still, come date, he looks young and also fit.

Judging through De La Hoya’s looks, we can clearly say that he does extreme workouts and also exercises to maintain his physique.

Apart indigenous that, Oscar’s other significant body facts incorporate his stunning brown eyes, quick brown hair, and contagious smile.

Oscar De La Hoya | Amateur Career

With a enthusiasm for boxing and to help him in the process, Oscar began his training at the Hollenbeck Youth facility Gym in Los Angeles and prepared for his an initial fight in ~ the early age the six.

His amateur career had 234 wins through 163 knockouts and six losses. In the 1990 Goodwill Games, Oscar won his weight class and also captured the gold in the U.S. National Championship at the early on age that 17.

However, his delight of victory acquired swiftly clouded by the news of his mother’s condition with cancer; she passed away in October 1990, expressing her only wish to view Oscar-winning Olympic yellow one day.

Shortly in 1991, he won the gold medal in the U.S. National Championships in ~ Colorado Springs, Colorado, and in the U.S. Olympic Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Hence, in 1992 De La Hoya turn his mother’s dream right into reality and also received a yellow medal in ~ the Olympic gamings in Palau dels Esports, Barcelona, Spain.

Oscar De La Hoya | professional Career


Oscar make his skilled debut ~ above November 23, 1992, by scoring a first-round TKO victory. In the second round, that knocked out Jorge Paez and also won the WBO lightweight title on July 29, 1994.

Also, he beat IBF lightweight champion, Rafael Ruelason May 6, 1995. However, oneof his best fights was on June 17, 1996, as soon as he dealt with with mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez winning in the fourth round.

Likewise, in January 1997, he battled with famed Mexican boxer Miguel point of view Gonzalez win on the judges’ scorecards.

Oscar’s an effective punches & aggression, and defense always swayed the judges more in his favor. However, he invested the rest of 1997 defending his WBC Welterweight championship.

On September 8, 1998, Oscar again dealt with a rematch with Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez and defeated him, to win on the eighth-round TKO.

Hence, after numerous defenses that his WBC welterweight titles, in 1999, he combated with IBM champion Felix Trinidad, setting a record for a non- heavyweight fight in history.

He additionally knocked out Derrell Coley in a WBC eliminator ~ above February 26, 2000.

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By beforehand 2001 Oscar dealt with with Arturo Gatti, winning in the 5th round TKO.

He climate switched come light-middleweight, daunting the lineal and WBC champion Javier Castillejo, winning nearly every round.

However, he did not fight for the 15 months and scheduled his fight for at an early stage 2002 since of a hand injury.

The boxer changed to activity on September 14, 2002, and fought through Fernando Vargas, making the most significant win that his career.

Oscar De La Hoya after ~ winning the match.

He confirmed that a year the end of the ring hadn’t dulled his skills. In 2004, he moved to struggle in the middleweight class.

Moreover, ~ above June 5, 2004, that fought versus WBO Middleweight champion Felix Sturm responding v a masterful performance, winning 7 rounds.

That same year he likewise fought in a unification complement on September 18, 2004, organized in Las Vegas.


The fighter take it a layoff that 20 months and also came ago to activity onMay 6, 2006, come fight versus Ricardo Mayorga, knocking him out in the 6th round.

In early 2007, Oscar signed to fight versus WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather.

The fight was fierce and, because of a series of busy matches, clinched the win in the end. Then, ~ above December 6, 2008, he fought with Manny Pacquiao in las Vegas.

The struggle was called “The Dream match,” and also De La Hoya got defeated by Pacquiao via technological knockout and also ended the match after the eight-round.

Sadly from then, Oscar never fought again; it to be curtains on his job that spanned over 15 years. The boxer announced his retirement top top April 14, 2009.

Oscar De La Hoya | Highlights and also Accomplishments

1989: National golden Gloves yellow Medalist (57 kg)1990: U.S. Nationwide Championships (57 kg), United says Olympic Cup winner, Goodwill gamings Gold Medalist (57 kg)1991: U.S. Nationwide Championships yellow Medalist (60 kg), U.S. Olympic Festival gold Medalist (60 kg)1992: Olympic gamings Gold Medalist (60 kg)2008: United states Olympic room of Fameinductee2014: global Boxing hall of fame inductee

Oscar De La Hoya | other Endeavors

Much come everyone’s surprise, De La Hoya wasn’t simply a boxer. He’s additionally a skilled singer.

Oscar’s musical interests came from his mother, Cecilia; she supplied to be a ranchera tune stylist ago in Mexico.

