Good Mythical Morning network worth- $30 Million

Good Mythical Morning, held by Rhett &Link, is a morning everyday talk show. Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln’s hosts are recognized for their comedic viral videos and also have gathered an approximated net precious of 30 million dollars. They released the ‘Mythical Morning’ studio in 2012 in north Carolina.

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The talk display carries various topics from existing affairs to whatever is trending. They additionally do challenges and also play games on their show at times. This day their channel great Mythical Morning has an ext than 6 billion views and over 16 million subscribers.

Good Mythical Morning (Rhett & Link) personal information, age, height, relationship

Net worth$30 Million
Real NamesRhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III
AgeRhett: 42Link: 41
Birth dateRhett: October 11, 1977Link: June 1, 1978
Born inRhett: Macon, GeorgiaLink: Boone Trail, north Carolina
HeightRhett: 6 feet, 7 inchesLink: 6 feet
Lives inLos Angeles California.
Relationship StatusMarried
YouTubeGood Mythical Morning; an excellent Mythical MORE; Ear Biscuits; Smosh Channels and also Mythical Kitchen
Rhett WifeJessi McLaughlin
Rhett KidsLocke McLaughlin; Shepherd McLaughlin
Link WifeChristy Neal
Link KidsLillian elegant Neal; Lando James Neal; Charles Lincoln Neal IV


The good Mythical Morning channel has an ext than 17 million subscribers v over 7.5 billion views altogether. This channel garners around 4000 subscriptions per day and gets an average view that 1.7 million in a single day.

The approximated revenue they gain from the ads that run on their videos is around 13.50 dollars every day, accumulating to about 5 million dollars every year.

Another YouTube channel run by lock is the Goof Mythical an ext which runs best after an excellent Mythical Morning. This show also has an ext than 1.1 billion views together, through over 4 million subscribers.

The good Mythical much more channel has actually over 4 million subscribers, which acquire an average view of about 250,000 see in a day. This check out count generates an estimated 2000 dollars in a day, i m sorry adds up to 730,000 dollars a year.

Rhett and also Link have actually a third YouTube channel, which is self-named as Rhett&Link, which has accumulated an ext than 940 million views. Lock have more than 5 million subscribers in this channel which gets an average view of end 120,000 views per day from number of sources. This variety of views generates estimated revenue native ads, around 960 dollars in a day, which way they get an approximated 350,000 dollars annually.

In the US, YouTube content creators get paid 2 dollars come 12 dollars every 1000 monetized views. With many factors that influence the complete views, the final amount is ~ YouTube cuts. Advertisers for these monetized channels additionally bid a minimum that 0.01 dollars per view.

How lot side earnings does good Mythical Morning earn?

Apart from their success as YouTubers, they likewise had a television present called “Rhett &Link: commercial Kings,” which obtained aired ~ above the Independent movie Channel. This show was around them traveling the nation to make commercials for tiny businesses.

Rhett and Link have amassed an enormous amount of wealth from creating content on YouTube and creating viral commercial videos because that several providers such together McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and also Coca-Cola, to surname a few.

Another side revenue is your business, the Mythical entertain Co. This firm also operates a pan club whereby fans can accessibility exclusive content by paying around 10- 20 dollars.

Rhett and Link apparently earn an approximated 20 million dollars from various endeavors, making lock the fourth-highest paid YouTubers because that 2020. Their sponsors for your YouTube videos space also huge companies favor Wendy, Gillette, Canvas on Demand, and

Interesting facts about good Mythical Morning

• together kids, castle would frequently get punished together for misbehaving and also would have to stay indoors throughout recess. Soon, lock bonded end one such event where they discovered a means to pass the moment by illustration mythical creatures. Hence, they called their show “Good Mythical Morning.”

• when they were simply 14 year old, they composed a beat together and started to make a movie. That was dubbed “Gutless Wonders,” but they never gain to end up the film. They even read this screenplay in one of their great Mythical Morning reflects on YouTube.

• Rhett hold the record for the many three-pointers score in a single basketball season in ~ Harnett central High school to this day.

• Rhett and also Link’s an excellent Mythical Morning won a Shorty award for best Web collection in 2016

• In 2019, the duo acquired the Smosh Brand, because that which lock shelled out 10 million dollars.

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• Rhett and also Link were the highest-paid YouTubers in 2016 • Both that them are engineers and hold engineering levels from college.