He released his very first self-titled debut album, “Oscar,” top top October 10, 2000, which even made it come the Number 1 clues on Latin charts.

His solitary titled “Ven a Mi” additionally got nominated for the Grammy. Similarly, in 2000, the released one more album title “Oscar De La Hoya,” donate by EMI International and written by the Bee Gees.

De La Hoya has likewise established his own boxing promotional agency called golden Boy Promotions in 2001.

Likewise, the has additionally founded theOscar De La Hoya Foundationto sponsor Olympic hopefuls. Indigenous what we know, the has additionally considered walk to college to pursue architecture.

Oscar De La Hoya at his foundation.

Not to mention, Oscar is also renovating the Resurrection Gym, whereby he acquired trained before, into the new Oscar De La Hoya Youth Boxing Center.

He has likewise opened the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center in the storage of his mother and donated $350,000 to the center.

He is indeed a successful and inspiring personality, follow his enthusiasm in various fields.

Oscar De La Hoya career | net Worth & Salary

De La Hoya is just one of the highest-grossing boxers in the background of boxing. Indigenous what us know, he has accumulated a nеt wоrth оf аrоund $200 million.

With every his hard work and all the achievements he made, that isn’t hard to say that Oscar is one affluent man.

Moreover, Oscar has collected most that his net worth from his boxing career and promotion.

Besides boxing, he has involvement in the music industry and property dealings, contributing a considerable part to his total value.

Furthermore, The boxer has many million-dollar mansions in the U.S., and his residential or commercial property is assumed come be worth $18.5 million.

Similarly, he also owns a condominium in California reported gift worth$2.65 million.

Aside indigenous his network worth, the boxer has kept his salary and also income in the dark from the media.

Nevertheless, the fighter has acquired a hefty amount of wealth and is certainly living a luxurious life.

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Oscar De La Hoya job | an individual Life & Wife

Talking about his personal life, Oscar is happy married come Millie Corretjer,a Puerto Rican singer and also actress.

Firstly, they met in 2000 as soon as they to be signed to the same record label to put out the boxer’s debut CD, which winner oscar a Grammy nomination.

Likewise, they acquired married ~ above October 5, 2001, and also have continued to be together happily.

The power pair has three children: Nina Lauren Nenitte De La HoyaandVictoria Lauren climbed De La Hoya,and a boy namedOscar Gabriel De La Hoya.

Before meeting Millie, the boxer had a couple of other relationships.

Oscar De La Hoya with his children.

He was engaged with miss USA 1995 Shanna Moaklerin 1998 and also had a beautiful daughter named Atiana De La Hoya on March 29, 1999.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work-related out smoothly in between the two, and also their relationship ended in 2000.

He additionally has two sons called Jacob De La HoyaandDevon De La Hoya indigenous his vault relationships.

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Social Media Presence:

The skilled boxer is really active in society media has a large fan following. You deserve to follow him via these links:

Instagram account: 821K followers

Twitter account: 955K followers

Some FAQs:

How old was Oscar De La Hoya when he battled with Manny Pacquiao?

Oscar to be 35 year old and was battling an expert because November 1992. Similarly, Pacquiao to be 29 year old and also was fighting due to the fact that 1995.

How lot Oscar De La Hoya makes as a Promoter?

Oscar earned a record of $52 million as soon as he filled in as the fight Promoter v his golden Boy Promotions organization, i m sorry he created in 2002.

Who walk Oscar De La Hoya shed to?

Oscar shed to Shane Mosley (34–0) by a split decision ~ above June 17, 2000.

What is Oscar De La Hoya’s fight record?

Oscar De La Hoya has actually a skilled fight document of 39 wins and 6 losses.

Is Oscar De La Hoya in room of fame?

Oscar De La Hoya was inducted into the United states Olympic room of fame in 2008 and also theInternational Boxing room of Fame in 2014.

Who did Oscar De La Hoya struggle in his last match?

Oscar De La Hoya’s last match of his career was against Manny Pacquiao in 2008. Sadly, De La Hoya lost the match and also wasdefeated by Pacquiao via technical knockout.

Who is Oscar De La Hoya’s opponent in his following fight?

Oscar De La Hoya’s foe in the following fight is former UFC champion, Vitor Belfort. This hit is booked for September 2021.

How many division titles go Oscar De La Hoya have?

Oscar De La Hoya has actually won six divisions titlesunder the WBO, WBC, and IBF banners.

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Is Oscar De La Hoya fighting in one exhibition boxing match?

According to sources, Oscar De La Hoya is reported to return earlier to the boxing ring in ~ an exhibition boxing match with previous UFC champion Vitor Belfort in September 2021.